Supreme Court Allows Vulgar-Sounding Brand To Obtain Trademark | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. LoL ~ seriously? F.U.C.T. is scandalous?
    but pedo's & racist's can get into politics in the U.S.A. and make millions from Special Interest Donations?

  2. Lol this will open so much avenues…. cant wait more insults will pop up against democrats since republicans only are busy with this. What you expect from a party which is lead by a bunch of pedophiles? They try to distract you from them by instigating controversial topics.

  3. Is US acting God? US do no wrong? War is no game. It definitely could escalate to World War III. The interests of the world are intertwined. Iran could be the last strew.

  4. Trump can't run a Hot Dog Stand on the street, let alone leading world's second most powerful country on earth.

  5. Freedom of speech was supposed to be about *sincere opinions and emotions*. Surely the Floundering Feathers did not intend that it would apply to trademarks, official documents, medical diagnostics, fraudulent research, conscious defamation, …

  6. This company FUCT is almost almost 30 years old. They have been selling t shirts through 7 1/2 presidential terms… how controversial!

  7. Andrea Greenspan was rejected her trademark on her wrist mounted mini chainsaw she called "Illegal Alien Shredder" that she tried to have for her MSNBCannibal squad to hunt Illegal aliens on the Border with .. but she was too distracted with her SATANIC (Saturnic) reanimation spells chant memorizing to follow thru with the court paper work at the time.

  8. With everything going on in this world, this makes headlines? That is sorry, people, really, really sorry. What about those kids held in cages? How about an 'in depth', WITH PICTURES. Who really gives a good FiretrUCK about FUCT? WHO?

  9. New evidence links Morning Joe to Lori Klausutis Murder.

  10. What an important decision, I wonder how much it cost us to decide if this company could name itself FUCT, I'm guessing a lot.

    Money well spent (eye roll).

  11. "The Mick" wasn't disgusting at all? Liberals didn't find that sitcom vulgar in the least? Of course not. Why is it that Trumps language is so shocking and disturbing to the liberals who created "The Mick" or this line of risque clothing? Nudity is one thing but when raunchy is attached it just makes nudity vile. This will attract poop throwing Millennial's. You heard about the man in Florida who threw poop at the judge and the woman who threw poop at a Tim Horton's worker? We have a few who do the same at WIU. Scientist say, liberals love a PHD's opinion, thowing poop is a sign of intelligence in Chimpanzees. If man did indeed evolve from chimps as Scientist say, we must be really progressing as mankind. Soon our knuckles will be dragging on the ground again. This is liberal progress. Chimps are nude too. Whats funny is how liberals spend a lot of time waxing the fur off their bodies.

  12. According to the supreme court, we have two amendments – first and second. Wish they would ever protect the fourth from the infinite police state.

  13. On a lighter note here's an old joke for you all to enjoy:

    A Chinese man goes into a Bureau de Change in London to exchange his yuans for some pounds and leaves quite happy. The next day he goes back into the same Bureau de Change and tries to exchange the exact same amount of yuans for pounds and gets a lot less than he got the day before. He says to the teller " Why you give me less money than yesterday? " and the teller replies " Fluctuations! " to which the Chinese man shouts back at him " Yes, and fluct you Europeans too! ".

    By the way, I said it was an old joke but I didn't say that it was either any good or not racist, did I? What the fook does it matter when it comes to using foul language in everyday speech or in trademarks such as this, after all they're only words, aren't they? Add to this the fact that all words in the English language, including expletives and obscenities, are a lot older than the U.S.A. itself only adds to the comedy in this news report, doesn't it? 🙂

  14. Great. Now that weirdo down the street from me can finally come out with his clothing line… PEDO'S R US.

  15. French Connection United Kingdom has been hanging 7-foot-tall signs saying FCUK in malls for literally decades. This is not news, regardless of a SCOTUS ruling

  16. That brand exists like the early 90s, the singer of Rage against the machine wore a Fuct shirt mocking the Ford logo back in 1991 in one of their music videos. And now murica cares? Wtf?

  17. Good for the Supreme Court's line of common-sense, legislation regarding freedom of speech. As long as it does not support harming others, why not?

  18. They allow groups like DUCK DYNASTY shoot all over the country without recourse so why not support a new business that is in a positive and safe light.

  19. Trademark office workers are now making counselors available for staff ahead of the incoming wave of vulgar trademark applications 😆

  20. Ambassador Hairbrushes from Germany are called Fuchs there, but Ambassador in the U.S. No matter what they're called, the craftsmanship is amazing.

  21. My god, American TV is unbelievably wimpy about swearing. People worried about "coarsening of American life" are the same ones who marched in Charlotte and voted for Trump.

  22. It’s really a shame it’s been snapped up. Would have been a good 2020 slogan for Trump and his red hat people.

  23. PT mc grow up! If you want to be with the adults behave like one! No wonder you support trump. He has the same filthy mouth as you. Maybe you can replace lieing Fat Sarah. Crawl back under your rock!

  24. Explain: people can say whatever they want verbally. They can't say whatever they want from a corporate platform, such as a trademark.

  25. Be interesting to know the right-wing agenda that is operating on our society to bring this decision about.

  26. O my god the SCOTUS actually followed the constitution and the first amendment * falls over in shock *

  27. Supreme court says: $ = free speech (Citizens United ruling) which has done more to subvert our Democracy than a few "dirty" words on T-shirts.

  28. I don't get freedom of speech! There's one word on the dictionary I can't use because I'm considered white. Screw free speech unless it applies to ALL words.

  29. Listening to this through my Schiit Audio digital to analog converter. The brand has equipment considered some of the best in the industry, but the name didn’t get them there.

  30. Where is America heading? With Trump judges in courts, can any more good decisions be reached? Is America doomed yet? Erosion of moral value where the powerful can be above the law despite audacious deeds and criminal acts. A frightening time to be living in America!

  31. Fine, I'm going to market a new type of rope, I'm going to call it the "HANGALLFILTHYLYINGSHARIACHRISTIANTERORISTS" noose!

  32. God Dam people if you dont like it dont shop there!. Stay out of peoples businesses.If you lose sleep over a store call F u c t . Maybe you need to get a life and stay out of others.Nothing more then Progressives truong to control our lives.

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