The Judge’s Son

(upbeat music) Good evening. Hi, Your Honor. You’re mighty happy for somebody who’s gonna pay a big fine (chuckles). I think I have a good case. Okay, let’s take a look at you. Okay. You were charged with goin’ through a red light on North Main Street and Branch Avenue. Right by the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Were you coming outta the Kentucky Fried Chicken? No, no. Were you lickin’ your fingers? You couldn’t see the light?
Nope, no. Nope, okay.
I’m sure I was doin’ something very productive.
Wavin’ to the Colonel. (laughs) Wavin’ to the Colonel? (laughter) All right let’s take, let’s take a look at this. Wait a minute now, stop it right there. Let me see the car. Inspector Quinn, did you notice she’s color coordinated? Oh, shit.
The sweater and the car are the same color. Is that by design? I only have one sweater. (laughter) But I have two cars. Exactly (laughs). All right let’s take, let’s take a look at this. What’s the time on it, Lisa? It was 26 something, Judge. (baby laughing) Look how safe that is. (Audience laughs) I’m just sayin’. It wasn’t, no. I’ll pay the ticket (chuckles). We have a lawyer in the courtroom. I would have him represent you, but he’s a lawyer at no fee. Except that I can’t do it. For one reason. Why do you think I can’t let him come up? [Lady in Audience] He’s his son. He’s related to you. He’s my son. Oh geez. (laughter) Actually, I could
And, then I could But then you’d have to step down. And, then I, and then I could not I could not fi-
We could have him judge it. Yeah , I know (chuckles) Then I could not find you not guilty because I’d have conflict of interest. Oh okay. All right, so Ms. Chase. What do you prefer to be called? Debra or Ms. Chase? Debra. All right, Debra, the threshold question is whether or not you stopped. Or phasing it another way, is whether or not you made a stop sufficient to satisfy the requirements of this of the Oh okay.
Of the legislation. So quite frankly, I’m gonna look at it again. Because I think you stopped enough. I really do. Thank you, it looks sufficient to me. (chuckles) Let’s take a look at it. Inspector Quinn, take a look at this. Rolling, rolling, rolling, roll- there was no stop Judge. Ah, (laughter) I was doing so well
If I was step- If I was stepping off that curb Tryin’ to cross that street
No, oh I agree. What would that I think that’s what I was looking for What would that vehicle do to me? Hit you. It, but that’s what I was looking for. Thank you. Debra. I rest my case. Counsel you can take her away. (laughter) Oh, did I say I would hit somebody? (chuckle) Debra, you’re supposed to say to him if you were stepping off the curb, I would see you. (laughter) I’d have a sweater on similar to that color though, Judge so. (laughter) I might blend with the vehicle. (coughs) Debra, in my judgement, you stopped sufficiently to satisfy the requirements of the ordinance. Thank you, Judge. Yes, the matter is gonna be dismissed. Good luck to you. (upbeat music) Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught In Providence every week day. ‘Scuse me? You didn’t know Caught In Providence is also a TV show? Ohh wow, you’re life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to Click on your local listings. Scroll down til you find your hometown. Then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it. Nice. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

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