SHOCKING CONCLUSION! Couple Returns With Swapped Accusations (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. We are reconvening
in the case of
Patterson v. Patterson.
In our previous
hearing, Mr. Patterson, you brought a claim
against your wife on allegations
of cheating. And it turned out that
she was being truthful and she was
not cheating. But she has brought
a counterclaim
against you, accusing you
of cheating and, Ms. Patterson, if you find out
he’s cheating, you are going to
end the marriage. Yes. Is that correct? Yes. JUDGE DANA: Okay. What are the
warning signs? Why do you think
he’s cheating? ‘Cause he’s cheated
in the past. And that’s what pulls me
away from him. (TERRY SCOFFS) When we moved away… (TERRY SNIGGERS) …from our hometown
and went to our new town, I just…
It wasn’t there. The spark wasn’t
there anymore. Like, I love him, but I can’t trust him.
We have trust issues. And I feel like, why should I be
laying down with a man who always laying down
with somebody else? And that’s the point. JESSICA: Maybe a month
after us being there, you know, them
female intuition
start kicking in. I ain’t have
no evidence, but I start having
little dreams and stuff and my dreams
be reality. And I’mma just
keep it real. Tell me about
these dreams. What do they look…
What are you dreaming about? I walked in a room
with him having sex
with another woman. Wow. And it was like
you were there? JESSICA: It was like
I was standing there. I snatched him up
off the bed. Nah. I did all that. (TERRY LAUGHS) And so I woke up
that morning like… JUDGE DANA: What was that? Like, okay. And then, them thoughts
go to running in your head, and I’ll be like,
“Hold up, okay.” Hold… JUDGE DANA: Did that happen? Or did I dream it?
Or did a vision come to me? It was a vision.
That’s what I thought,
it was a vision. JUDGE DANA:
‘Cause it felt so real. I thought God was
sending me a sign. Your wife is accusing
you of cheating. TERRY: That’s right. What are you here
to prove today? That I’m not. That whatever
she dreaming about, just let that go. I mean, dreams
stick with you. I never heard of
anything like that. (TERRY CHUCKLES) JUDGE KEITH: So, you don’t feel it’s fair for you
to be accused of, because she’s dreaming
about something… ‘Cause you dreaming
about it. You…
You thinking it. She dreams it, all of
the sudden, you’re just
automatically guilty. Automatic. JUDGE KEITH:
That’s not right. It ain’t. TERRY: (CHUCKLES)
It ain’t. Well, I’m not say… I’m just saying
that her… The reason she is
having those dreams… I’mma turn
for this one. JESSICA: It’s a
female intuition. She’s having these
dreams because her intuition
is being triggered. How is he going to
be held responsible for something
she dreamt about? No, no, no, no. TERRY: It’s
a dream. Who knows where she
got that from? But the dream… But the dream is
centered on the fact that her intuition is
fueling her dream. So she believes that
he is cheating and so her mind
is saying… At night,
her subconscious
is saying, “What you’re believing, “this is what it looks like.” Yeah. Oh, wow. JUDGE DANA:
And more importantly, she’s saying
he cheated in
the past. So she has… She has a trust issue. JESSICA:
Yes. And now, her
intuition is going… That antenna’s doing this. And when that
antenna wiggles, it comes up. So tell me,
what happened
in the past? He was cheating
with his ex, or whatever. She said
I took him from her. TERRY: Wow. JESSICA: I don’t know. I was never
the side chick.
I was the only chick. That’s how I felt. You were the side. It was an
ongoing thing. Then, not
even that girl, it was a
whole ‘nother girl. JESSICA: The neighbor. So, it’s two
different women? Your Honor,
yes, yes. Let me tell you,
I was walking by the pool. I was pregnant as hell. Walking by the pool, waiting for one
of my home girls
get off the train and we walking by and this girl,
she banging on the table. I…your man. Trust and believe,
I don’t know
she’s talking to me, so I’m still
minding my business. He gonna say,
“Babe, I can’t let you…” He said, “Babe, I can’t let you
go out like this. She talking
to you.” JUDGE DANA:
He did! He said that. And I said, “What
you mean she
talking to me?” He was like, “Man,
I told the hoe to
keep her mouth shut.” JUDGE DANA:
Is that true? No. It’s true. JUDGE DANA: What? JUDGE KEITH: It’s true.
