The Law

You’re most likely familiar with the Ten
Commandments in the Bible stuff we generally take as good advice don’t murder,
don’t steal, honor your parents the list goes on and those are just the first 10
they’re actually a total of six hundred and thirteen commands all given to
ancient Israel found in the first five books of the Bible which in hebrew are
called the torah now the word Torah is usually translated in english as the law
because it has all of these laws in it as you read through them you wonder am I supposed to obey some of these all of these and what’s the purpose of the law
well that translation is kind of confusing because while the torah has laws in it
the book itself is fundamentally a story about how God is creating new kinds of
people who are fully able to love God and love others and when Jesus taught about
the torah he said he was bringing that story to its fulfillment. So walk me through
the story and how it’s fulfilled. So the story begins with God creating humanity
who rebels and God chooses Abraham to bless all of the nations through his family
who end up in slavery down in Egypt and so Guard rescues them then at Mount Sinai
God makes a covenant with Israel like an agreement and all the laws that Moses gives to
Israel are the terms of that agreement they’re like a constitution. So some of the
laws they are about rituals and customs that set Israel apart from the nation
other laws are about social justice or morality and by following these Israel
would show the other nations what God is like. Okay so the rest of the Torah is
just the complete list of laws that Moses gives Israel? No, the rest of the Torah
just continues the story and the six hundred and thirteen commands are only a
selection from that original Constitution and even these have been
broken up and placed at strategic points within the story now pay attention
because you’ll see a really clear pattern Moses gives the first laws to Israel. Don’t
worship other gods and don’t make idols and then right after that there’s a story of
Israel breaking those very laws they worship the golden calf and so Moses
gives some more laws and then you get more stories of rebellion. Some more laws,
rebellion again, more laws more rebellion and you start to see the point
right no matter how many laws they’re just gonna continue to rebel. So at the
conclusion of the torah’s story of Moses gives this final speech to Israel
as they prepared to go into their new home and he tells them you guys I know
that you’re not going to follow all of God’s laws you’ve proven to me that
you’re incapable and Moses says the problem is that the hearts are hard and
that they’re going to need new transformed hearts if they’re ever going
to truly follow God’s law and he was right to me the story goes on to recount
Israel’s total failure. They go into the land they break all the laws. Right now the
next section of books in the Jewish tradition are the fifteen books of the
Prophets and they reflect back on the story for example Ezekiel he said that
if Israel is ever going to obey the law God’s Spirit would have to transform
their hard hearts into soft hearts and Jeremiah said that’s when obedience to
God’s commands wouldn’t feel like a duty that they
would be written deep in their hearts and Isaiah he promised a future leader
Israel’s Messiah who will lead all of the people in obedience to the law. Now
in Jewish tradition all of these books together are called the prophets even
historical books because they’re continuing the story told from the
perspective of the profits ok so we have the law and the prophets and they’re telling one
connected story about God’s desire to bless the whole world through a people
Israel who it turns out needs a new heart yes and Jesus saw himself as
continuing that story so he agreed with the law and the prophets when he taught
that it’s out of the human heart that come the most ugly parts of human nature
is like the default setting of our hearts is opposed to God’s law but Jesus also
said that he came to solve that problem and in his words to fulfill the law. So what does he mean there to fulfill the law? Well, first he said that the demand of all of the laws in
the Torah could be fulfilled by what he called the great command, that we are to love God
and love others. So that seems pretty easy I mean we all want to love. Well, we think we want to love, but Jesus showed how love this far more demanding than we realize. So he quotes the law do not murder and
he says yes not killing someone is very loving thing to do, but then he also says
that when you treat someone with disrespect or when you nurse resentment
against them you’re also violating God’s moral ideal because you’re not treating
that person with love. So Jesus said true love ought to extend even to our own enemies
so even though this command seems very simple Jesus showed how our hearts are
not currently equipped to fulfill even this basic command of God to love others.
And that’s kind of a downer. But where Israel failed Jesus brought the story to it’s fulfillment as Israel’s Messiah he fully loved God and others and he showed all of the
nation’s what God is truly like. He did this through his acts of compassion and
mercy and ultimately by loving his enemies even unto death and after his
resurrection he told his followers that he would send God’s Spirit to transform
their hearts so that they could follow him and fulfill the purpose of the law
to love God and to love their neighbor. So this fulfills the story of the law and the
prophets. Or, in the words of the Apostle Paul the one who loves fulfills
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  1. I realized something that most of the Christianity people's are genious when i watched "The Bible Project" and also some scholars criticism of Christianity.
    God bless all.

