Superman bad CGI Face in Justice League

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  1. The suit looks horrible in bright daylight. Those highlights that were meant to define his muscles now look like stains.

  2. This is just a clip. A bad example of the topic too. I fucking hate that youtube has everyone thinking they can properly create content. Fuck your upload.

  3. Can someone explain what was so bad about his lip? I must be blind cause it doesnt look that bad to me. Or maybe I'm just missing something here.

  4. "Whats the best thing about earth"

    I woulda made the kids day and said, "its awesome lil kids like you, dont be a villain and maybe ill hangout with you someday when im done saving ppl." Or something less arrogant Idk….

  5. Henry got a mustache
    Did he need to shave before start making the movie
    DC: no it's ok.we just gonna put CGI and made the world worst CGI movie ever

  6. I've heard about this for a while but I never saw it. But… really? This is what people were up in arms about? I have no idea how anybody beyond vfx people actually notice this stuff

  7. I feel as if they did this on purpose. They did Henry so dirty. There's no way anybody who worked on this sat down and said, "Yep! That looks fucking incredible guys. Good job."

  8. Pra mim foi a despedida….
    Na minha opinião, Henry Cavill foi o melhor ator de Superman de todos os tempos.

    Eu não prestei atenção nessa parte mas vou ver o filme outra vez pra entender.
    Tudo de bom pra vcs, Superamigos!
    I am Vanderlei Azevedo

    I speak portuguese

  9. Can someone explain me what did they used cgi on a human actor for? what's it's going on? i haven't watch the movie or i don't know the story behind it.

  10. I alwys thought sups was fun and good with people
    Not so awkward and boring
    Is this how he is the comics ?

  11. I want to meet the individual who said “OK, good enough. Lets role with it.” This was a 200 MILLION FUCKING DOLLAR PRODUCTION.
    The right side of his mouth looks like he got his wisdom teeth removed the previous day by someone other than a dentist.

  12. I'm just going to chalk this one up to my encroaching blindness- and the fact that I've never actually seen these movies- but I don't see anything weird about his lip. I know what's there, I'm just saying that I don't see anything weird.

  13. It's been a while now since this movie was released & the mess the CGI was & when also released on many of today's the social media sites, but I figured I'd now check out what scene it exactly was!…

    I had a rough idea that i knew what scene it was as to me the only scene that looked odd was this scene at the start when Superman is chatting with kids as he's being filmed by these kid's probably on their cell/mobile phone…

    The scene is ok at first but the more Henry Cavill moves forward towards the kids camera & continues to answer the kids question's the more you can see they really f*cked that scene up the longer that scene goes on…

    What Where They Thinking!…

    And how can a film with a 300 Million budget & state of the art CGI tools at their fingertips not do something as simple as remove Henry Cavills moustache without it looking so obvious & odd looking…

    With today's CGI they can & have completely recreated full human actor's like Peter Cushing & a younger Carrie Fisher (both) in " Rogue One: A Star Wars Story "

    Their likeness was so amazing that actor's have debated that this could be detrimental to all actor's in the future…

    I've seen cgi make Michael Douglas character of Hank Pym look at least 30 years younger in the Antman films & Hayley Atwells of Peggy Carter look like a very old lady & ill to the point I thought they had hired an older female actor & replaced that actor's voice with Hayley Atwells voice but it turns out it was Hayley Atwell with some amazing ageing cgi effects,, yet in Justice League they can't get rid of a moustache without it making the actors mouth area look odd…

    That's just lazy & that scene should've either been done better/dropped completely or re-shot in a different way, as it just adds more fuel for Marvel fan's to rip the piss out of DC Comic film's, as I believe there is a rivalry between the fan's of those 2 branches of comic books…

    I like all of the comic book films myself whether they are DC or Marvel films…


  14. You can tell nobody had any passion making this movie when the cgi to cover his stache looks this bad.

  15. i remember when i first watched this movie i thought they recasted superman when i saw the scene and then un cgied henry cavil shows up and i was so confused

  16. Everyone talking about bad cgi, I don't see how much better this could of been… now what they did do wrong is poor choice of camera work with the close up.. they should of had the kid in a selfie type pose to take the attention away from his face

  17. When I first saw this movie, I noticed something was very odd with the way superman looked from the last movie. Then I was told that his moustache was CG'd out of the film. That explains everything. It looks bad haha

  18. Why not have the black suit superman with the long hair and mustache they messed superman up if i made justice league yall all would have liked it

  19. I honestly didn’t even notice his face was CGI until someone pointed it out and it still DOES NOT bother me.

  20. The minute the editors and Joss Whedon took a look at this scene in post, His next words should've been: " Well.. we did what we could with the time we had. This isn't gonna work. Cut it.."
    The fact that this got approved for a final cut is simply embarrassing. The first damn scene of the movie and I was thrown off immediately smh.. just terrible.

  21. Why didnt they just give him a fake mustache. Make up artist do crazy stuff all the time. Would a mustache be that hard? Or CGI the mustache. I was laughing when I saw his mouth lol

  22. So, I really can't stand Superman… I hate this lame superhero. It is so fucking poetic that DC handled the way to fuck up this character even more.
    It's just heartwarming… 😭🤩

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