It is true. It’s true, it’s true. Okay, so did everybody at the
pool know it was true? Nah, I won’t say
everybody. And all her friends
was like, “Are you crazy girl?
She gonna beat you up.
Shh. “Stop doing it.”
Like they was against…
They was like… They was telling her
she was wrong. JESSICA: But at this point she
was being disrespectful to me and I was still a hothead.
So I did what I had to do and
then I handled him at home. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) And what did that
look like when you handled him at home? JESSICA: You know, like,
we argue and, uh, we got on
with our day. AUDIENCE: Ooh… Is this the only time
that he cheated? We got new issues
and our new issues is our car battery went
out on our… Our car battery went
out on our car. So he didn’t get paid
till two days later. He told me he was gonna
borrow the money from
a guy coworker. Remind you, I still
got this intuition
back here telling me he lied. So I was like, “Are you
borrowing the money “from a guy coworker or
a female coworker?” He promised, “It’s a guy,
it’s a guy, it’s a guy.” So, he got the battery
and stuff changed. He come home from work.
A couple of days pass by. He don’t know how
to work a iPhone. I upgraded our
phones to iPhones. So I went to
his voice mails. And I saw this number.
It was a private number and then there was
another number. And it was a girl talkin’ about,
“I gotta pay my rent. “Where’s my money?
You said you was
gonna pay me back. “Terry. Terry. Terry.” Man, she was worried,
“What are you doing? “What are you…” And, I’m
just like, “Who is this? “Who is this?” He’s like, “Okay.
All right, shawty. “I’mma just
tell you right now. “I did get the
money from a girl.” But he thought
that was it. He… Okay. Wait a minute.
Hold on. Why did you lie about
getting the money
from a coworker? Did it matter? TERRY: I lied because… I mean, yeah, it… I mean,
it did matter at the time, ’cause I was like, “Okay. “I gotta get this
money some kind of way. “I gotta go to
work tomorrow. “Kia’s gotta go to school.
You gotta go to work too.” So it’s not like I… I did this for my family,
I didn’t do it for me. But, Mr. Patterson,
the question is, if it was innocent, why not just say, “Hey
I borrowed the money “from…” TERRY: I lied. I lied because I didn’t wanna hear
what her response was at the… If I even
told the truth. I mean, yeah, I lied
to get it over with just for that moment.
You know, but… Okay, did you lie because
you were sleeping with
this woman? No, I lied because… Let’s get into Becky. What did you do to further
investigate this? (TERRY LAUGHING) I know you did. JESSICA: Let’s, okay… Let me tell you
about this white
woman Becky. That’s what we gonna
call her while we’re here
in court. I went to doin’
more investigation. He had this secret app.
He don’t know how to
work an iPhone. I went to
purchased apps where you can see everything
that you do on your iPhone. Any apps
you ever downloaded. So, I saw this
app called imo. I was
like, “Oh, okay.” So I redownloaded it. (AUDIENCE GROANING) I found messages.
I saw everything that dates
back to April. JUDGE DANA: All right. So, a month after us
moving there, he got into this
situation with Becky. Did you ever confirm
that he was sleeping
with this woman? JESSICA: I called her. After I saw all of that,
I called her and she told me, “Yes, we have slept
together one time.
I’m in love with him. “I’m not gonna stop
talking to him.” Crazy. Crazy. JESSICA: All type of stuff. And this is the
woman he borrowed
So, Mr. Patterson, have you been
sleeping with
this woman? I did, one time. (AUDIENCE GASPS) That she know about. JUDGE DANA: You haven’t slept
with her since? No. I only know
about it ’cause
she told me. Not him. It didn’t
come from him. That’s the reason
he lied about the car battery ’cause
he was still trying to
keep her a secret. And that’s
the truth. He accusing me of all of this
stuff because of the way
he is doing. So, Mr. Patterson, this woman who you
claim has this
thing for you, you’ve been with her
more than one time
haven’t you? No, just did it one time. Just one time. JUDGE KEITH:
Just one time? TERRY: Just that one time.
