The NYU Law Advantage

Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: I think the law is about recognizing and enforcing basic dignity. Oftentimes vulnerable communities will need to be
able to enforce their legal rights that’s what sparked my interest in going
to law school. Joyce Chang ’17: I came to law school because I want to help entrepreneurs. Nathan Mooney ’18: I’m interested in distressed transactional work — it was a huge reason why I came to
NYU School of Law. Mitchell Brown ’17: I really am passionate about voting rights, I want to be a civil rights lawyer. Riane Harper ’17: I think cybersecurity is really fascinating, that’s really where my passion lies. NYU School of Law has done an amazing job of creating a world where
lots of people with lots of different goals for the law come together and learn. It’s a school that accepts people for whatever their interests are and no
matter what you want to pursue, you can do it at the highest level. Tyler Infinger ’16: NYU puts a huge emphasis on clinical work and research, but also sets you up for work
in the private sector and various government jobs. They open every possible avenue that you could want to explore out of law school. Matt Shahabian ’11: One of the most rewarding parts of being at NYU law was meeting so many excellent professors who were not just great teachers but great mentors. I was very lucky to clerk for
Justice Sotomayor on the Supreme Court and I know that’s an opportunity I would
not have had without the support of NYU Law. Nathan Yaffe ’17: NYU Law has probably the most diverse set of faculty working in international law of any
school in the country. These are leading professionals who at
the end of the day are also going back and advising governments, international
organizations — and then they bring that back to their engagements with students. Claudia Carvajal Lopez ’18: The environment at NYU law is really something special.
Growing up I didn’t know any attorneys — most of my classmates in high school
actually didn’t graduate from high school so, I don’t have any personal
connections that can provide the resources so vital in law school and the AnBryce Scholarship does that for you. It provides a system of support that I’ve
never had in my life. Mitchell Brown ’17: I’m a Root-Tilden-Kern Scholar here at NYU and the premise of the program is for public interest-minded students to go out and
become leaders in the public interest. Joyce Chang ’17: The Jacobson program in law and
business helps me prepare for working at this intersection between law and
business because it allows you to be flexible as a student. Mitchell Brown ’17: NYU has a long-standing commitment to diversity, a long-standing commitment to being
inclusive and helping the world move forward. Joyce Chang ’17: NYU law is
entrepreneurial because it’s an institution that actively tries to
improve itself year in and year out. Emmanuelle Henry LLM ’15: The professors and the huge alumni network, you’re pretty much less than five degrees of separation from any resource
you can possibly need as a professional. Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: The NYU Law education has been a continued support network, it’s helped connect me with jobs, and I’m hoping that
I can do the same now for students who are graduating. It’s critical for the NYU Law
community to continue to support this institution. Emmanuelle Henry LLM ’15: Once you’ve been a part of the community you’ve benefited from, it’s just a joy to give back. Nathan Yaffe ’17: When I graduate I’m gonna spend a year at Debevoise and then the following year I’ll be clerking for Judge Pierre Leval
on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals Joyce Chang ’17: I am working at Cooley which is a law firm that specializes with high-tech entrepreneurs because I want to help
entrepreneurs fulfill their vision. Emmanuelle Henry LLM ’15: I’m with Ernst & Young. I practice international tax law. Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: I’m a staff attorney at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and, we are now in the process of helping communities that
have been impacted by the cholera epidemic. Emmanuelle Henry LLM ’15: No matter what it is that you want to do with your degree you know that it stands for excellence. One of the nice things about having gone to NYU is seeing there are so many different
opportunities in so many different ways to contribute. Mitchell Brown ’17: NYU was one of the
best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: NYU Law exceeded my expectations in every way. Claudia Carvajal Lopez ’18: I am convinced that there is no other law school like this.

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