Supreme Court Blocks Adding Citizenship Question To Census For Now | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Congressional districts are allocated to states on the basis of total numbers (not voters) with many non-voters including children and those not registered or legally allowed to vote and has nothing to do with citizenship (permanent residents are counted but are not citizens and can't vote).

  2. Whew… At last checks and balances again. Wait what a great slogan for 2020! Blue caps with "CABA"! – Checks And Balances Again!

  3. Last censuses my town 70% Caucasian ..reality 15% Caucasian. .
    Reality 68 % students in my public school receive some assistance. ..
    Can't wait to leave ny..

  4. Illegals can’t vote no matter how you slice it, and they shouldn’t…..
    Earn an honest vote democrats instead of counting on using illegals and cemeteries for them.

  5. So except for one justice, the SC is divided along political lines on even this topic?? Good lord, they can't even pretend that they're apolitical anymore. Justices will have to start adding an R or a D after their names.

  6. Republicans: “This will give us an advantage by suppressing minority votes.”
    Ross: “Cool, I’ll have the doj send me a bogus ruling as pretense.”
    Supreme Court: “Nah.”
    t’rump: *wah wah*

  7. Looks like the white nationalist lost this one. It's back to the drawing board. It's Steven Miller time.

  8. Throw Wilbur Ross in a hole and give him a can of soup and a beer every few days. Don't give him a blanket.

  9. As long as the question is legal why does it matter? Should a government be able to ask if your a citizen? And as far as gerrymandering that's straight up projection….. The census is used to determine electoral college votes and representatives so let me break that down illegal immigrats are being counted when determining those things…… Wow

  10. time for this Constitutional moment…. "…to secure these rights, govs are instituted among men (people) ,deriving their just powers FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED (people); that, whenever any form of gov becomes destructive to these ends, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO TO ALTER OR ABOLISH IT ,and to INSTITUTE a NEW GOV, laying its foundations on such principles, and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." the american constitution, page 1, lines 10-15

  11. 5 to 4…. For a no brainier like this one?… From the Supreme Court?…
    7 to 2… Should have been the outcome, if America wasn't so broken.
    America has never been a good example to follow for human rights.

  12. You all are dumb. We are a sovereign nation why people here illegally want to hide from being counted is brought on my fear mongering dem lib socialist.

  13. Yah that's okay because VOTER ID IS COMINGanx every country in the world has Voter ID Except AMERICA because the DO NOTHING CORRUPT DEMOCRATS can't win anything without CHEATING AKA VOTER FRAUD USING I'LLEGALS HERE ILLEGALLY ITS A CRIME.NOT FOR LONG THEY WILL ALL BE LEAVING BEFORE 2020.

  14. But partisan gerrymandering isn't their 'thing' to stop? LET'S VOTE THE CORRUPT GOP OFF THE PLANET, AMERICA, and establish law that REMOVES judges installed by a corrupt administration.

  15. Just so you understand what is at stake- Electing ANY Democrat president will remove Trump from office, Pence from office (he can't become pres by Trump leaving or being impeached). If inauguration day is Jan. 22nd, then the very next morning, Betsy Devos will lose her job along with Wilbur Ross, Rick Perry, AG Barr, Ryan Zinke . Plus Matt Whitaker will never have another job in the new administration, Pompeo fired, Steve Mnuchin fired, Sonny Perdue fired, Alex Acosta fired (let pedophile Epstein off scot free), Alex Azar (Health and Human Services, ICE director fired and the list goes on and on.
    Now….. win the Senate also and net neutrality becomes law and a law to upend citizens united will be put into place ( the Supreme Court said only congress can fix it by making a new law.) Ben Carson fired, Elaine Chao fired (Mitch McConnell's wife), Robert Wilkie, Sec. of Veterans Affairs fired ( and maybe we can get a vet who actually cares in his place) Andrew Wheeler ( big coal lobbyist)from the EPA fired also.
    Now…… how long are you willing to give to your country and wait in line at the voting place? For me….. I can stand in line for 24 hours if needed, and yes, it is NEEDED.

  16. Nice we can’t know who is here illegally. We are the only country that can’t know who is here illegally😂

  17. Liberals keep proving to everyone they care about people who are here illegally and have no right to be here…

  18. Put the question on, nobody answers for obvious reasons, then you get to pretend that illegal immigration has been reduced by your failed policy.

  19. we already imprisoned us citizens for having Hispanic sounding names just like MOTEl 6 giving CBP Hispanic sounding names of Customers, we have for profit children's concentration camps with 6 deaths for this year so far, supreme court? More aptly a Dear KING court

  20. Amazing that reporter dude kinda admitted that avoiding the citizenship question is used to get federal funding FOR ALL RESIDENTS of the states thereby including NON-americans. Oh well good luck with that.

  21. Correcting the laws and views of right winger/racists is a common occurrence in history within the United States that must be continued. Standing up to racists views is what has made people great.

