The Batman First Look Teaser Breakdown – Batman Catwoman Scene Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone is Charlie this is
going to be my new breakdown of the Batman teaser that we just saw they’ve been
filming recently we got a full official look at what the new Batman costume is
going to be and a little bit of Catwoman too so if you’re new to the channel be
sure to subscribe to get all the videos this is just the beginning they just
started filming so now you know why Matt Reeves dropped that Batman teaser last
week because he’s like we know everyone’s going to see the Batman suit
next week so we want to show them a nice better version with a bit of the Batman
theme that we’re going to be using during the movie I believe that’s going to be
Michael Giacchino’s themes that they’ll use during the movie or at least part of
it we’ll just break this down top five style starting with number five so
obviously this is a stuntman doing this on the motorcycle the new bat-cycle
whatever you want to call it it was the Batpod when it was the Christopher Nolan
era Dark Knight trilogy but way back in the classic comics it was the bat-cycle
so there’s a number of different names that Batman has called his motorcycles
and he has had many many motorcycles all this footage just gives you a much
better picture for what the design language Matt Reeves is going with for
this version of Batman but the bat suit itself looks way more hardcore than the
first Batman teaser led us to believe and unless they’re going to radically
alter some of the coloring in post-production this seems like what the
final coloring is going to be for the suit just a dark grey black color not
too far from the color of Ben Affleck’s Batman suit The Dark Knight Returns
inspired suit or even the tactical Justice League suit because this does
look fairly tactical yet in a very cobbled together Batman year one kind of
way I saw a lot of people commenting about this too and I kind of got the
same vibe a bit of Batman court of the owls talent vibes from the costume mixed
with a much more low Phi thrown together version of the Justice League
tactical suit like look at all the knives or darts or whatever he has
around his gauntlets there then the goggles obviously Ben Affleck had
goggles there been Batman suits with goggles before in most of his cowls have
some tech built into him that make his eyes look white so everyone’s thinking
that this is going to be Matt Reeves giving him back the white eyes from the
comics there haven’t been a ton of movie versions that have attempted the white
eyes obviously there was Batman the Animated Series the did white eyes
Affleck’s Batman wore the Batman V Superman Dark Knight Returns suit those
eyes would glow a bluish white color but number four the suit itself just looks
like it’s made a bunch of different pieces of armor
that you could go out and buy on the street or from a military store or
something like that like army surplus it seems like a very primitive early design
for him but not necessarily maybe the very first design like Matt reuses
talking about early in his career but not necessarily Batman year one so like
Batman you’re – or Batman year three that also kind of plays into what he
said about what the story is going to be what it’s inspired by which comic book
story they’re going off of but the cowl we got to talk about the
new cowl probably one of the most iconic pieces of Batman’s costume next to the
symbol itself or the Cape it obviously in some of these shots the stuntman
isn’t wearing any kind of cape but they might just be using special effects to
add that in later in post-production just because it’s easier to do it that
way we finally get to see the ears now we
didn’t get to see it in that first Batman teaser they dropped last week but
initially I’d say Matt Reeves is going for a more classic look like Bob Kane
original Batman vibes but the fact that the ears are so thin in stick
straight-up looks closer to the Gotham by Gaslight cowl that is probably one of
the biggest differences from the last Batman suit pretty much all the versions
of Ben Affleck’s suits because he wore a number of different suits like the
Justice League tactical suit or the Dark Knight Returns suit or even the leathery
Dark Knight Returns looking suit those had much shorter stubby or looking ears
notice the cowl itself here – like zoom in enhanced you can actually see it’s
made of a bunch of different leather pieces that are sewn together you can
even see the stitches and all the seams like he’s been working on this just
cobbling it together from a bunch of different things number three we got to
talk about Batman’s new motorcycle the new bat cycle whatever you want to call
it and then Catwoman’s motorcycle for that matter
this is Catwoman that he’s having a scene with the bummer is is that she has
a jacket on and a helmet so you can’t see what her actual Catwoman suit is
going to look like hopefully Matt Reeves will drop another
teaser for her like she did for the Batman teaser last week you just get a
good look at it there’s been a lot of fan art for her as she’s got the short
haircut so we kind of know what her Catwoman is going to look like but we
haven’t seen the full suit yet obviously Batman has been working on his
motorcycle like he does on all of his vehicles but it’s hard to tell if
Catwoman is a motorcycle that he has something to do with did he build it for
her or is this just something that she could have gone and stole from any
motorcycle store in town because let’s be honest when would Catwoman ever pay
for something if she saw a motorcycle that she really
and thought was cute you just steal it I’m not a huge motorcycle person so I
can’t really tell you what kind of bike this is or what kind of bike
Batman has Frankenstein cobbled together for his Batman motorcycle but obviously
the defining feature is the Batman cowl covering the front it’s like something
right out of the classic comics but they also kind of did something like this
during the more recent Batman zero years storyline and that was meant to be sort
of a new 52 retelling of his origin story that wasn’t necessarily straight
off of Batman year one like you can see him here wearing a cobbled together
version of his bat suit and he’s got a version of a bike that he’s kind of
turned into a bat cycle but it’s not nearly as hardcore the design language
has evolved to the point of some of his more hardcore motorcycles later in his
career he definitely grows into this kind of bat aesthetic with his vehicles
