Supreme Court Hearing To Decide Fate Of 800K DACA Recipients Set To Begin


  1. It's sad, but the law is the law. But if they decide to join the military after a couple of years they get there citizenship.

  2. You cant blame Trump. He did not bring you here illegally. Your parents did. They caused the situation you are in. Get mad at them.
    Sure would be amazing if this news station would interview a right winger once in a while. Always with the delusional never Trump/obstruction crowd.

  3. There parents are the blame. No one can come into a country illegally. DACA must go. The people much go. Illegal is a crime

  4. Cry in front of your parents they are at fault you should go to your parents and tell them to help you get legal one way or another Trump had nothing to do with your parents traffiking you and your dibblingd

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