She crazy, she… She think we’re
in a relationship. She think we
love each other. I mean, it ain’t
my fault that she
fell in love,
I mean… It is his fault. JUDGE DANA: So for you… It ain’t my fault. …it was just this
one mistake that
it snowballed. TERRY: I mean… One and done? One and dump. JUDGE KEITH:
That’s where you were? Yeah. And it was your…
It was not
your intent to ever go beyond that. TERRY: No, it was not. JUDGE DANA: But she’s the one
that believes that you are
in a relationship. She do. But, Ms. Patterson, you
absolutely believe that it went beyond
this one time. Yes. JUDGE DANA: Why do you believe it’s gone on
beyond this? JESSICA: Because she keeps
telling me more and more information.
She told me they were… First, I never knew she
actually worked there. He denied that
whole point. And I saw mess…
Hold on, I got proof. I saw messages. I saw everything. Ron, would you please
get those messages? RON: Yes, Your Honor. Thank you, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: All right. These are text messages
that are from your husband. Between your husband
and this woman… JESSICA: Becky. …you call Becky. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA:
All right. JUDGE DANA: She says,
“I love you “with all of my
heart and soul.” JUDGE KEITH: And he responds,
“Not when you’re blanking
somebody else.” Then it says… “What you doing?” And she says, “My make up and
where is my blank soda.” JUDGE KEITH: (CHUCKLES)
And then
Mr. Patterson responds,
“I can still taste you.“Mmm.” (AUDIENCE CLAMORING) Mr. Patterson,
you wrote this to her? He did. I mean, from the looks…
That’s what it… That’s what it looks like. JUDGE DANA:
What? I mean… JUDGE KEITH:
Yeah. Well, I’m not asking you
what it look like, I asked you,
did you do it? Yeah, I did it.
I did it. JUDGE DANA: Okay, this is
your place to… (CLEARS THROAT) JUDGE DANA: Look…
Wait, wait, wait. This is your place to stand up
and be a man. TERRY: Yeah, I did it. Okay, don’t give me these low
mealy-mouthed answers. Answer the question. Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
so you did it? Uh, I did it. Okay, so you were
tasting her in September? No, I wasn’t
tasting that girl, man. Oh, my God! JUDGE DANA: So why you say
you could still taste her? The girl is crazy. Like,
you… You say certain stuff to the girl, it makes
the girl happy. But you testified… TERRY: Like… So I mean… Go ahead, love. I can’t.
I can’t. So, you still are trying
to convince this court that it only happened
one time? It happened one time. JUDGE KEITH: And that’s it? That’s it. And after all that time
you could still taste her? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s what… That’s what
you’re telling me? That’s how we
doin’ with this? TERRY: Wow.
(LAUGHS ASHAMEDLY) And here’s the thing.
If it was just one time, the reason you will be
telling her that, is because you trying
to get another time. JUDGE KEITH: But you said
it was only one time, right? Only one time. And nothing else has happened. TERRY: No. And these messages are
just you kind of leading her on,
just talking, but nothing else happened? I mean, pretty much, yeah. Yeah. But Mr. Cutler
there’s the wife’s side, there’s the husband side and there’s the
other woman’s side. Let’s hear
what she has to say. Ron, would you escort
our witness in? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JUDGE DANA: How are you? HEATHER: I’m great.
How are you? All right, you are a member
of our court personnel. Is that correct? HEATHER:
Yes, it is. And what you have
is a statement from the other woman.