  2. I've learned so much and th things are more clear. Thank you . Praise and glory forever and ever to God in Jesus name

  3. The Bible Project team.
    Can I ask, why did you write at e beginning of your video, the word "the Torah".
    You said it was Torag, but it has a letter 'hey' on the beginnng, so it is 'the' Torah'.
    Also I wondered why you write the letters on the screen from left to right, instead of right to left, the way that the Hebrew language is written?

  4. So what about the feast days? Do you think they are ment to be kept now or no? This question is for the bible project

  5. The first Ten Commandments actually had nothing to do with rituals and or circumcision.( it wasn’t in the ten )How ever your mixing those in with what was in the ten the “sabbath” if people saw what Jesus was doing on the sabbath rather than the Jews who made it a burden and what it is said about the sabbath and also what it does to you, you will see it’s there for relational, love, and respect type of thing. It’s not legalistic and it can’t save you but it’s meant to have an uninterrupted day where you can just spend time with the Lord and rest. Even in Act after the death of Christ, the apostles are still partaking of the Sabbath. The difference is they do it the way Jesus did.

  6. Thank you
    You ( bible project team) are creative
    and very skillful in teaching~
    Glory to Our Lord!!!

  7. You change the definition of the Old Testament from a set of laws to a story. Which is nonsense as it is both.

    You misquoted Jesus saying “I come to fulfill it” because you didn’t put in the first part where he says, “I come not to abolish the law.” Jesus wasn’t talking about a story he was talking about the laws of Moses and he specifically said he wasn’t abolishing the law.

    You also misquote and take out of context the Romans 13:8 8 quote by leaving out most of it. The entire verse says, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law”

    The law in this context was talking about the laws of the government and how you should pay taxes. Not about the laws of God.

    This is flat lying.

  8. Now are you trying to make it complete by your own power? That is foolish. Were all your experiences wasted? I hope not! Does God give you the Spirit and work miracles among you because you follow the law? No, he does these things because you heard the Good News and believed it.

  9. Evry tym im weak im easily manipulated i thnk that the ppol who made this video. Are struggling same as me. So i rise and try again

  10. According to Numbers 19:16, anyone who touched “one that is slain with a sword in the open fields,” including those burying the dead, were unclean for a week. Mormon’s statement about “the days of fasting, mourning, and prayer” suggests that there was a fixed number of days assigned for this. This may have been the week of uncleanness mentioned in Numbers. When this week of ritual purification was over, the Law of Moses said that an individual was supposed to wash themselves in water mixed with the ashes of a completely red cow (Numbers 19:17–18).

  11. God didn’t do away with the written law, he did away with the oral law and the priests. Haven’t you read Hebrews? And you don’t receive the Holy Spirit without continual obedience of God’s laws nor do you enter heaven without the Holy Spirit.

  12. question…. why most christians doesn't recognize the biblical sabbath, which Jesus kept and the all of the disciples. We could find Sabbath in so many passages in the bible but still people kept sunday, why?

  13. Did Moses teach trinity to his people ? If trinity is a true faith, it must be developed since Moses, not suddenly appeared in the time of Jesus. Because Christiany had rooted from Moses era. If trinity is a true faith, it must be true also in the time of Moses. But you see..Trinity never exist in Judaism history since Moses until now.

  14. More like transform hard brains into soft brains. If god is omniscient then wouldn’t he already know his experiment would be a great flop? Why believe these stories and not the queran, or the buddha, or hinduism. All religion is a sham. Love one another and forget what the “good books” say. The only law we need to follow is the golden rule which was created long before even the old testament. We do not need god.

  15. I learn so much from the Bible Project Videos. My church has also purchased the book you published. I always learn something new.

  16. Thank you for the Hebraic text in a Messianic view. A view that all men kind can understand. Question are you a prophet or a genius.

  17. if all we need is love, then why vote and support a government that burdens us with countless laws, none of which have any biblical basis?

  18. I'm not sure where to ask this question, so I'll try it here. In the podcast, Tim and Jon discussed the difference between Statutory law and Common/Customary law. Without getting bogged down here on the details of that distinction, they argued that the Law is an example of common/customary law. My question is: What are some examples of how this knowledge clears up common confusion or qualms that us moderns have about the Law?

