SNHU Online Criminal Justice Degree Program Overview

Southern New
Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit,
regionally accredited institution. Our criminal justice
program is one of the largest, most aggressive
programs in the country, where we focus in on employability. Our content is
instructor driven, and our instructors
are either active or retired in the criminal
justice profession. Not only we do we have
a wide, a vast offering of criminal justice
courses, it’s the course content that’s driven
by the practitioner focused instructors. From module to
module, the student will understand exactly
what the content means in terms of employability
in the criminal justice field. Our goal in the
Criminal Justice program is to help you, the
student, identify where you belong in the
vast array of employment opportunities in the
criminal justice field. Such opportunities
that exist in policing, corrections, human
services, Homeland Security. There’s a wide variety of
options that you, the student, will have a great understanding
of where do you belong and how we can
help you get there. Throughout each and every one
of our criminal justice courses, you the student will
have an opportunity to immerse yourself in
actual experiences that will be guided by
your instructor through one on one
meetings, Webinars, video, and interactive webinars with
actual working professionals. At Southern New
Hampshire University, we offer one of the most
affordable criminal justice programs in the country. We offer tuition discounts
to active military and their spouses. We also have an incredible
team of academic advisors, career services,
and instructors that will work with you every
step of the way to help you see yourself succeed.

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