Is that right? I do have a statement
from the other woman. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: All right, would you
please share with the court and for the record,
the other woman’s statement? HEATHER: Yes. “Two weeks after we
started working together, “we started hanging out
as friends. “I hadn’t had sex
in three years. “So when sex was mentioned
in our conversation, “I didn’t decline the idea. “He did tell me he was married, “but that him and his wife
were going through a divorce. “Two months after
we initially met, “we had sex. “He did tell me
that he loved me. “And eventually he even told me
that his biggest dilemma “was loving two women
at the same time. (AUDIENCE CLAMORING) “He is a liar. “Even though it is his wife, “it broke my heart
to see him with her. “I wasted six months
of my life.” Thank you. HEATHER: Thank you. So there it is. Were you in love with two women
at the same time? No, I wasn’t. My thing is like… (SOBBING) Like, he always
said, “Let’s grow old.” Like, we…
I look at you,
ya’ll are so beautiful and stuff. Like, how you wanna
grow old and be like them when you can’t even do right? Like, it’s just breaks my…
(VOICE BREAKS) ‘Cause then he’d sit here
and he’d say, “It was three months,
it wasn’t…” I mean… (JESSICA SNIFFLES) It’s okay. So, Mr. Patterson, when you…
Look at your wife! Sir, I want you to turn
and look at her. When you see your wife, the mother of your children, standing there in tears, what is going through
your mind right now? I messed up… Bad. But then… It don’t defeat…
I can’t keep going
through this, like… Ain’t no more “messed up.”
We ain’t kids no more. Like… It’s just done. Mr. Patterson,
if you want to grow old and be an old married couple, now is your time
to come clean. Are you saying
we’re old married couple? Is that what you’re sayin’? An older married couple,
how’s that? Ooh-wee! We’ve been together
for 36 years, I mean… See, that’s what
I inspire to do,
be an old married couple. I mean older… Older. We can only pretend
to be so young. I… I thought we were
still poppin’, Mr. Cutler. We’re still young and poppin’,
but we’ve been together
for 36 years. So we can only pretend
to be so young. Okay. If, Mr. Patterson,
if you got any chance of being an older
married couple, then now is your time
to come clean. How many times
have you been with her? One time. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) One time. JUDGE DANA: All right. At this time,
the court would
like to call licensed and certified polygraph
examiner Tom Platt to find out,
is he cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you for being here.
Would you please state your credentials
for the record? I have over 10 years
as a certified polygraph examiner
and conducted nearly 3,000 polygraph
examinations. Mr. Patterson, you are
gripping that podium
mighty hard. I’m just… I’m just
holding on to it. Just holding on to it,
that’s it. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. You asked Mr. Patterson, “Other than what
your wife knows about, “since you’ve been married,
have you had “sexual intercourse with anyone “other than your wife?” What was his response? He stated, “No.” What did the
polygraph exam reveal? Polygraph determined… That he was
Mr. Patterson, “During your marriage
to Ms. Patterson, “have you had
sexual intercourse “with the woman
referred to as Becky, “other than the one time
you admitted to your wife?” What was his response
to that question? He stated, “No.” What did the lie
detector determine? The lie
detector determined that he was
being deceptive. (AUDIENCE GROANING) JUDGE DANA: When you gonna
stand up? (TERRY SIGHS) Stand up, man,
and tell the truth right now.
You owe it to her. He was man enough to do. You was… JUDGE DANA: This is not the
look you want. Yes. JUDGE DANA: Be a man, tell her
what’s happened. TERRY: I did it. JUDGE DANA: You did what? I mean… I cheated. For how long? How long have you
been with this woman? Clearly said, six months. Because you all have been
together for such a long time, Ms. Patterson,
I have to ask you, where’s your marriage going? It’s going nowhere,
I’m done. I can’t take no more. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You came here for answers
and you have those answers. JESSICA:
The truth came out, and regardless of
what he say or how he feel about it, the truth is the truth, and he can live with it ’cause I don’t have to. (AUDIENCE MUMBLING
Well, Ms. Patterson, we have counseling
available for you. You all are gonna
have to effectively co-parent your
children together. Uh, Dr. Jeff will be
able to help you do that and come up with a way
to do that in a good way that will be, uh, positive
for your children. So we’re gonna order
you both to go and talk to Dr. Jeff
about that issue. But as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself out of an opportunity
to have a happy, healthy, functioning
relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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