Sneaking Around At Lunch Time During Work Hours (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case
ofPolzin v. Callender.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day. Ms. Polzin, you’ve summoned
Mr. Callender to court in hopes of salvaging what is left
of your relationship. You say he denies
your daughter Zoey, but today, you intend
to prove paternity,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Callender,
you say you love Zoey and have created
a bond with her, but Ms. Polzin has
a cheating past, and that is why
you are convinced you aren’t Zoey father. -[Callender] Yes.
-Is that correct? That’s correct, Your Honor. So, Ms. Polzin,
what is the current nature of your relationship
with the defendant? Um, we’ve been on again,
off again, Your Honor, and the end
of most of our arguments is he likes
to throw that in my face
whether Zoey is his or not and Anthony knowsthat that’s his daughter.I mean, without a doubt.[Judge Lake]
But, Mr. Callender,
you do question it.
Yes, ma’am.
It’s like a dark cloud
hovering over us. Keeping us…
I think it’s preventing us from moving forward. [audience murmurs] Just the uncertainty,
not knowing 100% that I’m her father. [Judge Lake]
Do you feel that dark cloud? [Polzin]Yes, Your Honor,
and it needs to come to a stop.
[Judge Lake]Specifically,
how is it effecting you
and your relationship
with Mr. Callender? It keeps us in constant turmoil and constant fussing
and fighting over it and I’m just ready
for it to be clarified and for it to be done. [Judge Lake]
So, how did you meet? We originally met
when we were younger and we had a relationship and we went our separate ways and we both got in long-term relationships, and my last
long-term relationship, we were having hard times
towards the end of it, it was about nine years, and he hit me up on Facebook, Mr… Mr. Callender did. And we just started talking,
rekindling our love again, and we started
seeing each other again. Did you know she was
in another relationship
when you pursued her? -I did, but she was…
-[audience murmuring] She was…Said
they were separated, living in different rooms, and she was in the process
of moving her things out of the residence. So, you thought
this relationship was pretty much over. Yes, that’s correct,
Your Honor. Did you have
to sneak around, though? -She would come see me
on lunch breaks and…
-[audience murmurs] you know,
as she got off work. You Honor, I was not trying
to be disrespectful to a man that I’ve been with. He knew it was over.
We were both doing
our own thing and I wasn’t trying to flaunt my new relationship
in front of him. So, you were sneaking around
at lunchtime and after work. -Right.
-[audience laughs] Right. Pretty much. So, you all started
this relationship even though
you weren’t quite finished -with the last one.
-Correct. How soon after
you officially startgetting into a relationship
with Ms. Polzin
do you find out
she’s pregnant, Mr. Callender?
Uh, well, it was
about a week after she had moved into
her apartment after getting most of her things
out of the residence. -A week?
-[audience gasps] Well, I was only
having sexual contact
with Mr. Callender. We were, me and my ex,
were living in separate rooms. We had a lot of assets together and we were living
in separate rooms. There was a lot
of things to work out between that relationship. [Judge Lake] So,
she finally gets out from this relationship with the ex and a week later
she says to you,
“I’m pregnant.” -[Callender] Exactly.
-What are you thinking when she says that,
Mr. Callender? I’m not at the residence with them while
she’s staying there, so I have no idea
what they’re doing. I can only go based
on what she’s telling me. What she’s telling me,
she’s staying in a different room,
but I’m not there. -How do I know they’re not
in the same bedroom?
-MAN: Right. So, how… I mean, did your Spidey-sense go up? I mean, what… -[audience laughing]
After she moved out, the next thing you know he shows up with soup
and a teddy bear because she’s sick. But how did he know that she was sick
if they haven’t been
communicating? -Soup and a teddy bear?
-[audience gasps] [Polzin] He would bring
me flowers to work and brought soup… Left a soup and a teddy bear on my front porch and… But this is a man that you were allegedly
not sleeping with… -Right.
-…bringing soups and teddy bears
when you don’t feel well. Hmm. I know that
doesn’t sound right. -It doesn’t.