  19. I just found your podcast and so far I'm really enjoying it! I did have a thought though regarding kosher. Do you think it could also have to do with health? For instance don't boil the goat in its mother's milk because calcium inhibits iron absorption? Just a thought.

  20. I have read the Bible but not all of it; but I wish to get the entire conclusion.

    I read every day, but it would take a lot of time ( like 3 years) before finishing it.

    If I read too much a day, I afraid I cannot meditate on too much knowledge of God it given.

    Sometimes I really like the story, and want to continue, but I stopped myself. I already finished my portion for that day.

    Any ideas?

  21. I have a huge question and I hope someone can help me answer this. The father of my children has been battling with alot of anger and drugs. His mother is a christian and she tells me that I can't help him. That only God can help him and transform his life. That I do agree with but not helping him makes me wonder why she would say that. Being that she is his mother. She even said she wanted nothing to do with him if he continued living like this. Is she right or wrong? Also she lives a very materialistic lifestyle and she yelled at my 4 year old for scribbling on her new Michael Kors Purse. Please advise.

  22. Holy cow, you explained that perfectly while expertly avoiding the many gotchas of misunderstanding the concept of “fulfilling.”

    Beautiful work!!

  23. Shouldn't it be 603 Principles because there were only 10 Comandments, it's like the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, Yahshua fulfilled the Law and is Our Attorney and Advocate before the Almighty Father Judge Yahovah

  24. The Bible Project is amazing! What's more impressive is that the videos can be translated into different languages by clicking Auto-translate. Is it possible that you create videos about what the Bible says about other relevant topics like Family, Marriage, Parenthood, Government? Thank you, Bible Project.

  25. So out of the 613 laws that are mostly about symbolic ritual duty and cleanliness, what is the super special significance of the 10 commandments that were written on STONE by GOD'S OWN FINGER???? Yea – you're probably right, nothing…… [SMH]

  26. This is horrible you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for putting lies like this out there. Jesus did not replace The Law with one command, he said, "The greatest of these commands is to…" and "to love God and love people SUMS up the Law and the Prophets. If he replaced The Law, he would be going against Deut 4:2, 12:32 and 13 – and we are to consider Him a false prophet. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. HE AFFIRMED THE LAW!!! Why would he quote and use The Law to rebuke the Pharisees, Torah teachers and Sadducees to only have it done away with at the cross???? Why would he tell his disciples (John 14) "if you love me you'll keep my commandmentS"???? Why then would Peter, Paul, Stephen, John, John, James, Jude all still follow The Law even AFTER the cross??? Why would Paul have to prove to the Jews of Asia that he TAUGHT THE LAW to the new believers in Acts 21??? Why would Peter say to God during his vision (A VISION NOT REAL LIFE) that he never ate what God's Law stated what food was??? (Acts 10-11) Why would Paul – if no longer under The Law take a Nazirite vow…. TWICE!!! Why would James tell the recent converts of the churches of Galatia in Acts 15 to have the Gentiles go to the synagogues where the Law of Moses was preached if not to learn THE LAW??? Why would Paul rebuke Peter for conducting himself like a Gentile??? Why would Paul be in such a rush to get back to Jerusalem to celebrate the high holidays of Passover??? Why would Paul even talk about making the Jews jealous of Gentiles in their obedience to the Law THROUGH Faith in Jesus (Romans 10-11)??? Why aren't more Jews receiving Jesus Christ as their Messiah??? So then, are you not telling people to NOT follow God's Law (which clearly was in place even before it was written down by Moses – "Noahide Laws" plus somehow Cain and Abel knew something about sacrifices)???? If you're telling people to not follow God's Law are you not in essence teaching people to SIN??? We are to be obedient to God's Law as a result of our faith and gratitude in Jesus….. before Jesus it was faith in God that saves (Abraham for example), because, believe it or not, people "followed" The Law WITHOUT believing in God – thinking that just by following The Law, they would receive salvation/eternal life, but we clearly see that it is faith that saves, before Jesus (in God) after Jesus (in Jesus).

  27. You guys are just so good! Your videos changed my whole perspective of studying the Bible and I pray that God bless this project even more! Nice and simple, way to go 💜

  28. The words of Messiah: i have not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it: and not one jot or tiddle will pass from the law until heaven amd earth pass away

  29. 2019
    Dear Sir Jon Collins & Tim Mackie or anyone behind TBP,
    Are you Catholics or Evangelical Christians?
    Do you have degrees in Theology?
    You are awesome and articulate.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    Hard to believe TBP is free!

