The lasting damage of Trump’s judicial appointments

President Donald Trump is quietly achieving his most lasting legacy: lifetime appointments of conservative judges. You know we’ve appointed many many judges So far, the president has nominated 154 federal judges. With the help of a republican controlled Senate, 84 of his nominations have been confirmed, pushing the ideology of those benches further and further to the right. And Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that he will continue to prioritize bringing nominations to the floor. We intend to keep confirming as many as we possibly can for as long as we’re in a position to do it. If the senate makes a dent in those vacancies, Trump and GOP could profoundly restructure the federal judiciary for a generation. You know when I got in, we had over 100 federal judges that weren’t appointed I don’t know why Obama left that. Trump came into office with 112 judicial vacancies, more than twice what Obama had to fill. That’s because during that last two years of Obama’s presidency, the republican controlled Senate essentially refused to confirm any of his nominations. leaving an unprecedented number of vacancies for the next president. Today, Republicans are continuing their efforts to fill as many benches with conservative judges as possible. We had a tremendous year in terms of achievement So many things, we did judges, including two Supreme Court judges and many federal bench judges. Trump’s confirmed judges are, on average 20 percent more conservative than George Bush’s, and several of them have been exceptionally unqualified for the role. Let’s start with Judge Mark Norris — now sitting on the U.S. District Court in Tennessee. As a state senator, he was a big supporter of Trump’s Muslim travel ban, he led the effort to bar immigrants from settling in Tennessee, an effort that even Jeff Sessions said was baseless, and he publicly compared Muslim refugees to terrorists. Then there’s Jonathan Kobes, who was confirmed even after the American Bar Association deemed him “unqualified” due to his lack of experience. Kobes hasn’t practiced the law in years, has never been a judge and has only tried 6 cases. He now sits on the Eighth Circuit court, along with other Trump nominees, all conservative, young, white and male. Another confirmation to the eighth circuit court was L. Steve Grasz. The ABA gave him a rare unanimous “not qualified” rating for his “temperament issues, particularly bias and lack of open-mindedness.” As Attorney General of Nebraska, Grasz wrote that the Roe v. Wade decision is morally bankrupt. He also was on the board of directors of Nebraska Family Alliance an organization that supports conversion therapy and aims to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. In order to get people like Kobes and Grasz on the bench, Republicans are testing the limits of their confirmation power. For starters, they are ignoring the ABA’s recommendations and labeling the independent organization as biased. We should completely dispel with the fiction that the American Bar Association is a fair and impartial arbiter of facts. The ABA is long been regarded as an important independent arbiter, and Grasz is the only “unanimously unqualified” nominee to still be confirmed in 30 years. Another way Republicans are getting judges onto the bench quickly: the blue slip. Historically, nominees only get a hearing if they have the endorsement from both Senators in their respective states. However, in order to prevent Democrats from blocking Trump’s nominees, chairman of the Judiciary committee Senator Chuck Grassley, decided that this is no longer required, negating this long held courtesy. The blue slip courtesy is just that, a courtesy. Similarly, judicial nomination hearings are not usually held during recess. However, the GOP took advantage of an empty capitol building to quietly pass nominees through the committee without much oversight. Only two GOP senators attended this hearing on October 24th Some of these hearings were shockingly short, lasting 6 minutes each, and some had unconventional character witnesses. Vote for my daddy. All in all, 30 Trump judges were confirmed to the court of appeals in the president’s first two years in office. The appellate court hears roughly 50,000 cases a year far more than the 70 annual cases the Supreme Court hears. So these judges are often the last word on every aspect of American life, from civil rights to environmental protections to health care. Putting strict constructionist on the courts is the single biggest way you can have a long-term impact on the country. Though Trump has not been able to flip any circuit benches to a republican-nominated majority, many of the things Trump seeks to do can be amended or overturned by future presidents and future lawmakers But the impact of these lifetime judicial appointments will last a generation, long after Trump has left the stage.


  1. Citation for any of your claims? I checked your description, nothing. Where are you getting these numbers from? A neet video is not enough. Give us proof.

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