Sinnet Court Accommodation Tour | Oxford Brookes University

This is Sinnet Court, a partnership hall with the company A2Dominion. It’s one of the options available to our continuing students so for those who want to stay on in halls past their first year. Sinnet Court offers en suite flats of four, five or six bedrooms. This is a pretty typical kitchen layout. There’s plenty of room in here particularly considering this is a four-person flat. Lots of large cupboards you’ve got two fridges and a freezer, oven, kettle, microwave, all the standard kitchen appliances and also a seating area just over to your right. Sinnet Court is particularly convenient for the Headington Campus and for Cowley. If you don’t mind a walk, it’s about 15 minutes average pace from here to the Headington Campus. Let’s take a look at a bedroom down the hall. The bedrooms at Sinnet Court are particularly roomy you have an en suite within here but also plenty of floor space. There’s quite a lot of storage in here we’ve got a wardrobe shelving unit, chest of drawers, desk, and a bed-side cabinet, a little chair by the bed and then your ensuite bathroom if you want to take a look inside As standard you get a toilet, sink, shower, mirror, and a towel rail in here Sinnet Court offers 50 week contracts so it’s particularly good if you want to stay in Oxford a bit longer It’s also useful because this contract starts a bit earlier than average So usually it starts around about the first week of September if you’re planning on coming to Oxford a bit before Arrivals Weekend you might find that convenient. So if there’s anything you want to know about Sinnet Court, any of the other halls or the booking process for continuing students then get in contact with us and we’ll be pleased to help.

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