    P.S. Anyone can give the answer. Peace.

  30. This message is confusion.

    Love and Law are mutually exclusive.
    Law is a compulsion not to commit an offence because of the threat of punishment if one does.
    Love is its own compulsion—to freely do what is right because doing what is right is the loving thing to do. Indeed, Love delights in doing what is right. Love is its raison detre (reason, or justification). Thus, Love is its own reward.

  31. Nice explanation, but you should admit that it's not an "Old Testament", the 1st 5 books of the bible are known as the "Original Testament": OT. The 10 commandments of the Original Testament was given before the Jewish People of the Judaism religion, not the people of the Christian or Catholic religion. Therefore, the Jewish People of the Judaism religion have the Authority to decide whether or not the Never-Approved Testament (NT) scriptures invented by the Catholic religion are valid and legitimate extensions of stories that expand upon the 1st 5 books of the Original Testament. And since the Jewish People of the Judaism religion reject the Jesus character as a Christ or Messiah, then the Jesus character invented in the NT stories do not have the right or authority to claim to have made any fulfillment or make any changes to the 10 commandments owned by the Authorities of the Judaism religion. Therefore, the Christian and Catholic religion should re-invent their bible of their religion without any ties to the 1st 5 books that are owned by the Authorities of the Judaism religion. The Christian and Catholic religion would have to abandon their use of "Adam and Eve" and invent their own book of "Genesis" that provides stories of how Earth was created from their unique opinion. It is immoral to call the 1st 5 books of the bible as "Old" when the extended stories written for the Never-Approved Testament (NT) were never Permitted and Approved by the Root religion of the bible, the Authorities of the Judaism religion.

  32. Gal 3:19 & Romans 6:14
    Law (G3551)

    Greek: νόμος
    Transliteration: nomos
    Pronunciation: nom'-os
    Definition: From a primary word νέμω nemō (to parcel out especially food or grazing to animals);
    law (through the idea of prescriptive usage) generally (regulation) specifically (of Moses [including the volume]; also of the Gospel) or figuratively (a principle): – law.
    KJV Usage: law (197x).
    Occurs: 197
    In verses: 158

    Don't be ignorant that the word Law (G3551) is NOT the word Commandments (H4687)

    Hebrew: מצוה
    Transliteration: mitsvâh
    Pronunciation: mits-vaw'
    Definition: From H6680; a {command} whether human or divine (collectively the Law): – (which was) commanded ({-ment}) {law} {ordinance} precept.
    KJV Usage: commandments (177x), precept (4x), commanded (2x), law (1x), ordinances (1x).
    Occurs: 181
    In verses: 177

    And also the word Law is not the same as the word commandment (G1785 in singular form)

    Greek: ἐντολή
    Transliteration: entolē
    Pronunciation: en-tol-ay'
    Definition: From G1781; injunction that is an authoritative prescription: – commandment precept.
    KJV Usage: commandment (69x), precept (2x).
    Occurs: 71
    In verses: 65

    So in Gal 3:19 & Romans 6:14, it is NOT the 10 commandments being debated on. It is the laws regulations and also the gospel Moses wrote. Aka the tanak (1st 5 books of the bible)

    Also consider Romans 8:3-4
    For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirementof the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

    (That verse simply means… the difference of the old and new covenant. Just like in the re-newal of vows of marraige…. it is still the same couple but vows are on a stronger ground. Hoping for a better marriage than their past years.)

  33. It seems as though you are giving the impression that these things didn't happen?  You call it a "story" as if implying that the Word of God, specifically the first five books of the bible (as in this video), is just a conglomeration of words put together to get a message across.  It doesn't feel  like you are trying to get across that this this the inspired, infallible Word of God.  I get the same impression everytime you say things like, "Jesus CLAIMS  this, the Bible CLAIMS that".  The Word of God is all true and there aren't CLAIMS.  Its all the truth and the truth of things that ACTUALLY happened given to fallible humans who can choose to believe the truth or not.  It just seems like you're trying to placate or else you don't truly believe everything in the Bible.  Am I interpreting this all wrong?

  34. Interesting in genesis before the fall,God states the stars and planets etc are for signs, seasons, holy were holy days or festivals before the fall?

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