-It doesn’t. [laughs] It definitely doesn’t sound
like it was completely over. [Polzin] It was. He was trying
to hang onto something that wasn’t there. So, how did you find out about the soup
and the teddy bear,
Mr. Callender? Uh, I was going
through her phone, looking for a number
that I had dialed
from her phone, and I had seen
that his number was in there, and, you know,
just out of curiosity I clicked on it, and it said
they had had conversations for 30 minutes and another one
for an hour, you know, and I asked her about it, what they had been
talking about and she said, “Oh, it’s just…”
He was wanting to know if she wanted to get
a few more things
from the residence that she had left behind. You know, wanted the couch, and I was like,
“Well, why does it take
an hour of conversation -to decide if you want
a couch or not?”
-[Judge Lake] Right. And you never knew.
It wasn’t like she was having -these conversations
in front of you.
-No. [audience murmurs] [Judge Lake]When she got
the soup and the teddy bear,
did she come home and say,“Honey, guess what my ex did -with his crazy self.”
-[Callender] No. Actually, it… It come up a year or two later. -She got mad at me.
-[audience gasps] I was, like,
“Well, at least he cared enough
to bring me soups and stuff or teddy bears, you know? You never done this type
of stuff for me,” and just throw it
in my face, you know? And I’m, like, “Really?” It never fails. The arguments are
when it always comes out. -Right, Jerome?
-Yep, I like soup. [all laugh] So, take me to the birth. When Zoey was born,
were you there, Mr. Callender? Yes, Your Honor. -You… You participated.
-Yes, Your Honor. Showed up for the birth? That and mostly
every doctor visit. Every doctor’s visit? So, even though
you were doubtful, -you still participated.
-Yes, Your Honor. Because you wanted to be there. [Callender]I wanted
to be there for the baby
and for Rachel.-[Judge Lake]Okay.
-[audience]Aw.And, so, when she was born, did you sign
her birth certificate? [Callender]They wouldn’t
allow me to.
Uh, it was like
a kick to the chest.
And so then your doubts
started spinning. Yes, and a week
or two after that, she was in contact with her ex and he made the question, “Could it be mine?” [audience exclaims] Oh, the ex said,
“Could it be mine?” -Yes, and–
-Now, how did
you find this out? I was standing around
when he had made the call and was just listening in and I heard him say, “Is there a chance it’s mine?” But according to Rachel, they had hadn’t any kind
of sexual contact for three or four months
before we had started
seeing each other, so… So, why would he ask that then? That’s another one
of the reasons why
I have the doubts. [audience murmurs] But if you do that math, we were in North Carolina
in December and she was born in September. -Oh, shouldn’t he be able
to do the math, too?
-But, Ms. Polzin, I mean, when an another man
calls you on your phone to just say, “Well, let me just ask you this,
could she be mine?” Uh, that means there’s
some part of this math, some factor in this equation… that we’re missing. That sounds like he feels like he could have
been sexually active with you during the window of time
the baby was conceived, -because why would he ask?
-[audience applauds] I think he was doing that
just to get a rise out of me because, like I said,
once he learned of my new relationship… [Judge Lake]
That could make sense
that he’d be calling to try to hurt you,
but he’s bringing
teddy bears and soups, and you’re talking
on the phone with him
for 30 minutes and an hour. So, that doesn’t add up. -That–
-If somebody’s
trying to hurt you, you don’t sit
on the phone with them
for 30 minutes or an hour. Right, but that was before
I learned I was pregnant. But he had made
a comment before as you were getting
the last few things out of your house,
he had made the comment, you said, that he asked
for one last shebang. [audience exclaims and laughs] [Judge Lake] Oh, really? -Yes, he did.
-[woman] Uh-huh. -But you declined?
-[Polzin] Of course
I declined. I had been
over that relationship
for a very long time and I had only
been sexually active
with Mr. Callender, and he knows that. I think if he knew that,
he wouldn’t be here. [audience laughs] Yes, he did. Mr. Callender, you
brought a witness.
I’d like to hear from her. Ma’am, please stand. Step over to the podium. -State you name for the court.
-Karen Allen. Ms. Allen, what relationship
are you to Mr. Callender? -I’m his mother.
-You are his mother. -Yes, ma’am.
-What do you know about the paternity
surrounding baby Zoey? Do you believe your son is her biological father? I hope and pray that he is. -[woman] Aw!
-We have a very strong bond. [Judge Lake] And I can see
how emotional that makes you. -[Allen]Yes, ma’am.
