Stranger Slept Over and Slept With Man’s Girlfriend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. JEROME: Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. This case of
Patrick v. Pence.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Patrick, you say,
five years ago. You made a huge
mistake by opening
your doors to a stranger who needed
a place to stay. Because that man
betrayed you. And slept with
your girlfriend
Ms. Pence. Today, you’re here
to prove that you
didn’t father Pence’s fraternal twins. Four year old,
Larry and Carrie and the other man did. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Pence, you are
certain Mr. Patrick is the father and
claimed, the DNA
test will prove it. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Patrick,
take me back to how
you found she cheated. We had wanted to
purchase another home. We met the gentleman. We befriended him,
let him move into our home. He offered to pay. Help pay the bills
and stuffs. JUDGE LAKE: So, you basically
took in a person that was gonna
rent a room. Yeah, basically, yeah. Okay. Well, he stayed maybe,
five or six days. And he had to
move out. And I questioned,
“I wonder why he just up
and left.” Is it because
me and you
argue a lot… Okay… You know, time goes on. Me and her
sat around and
had a few drinks. Sitting at home
enjoying ourselves. And she up and leaves
and goes across the street
to the neighbors. Ten thirty runs around.
No Ms. Pence. Two, three o’clock comes
around in the morning,
still no Ms. Pence. When she does
is show up until
the next day about 10:30 in the morning. Really? Her hair is a wreck. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You know, she… Look like she went
through a hurricane
or something. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Pence, you got
missing overnight? PENCE: I did, Your Honor. Why was she
gone all night? You know, I mean…
What’d you do? And what was her response? She was talking
in circles. I confessed, Your Honor,
at that time. JUDGE LAKE: What did you
tell him, Ms. Pence? I had told him
that I had slept
with the gentleman that had been
staying with us. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) It was just that one time.
It never happen
again after that. And… He still seems
to believe that it happened more than that one time,
Your Honor. So, you hadn’t
slept with him when he was
actually living there? PENCE: No, Your Honor. Wait, did you go
looking for him or
did you run into him? I kind of went
looking for him, uh… Larry had continuously
from day one… Accused me
of cheating
constantly. I… Mr. Patrick? Yes, Mr. Patrick. I had never slept
with anyone else before that night.
I had constantly… You’re so flirtatious. I was… That’s how I was
brought up. I’m constantly calling
people, honey and babe. That’s just…
I’m from the South. That’s how I
was raised. It has nothing to do
with that I’ve never slept
with anyone
before that. Never, you constantly
accuse me of it. And I kept telling you.
You’re gonna keep
pushing and keep pushing and it’s gonna happen. That night it happened. That was the only
time and it’s never
happen since then. The gentleman that
just left your house
in five, six days. Says, he’s gonna
move in, help pay bills. Rent a room,
then he leaves. Just… Like that. Do you know
why he left? No, Your Honor,
I don’t. Now, I get
a good idea. Why do you think
he left? PATRICK: I believe that
they were… Starting to catch
feelings for one
another or whatever. PENCE: That’s not true
Mr. Patrick. Little bit too close
for comfort. I think that’s why… That’s not true. I think he was
worried about me
catching on to it. JUDGE LAKE: Do you know
where to find him
if he is the father? No, Your Honor,
I don’t, I never spoke
with the guy after that night. Never kept in touch
with him after that night? No, Your Honor. I couldn’t tell you
where he is, right now. So, I have another
question, why that guy? You say, you left
the house. And you said,
“I went looking for him. “And I told him
if he kept pushing me
and kept saying… “I was cheating,
then it’s gonna happen
and it did that night.” Why that guy?
It seems like you
went out looking for him. There was no
specific reason
as to why that guy. It was just someone
at that time that was
around and it happened. But he wasn’t around.
He had left the house. He had Your Honor.
