The Final Battle [Part 2] | Justice League

This, is definitely east. Slowpoke. Oh, it’s on! I’ll take the ones on the right. It’s okay! Uh, hold on. Hold on. Dostoyevsky. Is this guy still bothering you? Superman! We gotta pull these things apart. A couple more seconds, you’ll see your opening. Any blowback? Big time… but I think we can take it. Good… cause I really like being alive. So do I. (shouts) (Argghhhh) Clark! I take it back… I wanna die. (laughs) (laughing) Man, my toes hurt. I don’t even understand the physics of how my toes hurt. (laughing) Children… I work with children. Uh, have you guys seen what’s going on outside… I am… the end of worlds. Who are you… to defy? This world, is my right! (shouts) No! This cannot be! Recognize that smell? Fear. No! Leave me! Get off me! I command you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all! Booyah! Glad I didn’t miss this. So am I. Yeah… now she’s glad.


  1. This Movie: 360 Millions with this terriBLE CGI
    Aquaman: 160 Millions with terriFIC CGI

    Make your own conclusions

  2. Should've ended the film when superman arrived, would've made it 10x better

    And that's not saying a lot because this film literally sucked ass

  3. Batman V Superman is low key underrated, Batman was awesome. Justice league straight up sucked…the humor was so bad

  4. There sure is a lot of pathetic marvel fan boys on this post. Why take the time to search for a clip of a movie you didn’t like. You marvel dorks need to find girlfriends

  5. Endgame is not so good. It's mediocre. Stop shitposting. Endgame was a dissapointment, no epic, no logic. Where was the Hulk comeback? Why was Thor so weak? Why was Thanos so strong? Captain Marvel is the worst character of all time. Inspired by the todays likes. Marvel ended badly.

  6. [Superman and Cyborg at ground zero of shockwave] Batman: "Clark!"

    Uh, Bruce, Victor's up there too, you know. I know Clark's your man-crush, but maybe worry about the teenager that you know is not as strong as Superman, too?

  7. Who else is wondering flash was sent like 10 minutes earlier to save civilians buh Superman came later and still caught up with him what the fuk?

  8. This ending is weak. They did not need superman to kick this guy's ass. 90% of this movie focused on the resurrection of Superman. That should've been the title. "Resurrection of Superman". Also, why is superman as fast as The Flash? I understand he's still in the process of becoming faster but he still way faster than Superman. He suppose to be the fastest man alive, that is his speciality. And what's with the talking while he's running? He moves 100 times faster than the speed of sound. We don't see and hear thunder and lighting at the same time. They do that in the TV show as well. When Flash is running and even when he's inside the speed force, (Inside a wormhole), where speed itself is infinite. He can still communicate with the team Flash. That's just not POSSIBLE. Like what kind of communication systems is that?

  9. Superman basically ate Steppenwolf he wasn't even using 5% of his power. Superman would fuck Darkseid in this Universe.

  10. I just thought for what would happen if steppenwolf was in avengers and just realised hulk would probably just hit him and he'd die

  11. Why does Flash run funny with the 'flappy' arms?
    Ezra Miller was ridiculously miscast in this role & annoying as f**k! And now they're gonna screw up the new Batman with the equally irritating Robert Pattinson! Jeez!! 🤮

  12. If you watch endgame and justice league at the same time you might want marvel and dc to mace a movie called avengers vs justice league

  13. Superman becomes evil by the mother box, kills innocent people including the league apart from Barry. Barry runs back in time to save everyone, but fucks up the timeline at the same time. Justice League will return in Flash Point (Drops mic🖕🖕🖕🖕)

  14. Hey stop arguing guys avengers and justice League are both amazing so please stop arguing and making competitions.

  15. Bruh why did they make a justice league movie y'all didn't rven build up any of the characters. Batman is just a big dumb idiot who kills. Cyborg looks like glitch in a video game. Superman just looks weird (obivous reasons). Wonder woman just keeps posing

  16. I think he’s the best super man I love the face he makes when he goes super slomo wit the punches that smirk but him and wonder woman make the moves she’s hot as fuck old school hottie lady like kickass mature not these skanks Hollywood rams down our throats I love her more cause feminist don’t like her ! She want to be and act like a lady not whore or man hater

  17. nothing makes sense….. motherboxes are portals with living souls….. stepenwolf is just a solider of darksied……

  18. If all these characters got their solo movies and then justice league dropped (with more polished cgi and better writing) this could’ve been a good movie.

  19. This movie so bad even wonder woman did better at the box office, budget for JL $300m, box office $657m, budget for WW $150m box officer $821m

  20. Everyone criticizing the CGI, yet forgot all of this was a reshoot. It didn’t have enough time to make this all realistic. That’s why we’re getting Black Suit Edition, to clear up this mess.

  21. Superman has the greatest power than all of them. He will beat Thinos like hes nothing. This is how Superman movies ought to be. Love it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. So awesome! Love going back to watch this! While BvS made Batman freaking amazing Justice League brought back Superman in a great way!

  23. Anyone else feel like Batman is so out of place. He just stands around and fires a gun every now and then. Batman works better in a realistic setting like Nolan’s Trilogy

  24. the reason why the marvel has better movies is simple. their characters are neither the alpha or overpowered like justice league. people do not like those without human weaknesses and qualities.

  25. The fish managed to beat Steppenwolf without even his original trident and Batman, well Batman didn't came with them…this movie is an absolute joke like his director

  26. This movie was so bad, it’s like Sharknado quality bad. And not it the good meme kind of way. It also felt like a Disney channel original movie

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