The REEL Story Behind Lori Loughlin’s Sad Criminal History!!

Ever wonder what the reel reason is behind
your favorite classic stars of the silver and small screens? Reel Stars Weekly’s got you covered!! Lori Loughlin, classic Hollywood icon, sexy
star of TV’s Full House, and ruthless leader of the notorious organized crime syndicate,
the Winter Hill Gang, was born on July 28, 1964, as Lori Anne McLaughlin, in Charlestown
Massachusetts. Her parents, were Bernie McLaughlin, Irish-American
gangster and leader of the dreaded McLaughlin Brothers Gang, and Patricia O’Malley, Bernie’s
best friend and drug mule. Lori grew up in a cold, dreary household with
her father, and was often left alone day and night while he was out breaking the arms and
legs of delinquent debtors. Lori would spend that time looking into the
mirror, impersonating all the funny murderers and lowlifes Bernie brought around the house. Bernie was quiet and distant with Lori, but
as his only living heir, he spoiled her rotten, getting her everything she desired, including
her first modeling gig at the age of 16, which he secured by threatening a talent agent with
knives. He expected great things from Lori, hoping
she would be the first in the family to leave the slums of Boston and organized crime behind. By 1985, thanks to her father’s supportive
threats of violence to the right people, she began working steadily as an actress and model,
under the less aggressively Irish name, Lori Loughlin. Lori’s big break, playing Aunt Becky on Full
House, originated as a money laundering scheme for her father, but developed into one of
the most iconic roles in television history. Things were looking up for Lori. If she could make her status as a Hollywood
starlet stick, she could leave her loathsome upbringing behind, permanently. But then, disaster struck. In 1991, Lori’s father, Bernie McLaughlin,
was shot dead during a routine collection run, at a male fertility clinic in Charlestown,
Massachusetts by Whitey Bulger, Bernie’s sworn enemy and leader of the fearsome Winter Hill
Gang. Lori was heartbroken, but not surprised. But she decided to stay out of it, for the
good of her career. The power vacuum that formed in the aftermath
of Bernie’s death led to a string of revenge murders and violent territorial disputes that
soon escalated to the deadly Irish Gangs’ War. With the Winter Hill Gang, led by Whitey Bulger
on one side, and the McLaughlin Brothers Gang on the other, led by Bernie’s fun but incompetent
brothers Punchy and Little George. In 1995, at a celebration for Punchy’s 46th
birthday at a McDonalds Playplace, Punchy and Little George and many cute children were
murdered by a machine gun toting clown, who turned out to be Whitey Bulger, in a brilliant
disguise. Lori, the only living member of the McLaughlin
crime family, was forced to return to Boston and take up the reins of the McLaughlin Brothers
Gang. But only temporarily she promised herself. Once she was able to pull the Gang’s finances
back from the brink of insolvency and get her revenge on Whitey Bulger, she would return
to her TV family on Full House, which was forced into indefinite hiatus, the cast and
crew waiting patiently for her return. But every time she thought she was out, they
pulled her back in. Whitey proved surprisingly difficult to kill,
and the Gang’s complex web of financial entanglements was nearly impossible to navigate. Lori, frustrated and unhappy, became more
and more fierce and cruel, beginning to act just like the nefarious characters she played
in her mirror, all those years ago. By the time Lori finally got her revenge on
Whitey Bulger, murdering him with a jailhouse shank in a West Virginia federal prison, the
fun and lovable Aunt Becky was nowhere to be found in her cold, and sneering visage. She had become her father, and there was no
escaping it. Full House was officially cancelled after
five years of waiting around for her return. The fans were heartbroken. But not as heartbroken as the little Irish
girl from a crime family in Boston, who dreamed of something better. After marrying Whitey’s consigliare, Mossimo
Giannulli, Lori oversaw the merger of her smalltime McLaughlin Brothers Gang and Whitey’s
Winter Hill Gang, eventually becoming head of the Winter Hill Gang herself. On March 12, 2019, Lori and her husband Mossimo
were arrested in connection with an alleged nationwide college entrance exam cheating
scandal. They were charged with conspiracy to commit
mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. For her part, Lori maintains her innocence
and calls the charges against her politically motivated. Want to hear more reel stories of your favorite
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