The ROI of a Bench Ad

Hey we’re going to be talking about bus stops, LOUD trains [laughs] and how I saw a homeless man dancing that made me think about doing this post. This weekend I was driving and I saw this
homeless man dancing like crazy, wild and he was dancing next to a bus stop. We
can link that up here and I’ll show you the bus stop but it
made me think, are Realtors still spending money on bus stops? What I did was… I did a couple things. One, I took a picture of it. I tweeted it. So some of you saw this early on. Number two, I called the number. No one
answered and it went to the cell phone. I then
called the number again an hour later and no one, again, answered
the number. But it was a cell phone. So when it was a
cell phone it made me believe he has no clue, really, if the person calling for a
referral, if it’s a lead off a bus stop, if it’s a lead from a billboard, if it’s a lead in a newspaper… there’s no way they’re tracking their leads.
It’s crazy. And also, it made me think all these designations…
GRI, CRS, etc. … Only us Realtors know what those mean.
I can tell you right now my mom, who’s pretty savvy, would have no clue what those meant and she wouldn’t Google them either. Further, I have great eyesight but I couldn’t even see, really, what they were. So it was a waste advertising. I’d rather see something in there of, “Sell your home in 30 days or I’ll buy it.” Something weird like that. But give me something that’s
flashy. Give me something that’s grabbing my attention. Those are not. I hate this billboard
thing. I hate this bus stop thing. I call the number…
I’m gonna start looking for these things and calling them and tweeting and saying you’re not answering your phone. That’s a lead loss. That’s a lead loss! Just to see… and to start this notion. Curious to know what you guys think, I mean do they work? I don’t think they do.
Here’s what I’ll say, they work if you show me your ROI. Right? Show me that this number, produced a lead that you sold. Right? And I hate
when people say, “Well, if I sell one home it pays for the bus all year.” I
hate that. It’s donkey. What you should be doing is
you should be taking real tactical items, building your business by referral and really showing your consumer, your
buyer/seller, that you care for them and have them give you tons of referrals because you did a great job. It’s insane what I’m seeing out there in the market. I know that I’m a little fired up right
now but its crazy. So be prepared to be on Twitter if you have a bus board ad or
billboard ad or bus ad Because I’m gonna be taking photos and I’m gonna be tweeting it out. I’m gonna be saying, “Hey I called them. They didn’t answer. Hey it went to their cell phone. There’s no ROI.” I wanna see how you’re measuring this. So get with the picture. Let’s do the Ty’s 35. I think it’s much better. Work by referral. Tell me what you think. I’m curious. Do
you find that you get business off of this? Is there an ROI? Are you tracking it? Prove to me that you’re tracking it. Send me a photo. I’m curious to see what you actually are doing. Hey guys, don’t forget to subscribe. You can subscribe on Twitter @Tycloud, also my blog or YouTube. Make sure you click the button I
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