  22. I do not understand how the court can endorse gerrymandering at all. We need to abolish the electoral college. It is just more gerrymandering. Any hope for a real democracy? I do not see any. NO CHANCE AT ALL.

  23. Yeah but they also upheld that the GOP can continue gerrymandering to keep control of their districts by unfairly drawing the lines to only include repub voters no matter how distended and nonsensical those lines are. Our courts are now tainted and we will spend decades undoing the damage this criminal regime has done.

  24. As suspected, Roberts forced to vote against adding Census question to save SCOTUS credibility and standing from its own conservative justices partisan overreach. It is likely that without the last-minute evidence presented of this GOP scam, this decision would have been wrongly decided by Roberts, thinking they could get away with it. The Trump administration broke six different laws adding that Census question, and was roundly rejected in the appeals courts, yet conservative justices wanted SCOTUS to hear this open-and-shut case, with the intent of overturning in GOP favor for purely partisan purpose, which was to rig elections in their favor. Roberts was almost successful, but thwarted in the end, probably regretting decision now to hear case.

  25. In valid question ?????
    Thats not the reason why the SCOTUS refuse to take it up
    The SCOTUS said it was not complete and sent it back to the district Court ??
    Please tell the truth ??? The government will re apply at the district court and put pressure on the DC so as to put it on the Forms by October ???
    BSNBC is not / NOT saying what the other news stations are saying -BSNBC is fake news ????

  26. The gerrymandering goes both ways, and the House is key to redistricting which dems control right now. It may benefit republicans now, but the pendulum swings both ways…

  27. The citizenship question is the vehicle the government wants to use to determine who isn't a citizen and where ICE should be sent.

  28. I laugh at you morons. You cry that Russians interfere in our election but you want to allow non citizens to vote and be counted. Stupid is as stupid does

  29. SCOTUS GOP Judges are corrupt. They just ruled that gerrymandering (cheating) is legal. This court is suppose to defend the people not the Republican party or the 1%.

  30. MSNBCannibals dont want people to know how many Ilegal aliens are in the USA.. Unaccountable people == unaccountable FOOD

  31. take the question out of the american community survey that the census bureau sends out to citizens of THEIR choice then.

  32. 5-4 vote. Smh.
    John Roberts is the only rational right wing justice.
    George W’s only good legacy.

  33. Why are Americans thinking that it is ok for an illegal immigrant to make decisions for this country BECOME A CITIZEN then you deserve constitutional rights. You don't get to vote for something you aren't apart of there is more to being an American then just paying some taxes. GET A GRIP AMERICA fight for what's ours don't let illegal immigrants run this country into the ground just as they've done to their own country.

  34. Former Attorney General Eric Holder and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who claim this is “irresponsible” and “unconstitutional,” show their lack of understanding of both the history of the census and the Constitution. President Thomas Jefferson first proposed a citizenship question in 1800. It was added to the census in 1820 with a question that asked for the number of “foreigners not naturalized” in the household. As Kelley points out, prior decennial census surveys “consistently asked citizenship questions up until 1950.”
    When the census switched to sending out two different census forms, the short form and the long form, the long form (which went to one out of every six households) contained a citizenship question as demonstrated by the 2000 form.

    The long form was discontinued after the 2000 census and replaced with the American Community Survey. The U.S. Census Bureau sends out the ACS “on a rotating basis through the decade,” but it goes to only one in 38 households, according to the Census Bureau, which uses it to provide only “estimates of demographic” characteristics. IT CONTAINS A CITIZENSHIP QUESTION!!

  35. SCOTUS throws us a bone before officially endorsing gerrymandering. Just the start of Bart O'Kavanaugh running a train on all of us will look like. All aboard!

  36. #trashthecensus
    The movement has started. When the census shows up at your house, throw it in the trash. If illegals and socialists want to play hardball, then both sides get to bat.

  37. ah good day,7 years ago the supreme court shot down efforts of equal pay at the work place for women at the time justice scalia was still alive now 2 judges was added by a mobster calling himself a president,wilbur ross financial statements are not accurate and questionable,just like trumps and it is rare when the supreme court flat out calls someone at an administration a "liar',it is different to hear it coming from a highly respected person than just casually talking about it,here in florida the state legistlator has been controlled by republicans the last 20 years hiring homeless people to unlawfully collect data people's personal information not just toward the census but in rouse telling them that they want to bump up the minimum wage to $ 15.00/hour,it is a total lie the state of florida contracting a private company to collect people personal information is a violation of the 1st amendment let alone it's identity theft because the "contractor" hiring" criminals with a felony conviction on their records is a violation of the law, w have the right to know who wants my name date of birth address ssn…etc it is crazy how people give their personal information away,as far as i'm concerned mark zuckerberg himself could be collecting not just the "data" but also the signature of private citizens and republicans would let him get away with it,republicans just trying to keep the tax reform just as the way it is so trump and family can be the next rockeffelers while throwing the country into recession disgusting people.

