Supreme Court Convenes For New Term, Expected To Rule On DACA, Other Issues | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. I'm not RUSSIAN to conclusions, but I think Trump is a puppet.
    Just PUTIN it out there. You don't like it; CRIMEA river.

  2. I want the supreme court to ban the sale of orange spray tan, so we can all see what Trump is hiding under that makeup.

  3. They should ban oranges for a bit so we can have a little while to calm down from Trump since he’ll be in another country.

  4. Who EIse is a true fan Of MSNBC? 😍I’m gifting 10 subs at my next Tech Giveaway, LIVE on YouTube!🌹 SUB NOW!😍

  5. So how many sexual assaultors and rapists are currently serving a judges? Criminals should not be allowed to serve as judges. I hope Susan Collins and others like her are happy that they have destroyed our judicial system.

  6. 'Now' is when Judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will be expected to 'earn their ride'. 🤨
    So embarrassing for America…

  7. There little closing advertisements always have some sort of innuendo. "Just click on that button down there" points straight to her 'lap'

  8. Why would MSNBC boycott Andrew Yang's campaign?   FORBES:  Do the Math: 2020 Is A Six-Person Race “Andrew Yang is polling at 3.5% nationally and raised $10 million this quarter—and CNN and MSNBC are rightly getting called out for pretending he doesn’t exist.”

  9. Lol the bots and trump trolls are working early…or late since they are in Russia 😅😅 … hope you get that extra 10 bucks for being slaves this late trolls

  10. Yea but all this Americans voted for trump and this are the results we have a clown running this great nation,,,,,,God bless America

  11. Meaning of Justice data do have the responsibility to stay on it that the cape movie forward but to me that for the past that have responsibilities to the present always at the photo the rules of the justice of a for like for men and women have wrote the book that in for the past and the present to stand over to have a responsibility that are always to keep moving forward especially that communities for the people that it is time to have very seriously issue to stay on the positive but not in a negative

  12. People CHOOSE what religion they want to follow but we can’t discriminate against that… why is discrimination against LGBT even up for debate

  13. I just can not believe all the horrible BS going on in this country right now. The hard won rights of so many are being are being taken away by this administration. You don’t know how hard it was to write this comment without using profanity.

  14. John, wake up man. Trumpsky and the rest of his Republican elk are back in the days of Freddie Fraternity and Sallie Sorority mentality – do whatever they want to do and get away with it. Kavanaugh is very possibly the first of more cave mentality types to come, assuming Pelosi et al cannot get Trumpsky out of the Oval Office.

  15. Justice for Harry: Anne Sacoolas named as the US diplomat's wife who was driving in a hit and run incident in England that killed 19 yo Harry Dunn. She claimed Diplomatic Immunity and ran back to USA to avoid justice

  16. Rule to contrary and a boon for my campaign in which I point out that dnc and rnc use the political issues of today not to better the lives of American citizenry.
    Im running for President as an Independent, not jewpendent.
    Join my campaign: Restructuring America For A Better Tomorrow
    To contribute as way to tell socialists and communists they arent welcome to our capitalistic nation via cashapp: $RugarMM

  17. We already know how they will rule..5-4 decisions all year I predict. The conservative wing in particular is so predictable. They always side WITH corporations and Against most rational Americans

  18. Ugh
    We all know how this is going to go down, don't we?!

    Just hang in there another 470 days 20 hours and 1 minute, R.G.B.!!

    (Someone please put her in an impact-resistant hyperbaric chamber, at least until Inauguration day!!)

  19. Hello people hello world this is the Mississippi Boy I think they need to take Kavanaugh all out of there he don't need to be judging on on anyting and I just feel it that he will vote for Donald Trump and for what Donald Trump in these white nationalists stand for

  20. Hang on RBG! If the Trump Administration gets another go at appointing a Supreme Court Justice America can kiss human rights goodbye for the next 30 years…

  21. Confirmation of MS Kavanaugh raises the question of honesty.. He has said nothing of the fraudulent F.B.I. investigation – or his perjury. Bringing DISGRACE – he deserves to be impeached –

  22. Donald Trump actually wanted to send it to the legislative branch to have DACA set in a law. obama just did an executive order which is not law

  23. These people are so freaking corrupt. How come my kids can't get an automatic free education? My family has been paying taxes here for 400 years.

  24. Dreamers are the future and hope of america they work study they contribute to this county. Dreamers dont take away nothing from no one!!. America gives them ande they give back!.

  25. What supreme court? Americans are the most deluded people on earth. No wonder, their deluded in chief thinks he is a God who can wipe another country off the face of the earth or destroy the economy of another.

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  27. As a recipient of DACA, I feel the Supreme Court should logically vote in favor of trump administration to terminate DACA… DACA is NOT a a law !!! It is an executive order put by Obama and the constitution says an executive order may be rescinded/terminated by any other president. Trump has the right to rescind DACA. If the Supreme Court votes in favor of DACA we are going to have a big problem and none of you see it !!! It won’t be focus on DACA it will not focus on how we are interpreting the constitution. Why legally Trump and his administration cannot practice presidential power. If DACA is terminated then all these activist and support groups, universities, big/small business and industry can now put the big pressure on congress to pass a bill that is needed to give DACA and other certain individuals legal status… and for those of you ignorant and people who don’t agree with DACA, FYI we pay taxes even before DACA there is something called ITIN numbers. We DO NOT qualify for federal aid or WIC or food stamps or nothing. Any argument against DACA is due to racism and that’s it.

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