Sir Graham Henry’s Reserve Bench

New Zealand, we are proud of the strength of our reserve bench but right now it’s looking depleted. It’s not our boys in black that need our help. There are not enough people registered to donate blood. So we’re on a mission to create the World’s Biggest Reserve Bench. …with 100,000 seats to fill. Help me fill the most important reserve bench of my career and let’s save Kiwis’ lives.

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  1. Dear Graham,

    My new wife donated blood twenty-five times in her life time and awarded by Red Cross Hong Kong. She has the intention to donate blood in New Zealand but Immigration New Zealand is now stopping her to onboard any plane to New Zealand as INZ strongly believing our marriage is a fake. I am a New Zealand citizen for more than twenty years and I work part-time at the Eden Park.


    Andrew Tsang

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