  38. Fake News MSNBC: Congress just passed a 4.6 billion dollar border wall funding bill. Trump won again! You: crickets.

  39. Dems will see this as a win. I'm sure President Trump is mad about this. And when nancy and chuck fail to work with President Trump on a border solution you will see an ICE storm.

  40. John (Roberts), you need to go into your office and close the door…and take a long look at yourself in the mirror and ask this question: am I an American or a liberal? And if the answer is not the first, then you need to step down from the bench and let someone on who is. You are a traitor!

  41. I think they should remove the questions of race and politics as well. The only correct answers to either of them are Human and American.
    If DNA has taught us anything, its that "pure" is a myth.
    And I'd like to see the gerrymandering based on everyone being American. 😉

  42. A Bit of Rational thought & Common Sense …. VOTE HIM OUT & LOCK HIM UP Shut Trump up an stop the HATEFUL COMMENTS.

  43. This PROVES out OUT OF TOUCH & BRAIN WASHED MSLSD watchers are! You’re not going to believe this! My friend has a family-in-law DEMONcRAT person in her life. Well, she just texted me. The sender said word for word, bc I copied it & am pasting it here.
    Note: TO WIPE OUT HISPANICS FROM CENUS. Wow wow wow. Cray cray…

    “Supreme CRT ruled against Trump and his attempt to wipe out Hispanics from Census.
    Also against gerrymandering. Bad day. Maybe they can come up with another reason that isn't blatantly racist.
    The court, even with Cavanaugh, isn't going to be seen as in the bag for Trump and obviously partisan.”

    This person is nuts. Unbelievable! How is asking Census takers if they are a Citizen, RACIST? 🤦🏼‍♀️ So you see, this is how they spin things. Time to leave the Plantation guys & gals. Time to be your own person. Time to think for yourself. Time to stop relying on Talk Show Hosts who’s only job is convince you orange man bad. Seriously. People who have a stronger desire to see our AMAZING president fail, then for our Country to succeed, need to go live somewhere else. Period. The funny part is, ANYONE who joined the Walk Away Movement had open, loving, welcoming arms waiting for them. Watch some YT video’s on the Walk Away Chanel. Nothing but love on our side.

  44. Chief Justice John Roberts could have been blackmailed by the Left to decide against Pres. Trump on the citizenship question on the census. Democrat operatives (which may even include BHO) knew something about the questionable way Chief Justice Roberts gained (private) adoption of his two Irish born daughters. Attn AG Bill Barr: There may be a crime committed here. You may want to look into it.

  45. Proving once again that the republicans can’t win without cheating because all their ideas and policies are as popular as a bad case of hemorrhoids. And the fact that democrats under Obama, Biden, and Pelosi lost over a thousand seats to these GOP jokers from 2010 to 2016 shows how pathetic the democrat party really is when running on a failed disastrous neoliberal economic platform that gives more corporate socialism to the rich

  46. there is only one, singular question you are required to answer on the Census
    ''how many people live at this address?''
    nothing more…
    if you answer, any other question for the Census, you put the noose around your own neck, and get what you deserve

  47. Motive is irrelevant…I think America would want to know how many illegal immigrants are in the country and where they are located. It's logical to want this information because it affects appropriation of Federal Funds…

  48. The US Supreme Court has gone bonkers. How can asking a simple question on whether you are a US citizen or not be illegal? What next – illegal to show your passport at international airports?

  49. Bunch of bs. Only citizens have the right to be here. People who have entered this country have broken the law and should not be here. Leftist democrats only want illegals to vote because of power. Just look at how the left has destroyed the majority of the world that’s why everyone flees here. Despicable Supreme Court needs to grow a back bone


  51. The Supreme Court admits, because it must, that the Commerce Department which conducts the census has the legal authority to place a citizenship question on the census form, but the court does not think the reason the department gave for doing so is good enough. This is absurd and dangerous. The court is supposed to rule according to what is in the law, not what is in someone's mind.
    If the law allows the Commerce Department to ask a citizenship question on the census form – and it does – then the court should allow it to do so. The court is saying that the Commerce Department does have the legal authority to do something, but should not be allowed to exercise that authority unless it provides a reason the court likes. To even require the department to furnish a reason I believe is going beyond the court's purview.

  52. Do the Americans who support this pathetic attempt to derail the government not realise how stupid the rest of the world sees you as?What is wrong with asking on an official form what nationality you are ,? Answer NOTHING you poor deluded left wing fools.

  53. Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, and Roberts voted against allowing the citizenship question. Well, I knew the 3 Jewish Lesbian Judges were going to vote against it.They're like a Obama's voting block, still doing Obama's bidding. And I'm really not surprised at Roberts … he's a Liberal turncoat, he needs to be removed or retired

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