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I remember the day when the march on washington was all over We went back down to the White House President Kennedy invited us back down And he stood in the door the Oval Office and greeted each one of us. He was like a proud beaming father That everything had gone, so well For months after that we just all really Harvested the emotional joy of what we had done The joy that we took home with us out of that out of that arena Inspired us to start thinking about what could we do beyond what we were doing already and? The lesson is not to stop not to give up if you ask us back then That Barack Obama would be in the White House today. We would say no way When people left as Dr. King suggested We went back home back to the heart of the deep south to intensify efforts To gain to vote to get a civil rights bill passed But 18 days after the March was a terrible bombing the church in Birmingham Well four girls were killed on a Sunday morning There was a sad and dark hour for the movement, but it said to us that we had more work to do It’s hard to say but it encouraged us more these people are reacting this way against us because we’re being effective and So we’re going to keep on doing it. We’re gonna Do even more if we can we won’t let this stop as we won’t let this turn us around We did get the Civil Rights Bill, eventually we did get a Voting Rights Act, but the quality of life for many people Remained the same for many many years Other ways to really stop a moving is to kill off its thinkers and They killed Dr. King and they killed Medgar Evers, and they killed Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy all this was in one fell swoop Eliminated After the civil rights movement which moved into the anti-war movement other movements regaining enormous energy so the women’s movement the environmental movement Took shape the anti-apartheid movement and the will and the belief that They could be successful emanated from the remarkable Ability of the civil rights movement to progress I recognized very quickly That the young people and other people who were in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were the stepchildren Of Martin Luther King jr.. They were the stepchildren of the march on Washington They were trying to raise the consciousness of the country to the inequitable distribution of wealth opportunities Very much in the same way that he was trying to do it we need people to lead to get out front on some of the big issues and To be a headlight and not a taillight and people who speaking of today like immigration reform for gay rights Control the proliferation of guns. They have assured some carry the action of the Supreme Court 5 in gutting the Essence of the Voting Rights Act. It’s an enormous reversal. It’s been one of the most successful pieces of legislation in modern history the enormous change takes Takes time and you have to continue to battle you don’t win a lawsuit or win Getting the law on the books and then fold your tents and go home. Oh, no. You know the struggle continues. I was part of this mobilization that has never been duplicated again And I wonder why I wonder why I’m not blaming young people well yes I am but they ought to be doing a bit more I really thought that feeling around Obama was so important to know that it existed I, in retrospect wish that we’ve managed to Keep him from running for office because he could have run a movement I think he would have had a better chance at making social change happen if he’d approached it and you know the way King What I say to you a lot of young people who speak about the fact that the civil rights movement is somehow a thing of the past I said let me paint a picture for you almost all the movement in that period Almost all critical thought, almost all critical decisions, were made by the young. And if you want to take a look at John Lewis and Where he was he was 18 you take a look at Julian Bond he was 18 you take a look at Diane Nash She was pregnant and then leading a movement She was the one designed of the Freedom Rides, and none of these people came with political design and with clear thought These were simple ordinary folk when young people said where do we find our leaders where the Dr. King’s? Well look where Dr. King resided and where he was found in the first instance and maybe you’ll find a little more Dr. King’s there. I Credit the fact that I got schooled. I got brought up in the movement In the civil rights movement to give me the perspective That March laid the basis for the modern battles for human rights all across the globe. It cannot be underestimated the fact that individual ordinary people from across America Made up their minds they were going to step Into that movement and step into the streets and come to Washington to raise their grievances in the finest traditions of American democracy You You


  1. Todays social justice is opposite of King's. King understood all rights were individual, not group. He understood no group has rights. Identity politics is essentially an attack on all MLK believed. He wanted a colorblind society.

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