I was with my… Neighbor, like I had
stated earlier, um… Me and her had went out. I did kinda look
for him. I guess you could
say a little. Um, met him… You found him, didn’t you? I ended up having
the one night stand. And nothing happened… After that night,
Your Honor, nothing. JUDGE LAKE: And so… It was probably
the biggest mistake that
I’ve ever made in my life. And I wish that
I had never made
that mistake. It shouldn’t never
happen at all. It should have
never happen
but it did. And I can’t go back
and change that. It’s done and it’s
over with. I just want… I want some closure today, so,
I don’t have to continue to
deal with the arguments and… And you constantly
saying, that I’m
cheating and everything. How soon after that night… Did you find out
you were pregnant? PENCE: May I… JUDGE LAKE:
You brought an exhibit? Yes, a calendar… Please step over to it
and explain this. On November 2nd,
Your Honor, is the date that me
and Mr. Patrick
had sex. And then on August 7th, is the date, that the
twins were born. That don’t mean…
That’s a five day window. It does. The doctor had said
that the twins were conceived right around the
2nd of November
Your Honor. The twins were born
almost completely
full term. And if you count
those dates back.
It only leads to Mr. Patrick. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Patrick… Do you agree
with those dates.
They seem to add up. No, Your Honor,
I don’t, I mean it’s… It’s a five day window
between there. JUDGE LAKE: A five day
window between what? PATRICK: From the date
that she had slept
with the other man. Let’s be clear, Ms. Pence
which day did you sleep
with the other man? October 29th, was the date
that I had slept… JUDGE LAKE: Oh… Yeah, we need
to have that circle
on the calendar as well. PENCE: I slept with the other
gentleman on October 29th. Um, three, four days later. So that is just a
five day window. PENCE: It is Your Honor,
but I know for a fact that November 2nd
is the date that
I conceived. How can you definitively
say, it was November 2nd… PENCE: The doctor said,
that November 2nd was right around the date
that I had conceived. JUDGE LAKE: They gave you
a date or a window? It was a window
of a couple of days. And the first couple
of days in November. So, there’s no way
possible that it could
be the other guy. If it was the first
couple of days in November. How is that possible? JUDGE LAKE: Well, I mean,
it’s just because October 29th is just three days before. And it’s usually estimated… It is. …date of conception. I know that Larry,
Mr. Patrick,
fathers the twins. I know that for a fact. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Patrick,
when you look
at this exhibit and you see on
October 29th. If that’s the date
she had sex with
the other gentleman. That’s…that’s
a hard pill to swallow. Yes, it is, but it
never happened more
than that one time. PATRICK: That you’ve said. I know for…
It never happened. So, Mr. Patrick, you believe this happened
more than once? PATRICK: Oh, yeah. (INDISTINCT) And so…
And you’ve requested that this court administer
a lie detector test to
Ms. Pence, because you believe this
happened more than once? PATRICK: Yeah. Yup. Mr. Patrick, in
your court papers you specified that you
also had additional doubts. And they’re specifically
around Larry. What are those doubts? I think he’s ADHD or
something like that.
You know what I mean? He’s some… He doesn’t
listen, he’s rambunctious. JUDGE LAKE:He’s a little boy,Mr. Patrick.PATRICK:I understand
he’s a little boy.
