Sophie Michelle UNBOXING Justice GIRL CARE! 💗

Today you and I are going to be unboxing some girl care products
from the line Just Shine, available at Justice. [Upbeat Music] Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to Trending with Sophie. Today you and I are going to be unboxing some girl care products from the line Just Shine, available at Justice. I am so excited to try
out all these products. I love girl care stuff, so
it’s going to be really fun. First I’m going to show you guys this Be Purrfectly You box filled
with girl care products. Okay, let’s open it up. Ooh, I kind of see what’s in there cause the top, the lid is see through. All right. Oh my goodness you guys, this is so cute. It’s like cat themed, OMG. Okay, let’s start. So, we have this chain
that I’m pretty sure you’re either supposed to
put it on you school bag or on your purse. We have two lip glosses, This is what it looks like. This is cotton candy flavored, and I’m pretty sure this is as well. Yeah, they’re both cotton candy flavored. This is a little lip gloss, I’m actually wearing
one of the lip glosses from Justice right now. All right, so you have it right
here whenever you need it. You just pop it on whenever
you need a touch up. It’s amazing, Next, we have, what is this? We have a jumbo size. This is another lip gloss, and it has these nice glitter hearts . They’re hearts, this is so cute. It says Be Purrfectly You. With purr like a little cat. So cute. Next we have this Be Purrfectly You shimmer had cream which I love. This is also cotton candy scented and you can put it on your bag pack, on your purse, or anything, which I love. It’s super convenient. So you can put some lotion on especially during fall, in the winter
when it’s kind of chilly. My hands get pretty dry
in the cold weather, so having the lotion is very, very nice. Ooh, that smells really good. I love it. We have some more. All right, so we have foam body wash, cotton candy scented as well, love that. This is from the clutching. Since this is body wash, I’m not going to test it out right now because you know you test
it out in the shower. But seriously, this is really cute. Next we have the hair
color cotton candy scented. Oh my gosh, it’s pink. Wow, I’m definitely going to
be using this for an event or something if I have
to dye my hair cause it’s just temporary, you can wash it out. I love how it has easy application. You can just spray it on. It’s not complicated or
anything which I love. Next we have the shimmer body
mist, cotton candy scented, Our favorite scent. This is a body mist so I
can smell it and like… Oh my gosh, I was literally talking about this earlier, they
should have a fragrance or a mist or something. I get to try one for the first time. All right, wow that smells
really good, oh my gosh. I love that. I’m just going to spray
this all over me later. Last but most definitely not least we have the Stay Magical 24-piece
press on nail set. This is really fun, I love
the details on the nails, the pink, the gold. Kind of gives me a marble
vibe on this nail over here. It’s really pretty. New almond shape, love it. Almond is one of my
favorite nail shapes so All right you guys, so I have a lot of shimmer body lotion that
I’m about to show you guys. Wow, okay, so these are all
the shimmer body lotions that I got, and each set
has a full line of body care available at Justice, which
is a crazy, I love that. This is so cool, you have so
many options to choose from. You have You Are Magic
shimmer body lotion, sparkling strawberry scented. Oh my gosh, I love strawberry, Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits. It has a little unicorn, this is so cute. You have rainbow raspberry scented. I love the packaging on this one. This is really pretty. You have bubbling blueberry scented. Ooh, this is really cool, and it’s like Be Mermazing, aw. Then you have a confetti cupcake scented. Who doesn’t love cupcake scented stuff? I love cupcake scented stuff. Then, ooh, this is vanilla vibe scented. You’re A Shining Star. This one is the cotton candy scented. This is the Be Purrfectly You with purr. They’re so many, wow. I’m in stock for the rest of the year. Just Shine gift sets are
perfect for the holidays. Like this one for example, it’s a little mini set of
all the shimmer body lotions. Which is perfect for a stocking stuffer, I feel like this would
be amazing for that. Oh my gosh, this would be
perfect to travel with, I love. This would be in my bathroom, in my room, and when I go on an airplane trip, I need this. This is the You’re Super
Sweet body care set with four pieces in here, I love it. I love the packaging. For me if you just gave me
this box it’d already be enough cause it’s so cute. Look at the cupcakes
on it, it’s so pretty. I can’t wait to untie this bow. I’m just going to untie
it, I’m sorry but I have to because I have to get the products inside. So… Yay . All right, so let’s see what’s inside. Whoa. You guys, when you first open it, this is what you see. Oh my gosh, I just smelled the box and it smells so good. Okay, so I see a loofah,
which is really cute. Look at the loofah, aw. I love loofahs. Next we have a shimmer body mist. Another shimmer body
mist in my collection. Oh my gosh, oh wow,
that smells really good. My room is going to smell
amazing after this video. Next we have a shimmer body wash, confetti cupcake scented may I add. Can’t wait to try this. Last but most definitely not least, we have another shimmer body
lotion, confetti cupcake. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed unboxing
all these different products. It was so much fun. All these gift sets are
amazing for the holidays to give to your family and friends. This full makeup organizer with the cotton candy scented items, this was really cool, I loved it. This one I didn’t really
know what to expect because it’s not see through. I was like what’s in here? So that was really fun and all
the cup cake scented stuff, and all the different shimmer lotions OMG, that was so cool. I am so excited to try all of them. They smell amazing. Yeah, make sure to subscribe, and give this video a like and stay tuned for next weeks episode
of Trending with Sophie. See you guys next week.

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