Stephen – Majoring in Criminal Justice

I guess when I was a high school student
what I really wanted to do was work for the FBI or any government program so
when I came to the University I thought criminal justice would be the best way
to do that and then I ended up liking the idea of law school so that’s why I
picked up political science. People are going the federal route who want to work
for the IRS, FBI, DEA that kind of thing. So what they
are gonna do is take more of those classes accounting classes also you’re gonna get
the state level and city level people who want to work for their county or
their state’s police department. I’d love to do tax law, I think that with my
accounting background I think that’s the best route for me, however, I would love
to work for the IRS or the FBI, though. They would love a person who went to law
school to go there so I guess just by having the other majors as well as the
criminal justice major opens up a lot of different areas. I guess first and
foremost was criminal justice 403. Violent offenders was the name of the
class with Professor Bankin. It went through all the serial killers and it
was all the stuff you see on TV kind of things and it was interesting learning
about that and what what drives those kind of people to do what they do.
Also I enjoyed the juvenile delinquency class that Professor Delici taught it’s
one of the 200 level classes so it’s what you’ll take right and you get to
college and it was a great entry into the program and it’s nice to know that
the head of the department is running it. I’m taking criminal justice 341 currently
and I, last semester I took criminal justice 320 which was Criminal Procedure
which ties in nicely with the law school because you do take Criminal Procedure
in law school so it’s nice to get that background here. I’m the president of the
pre-law fraternity file for Delta so it’s nice to meet with local attorneys
and learn more about law school that way. I guess outside of Ames I’m working at
the Consumer Protection Division at the Attorney General’s Office which is nice
to crack down on consumer fraud and work closely with Deputy Attorney General’s
and all those different attorneys and investigators at the Capitol. I am a
communications intern, I’ll just take what you see on c-span, I’ll
take those videos I’ll send out newsletters and update all the
representative’s constituents about what’s going on. Criminal justice and
sociology and political science professors are very open and they want
you to visit their office hours and they’re there to help you and they do
help you. A professor that stood out to me the most was Dr. Kathleen Wagner who
taught my 320 class and made a personal connection and because she is a lawyer
and she is what I want to aspire to be and she was a great teacher and really
tied in the Criminal Procedure to the criminal justice as well as law school
and political science side of things. My advisor is Jason Crystal of the
political science department and what he does is helps me with my internships and
makes sure that, makes sure that I get credit for what I’m doing.
Also he, he’s part of the reason that I am, I have these majors. He walked me
through what employers, what law schools were looking for. He told me that this
path and I’ve researched as well that this path is the best. If you want to work
state or city level you should be doing ride alongs to the police department
getting to know them and what they do on a day-to-day basis. If you want to go to
law or out of course meet the attorneys in there in your city. If you want to be
a probation officer parole officer meet with those people. Just advice for coming
into college go to the office hours. You should get to know your
professors on a personal level that will help you immensely.

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