And I hope he grows out
of it someday, but, I believe he’s ADHD… There’s nothing
wrong with Larry. JUDGE LAKE: And so… Doesn’t run in my family. It doesn’t run in her family. How do you know that it
doesn’t run in your family? Well, I’ve been with
you for 10 years. It doesn’t matter. You
don’t know everything… Every single thing about
your family history. PATRICK: Yeah, but I’m
not a doctor, neither. PENCE: Exactly. Well, Mr. Patrick, I’ll tell
you what, I’m not a doctor, and Mr. Patrick, you said,
you’re not a doctor. That’s right. And that’s why this court has asked a doctor
to come here. Jerome, will you
please escort, uh, Dr. Sarah Vinson
into the courtroom. She is a board certified
child and adolescent
psychiatrist. Hello, doctor. Hi. Thank you so much
for joining us today. Happy to. Uh, we are, of course,
hearing testimony today concerning beautiful
twins Carrie and Larry. Mr. Patrick, our plaintiff has indicated that he
feels concerned that
he believes one of the children maybe
has ADHD, we don’t know. But he says, “None of these things
run in my family.” So the question
then becomes… Are learning
disabilities hereditary? They can be. But it’s a much more
complicated picture
than that and that’s not
the entire story. So sometimes we can
point to one gene, sometimes it’s
multiple genes. And sometimes it’s the way
that the genes interact with
the environment. And sometimes the genes
have nothing to do with it. And it’s just something
that happened during the
pregnancy, or during the delivery… Or in that child’s
early childhood, um, that can affect
how they learn. That’s interesting,
because you’re saying, the gene could be a factor, but there’s also the gene
plus the environment
component. Right. And sometimes
it’s just the environment. Like with, lead poisoning,
for example. Where the genes had
nothing to do with it and it’s things that
the child was exposed
to later. JUDGE LAKE: What are
the chances that one twin may have a learning disability but the other does not? Twins, if they’re
fraternal twins which is this case here? JUDGE LAKE: Yes, they are. Um, are no more closely
related than any other
sibling pair when it’s fraternal twins. And so you definitely
could have one in one child and not in the other child
even though they have the
same two parents. Okay. Thank you so much
for your testimonies. It’s been very enlightening. I’ll have Jerome
escort you out. We don’t wanna take up
too much more of your time. But thank you
doctor for coming. Thank you. So, Mr. Patrick, there is… A chance that it can be
passed down through the
family. But, the doctor
said, that they’re… Is a chance it has nothing
to do with that at all. So, does that
change your opinion now that you’ve heard the
testimony of the doctor? It’s a possibility.
You know what I mean? It could be passed down. So what you’re saying,
what you heard… Further supports
your testimony? This doubt about
the children… This is what’s causing
all of the friction in
your relationship. There’s no trust. We’ve always had
arguments over stuff. PENCE: Yes, but, Your Honor,
we haven’t… I guess after all this… We haven’t even been… Uh, had sex in probably
the past four months. It’s… It’s just
a constant argument from the time that I get up
until the time that I go to
bed. Pretty much,
it’s constant argument. Concerning paternity issue? Paternity and the
one night stand and him saying that it
happened more than the
one time, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:And so that’s
why, Mr. Patrick, you asked
this court
for a lie detector testbecause you don’t believe
Ms. Pence is being truthful
with you… As to the true nature
of the relationship with this other gentleman? No. Why do you believe if
she came clean that night… Why do you believe she wouldn’t tell you
the whole truth since she was so forthright? I… I… I’m not sure… (INDISTINCT) I have no reason
to hide anything… I just feel like she’s
hiding more than… …at all, Mr. Patrick. What’s she’s saying. There’s nothing to hide. I have nothing. And just like I’ve told
her if it comes… To the fact that
the kids aren’t mine… Nine times out of ten
I’m probably gonna leave. That’s what am afraid of,
Your Honor. And if it does come back, which I hope it does come back
that they are my childrenit’s still gonna be hard
for me to gain trust for
her again.
Trust is…JUDGE LAKE:So
the stakes are high.
This is…
This is very serious and your relationship
is truly riding on this… PENCE: Yes, Your Honor. Result. PATRICK: Yes, Your Honor. I mean, like you said, I’ve… Been through with everything. She’s had cancer,
she’s in remission… Of two years. I went
through it all with her. JUDGE LAKE: Amen. (SNIFFS) I went through
every bit of it. PENCE: It was one test to
be done and over with. Your Honor, I want him to get
the closure that he needs. And I promise you if it
does come back… And for me for that this can be over with… I’ll apologize. I’m tired of all of
the argument and everything. I just want to get
on with our life and continue to grow and
raise our family together. JUDGE LAKE: Understood. Like I said, if it
does come back, which I hope they do.