-[audience]Aw.[Judge Lake]You love the baby?[Allen]Yes, ma’am.[audience] Aw. This relationship started
with a hot mess. It was a hot mess
when it started. -Only gotten worse
through the years…
-Mmm. …and the squabbling
back and forth. I don’t want Zoey to hear, “You may not be my child. -This may not be my child.”
-[Judge Lake] Right.Yes,and she’s at an age-where she could hear that…
-Yes, ma’am. -…and possibly even
be able to understand…
-She will. -She would.
-…exactly what
someone’s saying. Absolutely, and between
the arguing they do, it… It could be said
and them to not realize that she is
in hearing distance, and that would
break my heart… -[Judge Lake] Yes.
-…for her to hear that. So, Ms. Allen,
do you believe
this relationship can withstand… the realization
that Zoey is notyour son’s biological child?[Allen]I don’t
believe it would.
So, you believe if she’s not his, -this relationship is over.
-Yes, ma’am. [audience exclaims] -[Judge Lake] So, that means
there is a lot at stake.
-[Allen] Yes, ma’am. [Judge Lake] So… Ms. Polzin, you say
you are sure Mr. Callender is
your child’s biological father. Yes, Your Honor.
I have an exhibit. -You have an
exhibit you brought.
-Yes, yes. Please step over
and show the court
what you brought. [Polzin] These are reasons why I believe that Mr. Callender is the father. Him and Zoey both have
the same attitude.Um, they are very
particular about things,
such as the way
they like their foods
and things like thatand if they don’t
get their way,
they’ll throw a fit
till they get what they want, and I do not act
like that at all. -[Judge Lake] Same temperament?
-Yes. -Okay.
-Yes. [sighs] No protection. We were… When we were togetherand having sexual relations,we did not use protection.The tanned skin.
I am, obviously,very paleand she has a tan. Zoey is…Looks just like him.
You can’t deny that. The tanned skin, the dark hair, and then this is
Mr. Callender as a babyand this is Zoey.-[audience exclaims]
-It’s identical.
It’s identical.
You cannot deny her.
Looks just like him. [audience murmurs] So, Mom, Ms. Allen, when you look
at this side-by-side, do you see a resemblance? Do you see this
incredible resemblance that Ms. Polzin says she sees? I wish I did. I believe Zoey looks
just like her motherand Zoey is tanned,but we do a lot
of outside playing.
Children tan. Thank you so much, Ms. Polzin. You may step back
to the plaintiff’s podium. The reason why I asked Mom ’cause lot of times
Moms know. Grandma… Grandma has that supernatural -spidey sense.
-[chuckles] I believe that the temperament is a learned behavior. He’s spoiled. I… I did that -and I’m around Zoey.
-[laughs] -And I take the blame.
-You say you spoiled the… I take the blameof what happened to her.[Callender]No protection…
She was with the guy.
I’m sure they didn’t
use protection either. Uh, tanned skin.
I mean, everybody… I’m not the only person
on the planet that has
tanned skin, you know? The guy, he’s got
a little tan himself, so… And Zoey doesn’t
have the black hair. [audience exclaims] [Judge Lake] And I can see
this is really effecting you both. Like, you don’t know. I can… I can look at both of you and see this
really troubles you -because you have
very real doubts.
-Yes, ma’am. With that said, I think we’ve
heard enough testimony and it’s time
for the results. Jerome. [audience applauding] These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case
ofPolzin v. Callender…Yes, ma’am.
It’s like a dark cloud
hovering over us. When it comes to Zoey Callender… it has been
determined by this court… Mr. Callender… you… are the father. [Polzin] I told you. Thank you. [Judge Lake]
You are the father, and I’m so happy
I could give you the result all of you
so desperately wanted, and now we can figure out
where to go from here. I want his name put
on the birth certificate. Not just about being
on that birth certificate. That is important, but it’s also about being a consistent and supportive dad in her life. -Yeah.
-Right? -[audience applauding]
-And so now that we have -no more doubts…
-Mmm. …what are we gonna do
with this relationship? Definitely work on it and move forward
to the next steps. Good. She can know that she has the love
of both parents,
her grandparents. She deserves
to have her village,
every child does, and so if you’re gonna try to make it work,
you have to do that, but you also have to keep her
in the forefront of your minds. -Right?
-Yes. All right. So, I want you all
to go and talk to Dr. Jeff, figure out how
you’re gonna make
those first steps to go to the next level and I wish you all
the very best. Court is adjourned. [Polzin] Thank you.

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