The errors and injustices of the U.S. criminal justice system | Author Bryan Stevenson

My name is Bryan Stevenson, I am the director
and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. I think most people would be surprised most
by the way our criminal justice system tolerates mistakes, how it’s defined my error. We have
a system that treats you better in you’re rich and guilty than if you’re poor and innocent.
We have a system where hundreds of people are potentially on death row for crimes they
didn’t commit. Thousands of people are serving long prison sentences for crimes they didn’t
commit. Half of the prison population is mentally disable, and we have put people in jail and
in prisons not because they’re a threat to public safety but because they’re poor, they’re
disable, they’re vulnerable, they’re people of color. And I think that’s the thing that
most surprises people when they begin looking more closely at the way our criminal justice
system functions.


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