I will apologize to you. (SNIFFLES) But if not… I guess someone will have
to ponder on for a while whether I’m gonna
continue to stay. All right. You know,
at this point I can
understand where this relationship
is at a crossroads. PENCE: It is. Because you just don’t
trust one another. We’re gonna get to the
paternity result shortly. But first, I’d like to give you the results of
the lie detector test
you requested. Well, here goes nothing. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (CLEARS THROAT) This is gonna
determine our fate. I have nothing to lie
about, Mr. Patrick JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Pence,
you met with a licensed
polygraph examiner? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:You were asked
the following questions.
“During the last 10 years
of your relationship with
Mr. Patrick, “have you had sexual contact “with any other man “other than the man “whom you admitted
to cheating with?” Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You said, “No.” The lie detector determined you were being deceptive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) How is that? Ms. Pence, you were asked, “Did you have
sexual intercourse “with the man “whom you cheated “on Mr. Patrick with “more than once?” You said, “No.” The lie detector determined you were being deceptive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) That’s not… Your Honor,
that’s not possible. I slept with
a guy one time. I knew it. One time, Your Honor. You were cheating behind
my back knowing it. No, Mr. Patrick, I didn’t.
It was one time. It never happened
other than that time. It ain’t what that paper say. I don’t care what
the paper says. JUDGE LAKE: So… One night or one time?
Let’s be specific. PENCE: It was one night,
one time together. Period, flat out. The one time only. Have you ever had
a relationship… Sexual relationship with
anyone else besides this
person? No, Your Honor. Other than Mr. Patrick, no. Well, these lie detector
results certainly were
not in your favor. Um… Mr. Patrick, after hearing
those results what are you
thinking? I… Just did nothing but lie
to me last 10 years… I have not lied to
you, Mr. Patrick. It shows right there… I don’t care what it said.
It happened that one time.
That was it. I was nervous with everything
that’s been going on and… You know, maybe it
could have came out… Because I was
nervous like that. I’ve never done it more than
the one time, Mr. Patrick. PATRICK: I don’t believe
that. You get in my shoes and I did that to you,
how would you feel? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I would probably be
in the same situation. But I know that I, for a fact,
that only did it the one time,
Mr. Patrick. All right. I think I’m ready for
the results. Jerome. Here you go. These results were
prepared by DNA
Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Patrick v. Pence,
when it comes to
fraternal twins four-year-old,Carrie Patrickand Larry Patrick,it has been determined
by this court…
Mr. Patrick, you… Are the father. I told you that
you was the father. I told you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOBBING) (INDISTINCT) (SOBBING) Are you relieved,
Mr. Patrick? Uh, very much.
I know that… The deception stuff that
the lie detector test
that’s… Something is gonna
have to be worked on because that’s just right
there says me, I… I… May not been able
to trust her again. (SNIFFLES) The important part of it is
as long as them kids belong
to me. I told you that. That’s the important part. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now that’s gonna be
a little easier on me to move on with my life. And so, even though it
has been determined today
that Carrie and Larry are your
biological children, you still are unsure as to whether or not
you’re going to be able
to continue in the relationship because
of the results of the lie
detector test? Yeah. Because of
the trust issue now. All right. I mean, it’s bad enough
I didn’t trust her but after hearing so much
deception of her, I mean… JUDGE LAKE: I mean,
let’s be honest… You all have overcome so much. Why not this if you
really make the choice? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Right? So… You know, and Ms. Pence,
if there is something that you just have
not said yet. I think at this point Mr. Patrick is just
looking for the truth. And, he’s stayed
with you even after he found out that this
other gentleman could
potentially be the father. PENCE: I… Your Honor… Is there anything that you haven’t
told him at this point. PATRICK: Yeah, anything. No. Mr. Patrick knows
everything that happened
that night. I went into full detail.
Told him everything that
happened. There’s nothing else to say. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. We’ve counseling and
resources for you all to hopefully mend
this relationship for yourselves and
for the children. I wish you all the
very best of luck. Court is adjourned. PENCE: Thanks, Your Honor.


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  22. That's her story and she is sticking to it. 🤔
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