though he does have a sense for style for the most part this looks like a
normal motorcycle that he’s just beefed up for performance and then added a
bunch of armor plating to the front in obviously for the Batman aesthetic of it
all number two though Catwoman obviously clearly this is meant to be some kind of
team-up moment for them they’re in the Gotham City Cemetery we don’t know what
they’re doing here and we don’t have any context for this scene as to when it’s
happening during the movie but from what we’ve seen Batman and Catwoman will be
teaming up through the course of the film which lines up with the idea that
they’re going to be adapting bits of the long Halloween storyline which is a big
Batman Catwoman team-up story but I’ll talk about that in a second there been a
couple other big scenes that they were filming recently that people got
pictures of or got footage of this here looks like a set that’s meant to be a
version of Wayne Manor that’s maybe partially destroyed or neglected maybe
Batman just hasn’t been living there there’s some other signs for a scene for
a long-forgotten Gotham City orphanage for Gotham renewal corporation this
seems like it’s implying the state of Gotham during the movie is going to be
very rundown because it’s early in Batman’s career he’s only just started
to clean things up starting with the worst of it first the worst villains a
much dirtier grimier version of Gotham like we saw at the beginning of the
first Batman movie with Michael Keaton there was also a scene yesterday where
they filmed Batman getting attacked by a gang bearing a bunch of skull masks it
seems like it’s going to be Halloween because there was also a scene with a
bunch of pumpkins laying around outside apartments so it’s hard to tell at
that’s meant to be some random a gang or something from the comics like maybe a
bunch of black mask’s lackeys but as far as we know black mask isn’t involved or
anywhere near the new Batman movie so I’m just assuming this is just some
random gang in its Halloween time so there’s a bunch of people wearing
Halloween masks of skulls so as you probably heard me say Batman long
Halloween inspires part of the story number one Batman in the long Halloween
basic plot synopsis so it’s seen as a continuation of the story of Batman year
one at least that’s how they intended at Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale when they did the
story so this sort of plays with what Matt Reeves has said about this version
of Batman the robert pattinson Batman early in his career Batman year 2 year 3
he’s teaming up with Catwoman along Halloween is also a Catwoman team of
story but the main villain of long Halloween isn’t the Joker or when a
Batman’s usual major comic book villains like the Riddler all of the Riddler does
play an important role and obviously there are a couple other big Batman
villains like the penguin that we know are going to be in it but it’s Batman
trying to solve a bunch of mystery killings that don’t immediately seem
connected and deal with the mob through carmine Falcone in his underlings
eventually the mystery assailant is given the names the holiday killer
because a lot of this is happening around the holidays like we say it’s
Halloween time while this is going on carmine Falcone in the mob are trying to
intimidate Harvey Dent who’s District Attorney during the course of the story
Harvey Dent gets his origin story as two-face when Sal Maroni throws acid in
his face it winds up destroying his marriage and
then later in the story he resurfaces as the villain two-face I don’t know if
it’s a misdirect or them trying to mislead us
but Peter Sarsgaard was announced to be playing District Attorney Gil Colson who
obviously is not District Attorney Harvey Dent so if they are doing along
Halloween maybe that’s just a fake name and he’ll wind up showing up in the
movie as Harvey Dent and become their two-face Peter Sarsgaard could be a
pretty badass version a two-face so I guess we’ll find out when the movie is
released and I won’t completely explain the ending twist in case they do
actually wind up being very faithful to the comics but Batman’s quest to
discover the identity of the holiday killer takes him all over Gotham
confronting all of his major villains thinking that it’s one of them until
later the crime goes pretty much unsolved Batman isn’t able to discover
who it is he has suspicions but they never really out the villain until the
person is by themselves burning the evidence
so we the audience get to find out who the killer really was but Batman does
not but there were two sequel stories it’s a bit of a trilogy story that the
long Halloween exists and it’s Batman at haunted night then Batman the long
Halloween in Batman dark victory so Matt Reeves could wind up using aspects of
those three stories for the three different movies in his new Batman
trilogy Ben Affleck just did a big interview about his version of the
Batman movie what it would have been and why he had to leave so I’ll link that
video at the end of this but he just did an interview recently where he did talk
about Robert Pattinson is Batman giving him a giant thumbs up so what I’ll do is
is that there’s any really big reveals or if they drop a big Catwoman teaser of
course I’ll do a video for it but leave all your Batman video requests in the
comments and let me know what you think of all this
or you spotted any big Easter eggs in this that I didn’t mention in the video
everyone click here for all those brand new Batman videos and click here for my
brand new Spider Man 4 Marvel special announcement breakdown thank you
so much for watching everyone stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!


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  5. The non bat motorcycle is a BMW opposed twin. Batman's motorcycle is hard to distinguish without better pictures. It looks sort of Harley in the front. The parts sticking out the side that makes it look bigger may just be for show and not actually part of the workings of the motorcycle. The extended swingarm is definitely a modification but I don't know of any Harley Davidson with single rear shocks. Looks like a nightmare to ride.

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    Dont care, the batsuit looks fuckin stupid!!! He looks like the Hockey-Pad Batmans from The Dark Knight

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    That explains why one stunt person lost control while the other was perfectly fine.
    BMW has sponsored bikes for movies before, like James Bond.

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