SHOCKER! A Wife Comes To Couples Court With Divorce Papers (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court
with the Cutlers.
This is the case of
Barker vs Davis. You all have
been married
for six years and you actually
dated for 20 years
before that. Yes, your honor. Yes. So you’ve been together
a total of 26 years. Yes. Yes, your honor. BARKER: Yes, sir. Okay, you have
five kids together. Okay, Ms. Barker,
why have you brought
your husband to court today? I believe that my husband
is cheating, I have my
divorce papers. If I found out that
he’s cheating DAVIS: I’m not cheating. I’m leaving him. Wait, so you already have
your divorce papers
drawn out? BARKER: I’m ready, yes. You’re ready? I’m ready. I’m not cheating. If it comes out
that he’s cheating the papers
get filed. I’m leaving him. KEITH CUTLER:
You’re gone? Gone! I’m fed up.
I’m tired. DANA: You have
hit the wall. Hit the wall. I haven’t been cheating,
and I love her. And we don’t have to get
a divorce. We can
work this out. It’s a misunderstanding
somewhere. I love her. There is a misunderstanding,
but I want to make sure
you understand this. DAVIS: Yes, sir. She has got divorce
papers in hand. You realize what’s
on the line here today? Yes, your honor. DANA: A quarter century
of life together. My life with her.
Our life together. And you say you
have been faithful. DAVIS: Yes, your honor. BARKER:
He’s lying. I’m a good man. I take care of my family
and I take care of her. How are you living?
What’s it like in your
home right now? We don’t even
sleep together. DANA: How long has this
been going on? Sometimes I sleep in the bed and he sleeps on the couch,
or he sleeps on the couch I sleep in the bed,
I don’t want him
touching me. How long have you not
wanted your husband
not to touch you? It’s probably been about
six good months. Six months,
maybe a year. Six long months. He don’t come
home at night. So, is it safe to say
the passion of
your marriage is gone? It’s gone. It’s not gone. It’s gone. The past is
not gone. In my heart, it’s gone. All right, so, when
you say the passion
is gone there was a point
you had passion. A lot of it. What was it like
when you were in love? And passionate
about each other. Everything was great.
We would do things
together. He would bring me
gifts home. He would wine
and dine me. He would always tell me
he loved me, how
beautiful I am. I don’t get that
no more your honor. I don’t get that no more. It’s changed. It ain’t the same. So what did you love
about him? BARKER: I loved
everything about him. When we first met,
I met Bernard at a club,
I brought him
home with me. and he never left. He stayed. He’s been
with me ever since. To be honest, he’s been
with me ever since. What club is that?
Were you going
fired up and you know you just…
They just ended here. Yeah, you go to a club
and you find somebody and 26 years later,
you’re still with them. I was a love club we had
met up in and I had
brought him home and we’d been
together ever since. It was good,
you know,
in the beginning. I love you.
I love her. You don’t love me.
I don’t feel loved. You say I don’t
come home, I won’t
come home to nagging. Who wants to
come home to nagging? I want to come home
to being loved. Well, maybe I wouldn’t nag
if he’d come home.
He don’t come home. All right, so
we’ve got a circle going. You don’t want
to come home. He don’t come home. And when you come
home, you nag him. He came here
one morning, your honor. I was so upset
and I was so mad. He had came in,
jumped straight
in the shower. I go to the shower he got a big passion mark
on the right side
of his neck. She did
the passion mark. And that’s what
he said. You honor,
I don’t suck on his… I don’t suck
around his neck,
your honor. So you’re telling that
he had a hickey? A hickey? On his neck? Yes, your honor. Yes. DANA: And you say
you didn’t do it? I didn’t do it. All right. DAVIS: Well, you did. Who else did, your honor? Mr. Davis? That’s what we’re
asking you. DANA: I’m trying to
understand that. You tell us
who did it. She’s the only one that
I’m loving, in my heart.
I am her husband. It says, follow
your lead. She’s not following
my lead, she’s just
going past, disrespecting me. Why would I follow
his lead when I done caught this
man in the bed
with my family member. (CROWD GASPING) Misunderstanding again. Your honor, please
let me tell my story. So we get into an argument. Instead of us
butting heads,
I like to take a walk and walk it off,
you know? So I take a walk, I stay gone
for about an hour, maybe
an hour and a half, two hours I come back after
calming down I got to my bedroom
to see where Mr. Davis was I check in my kids’ room,
Mr. Davis is in my bed
with my family member. In his boxers, your honor. KEITH: Hold on, Ms. Barker… He tells me that she
can’t get at me. Mr. Davis,
you’re shaking
your head, no. Did you have sexual
relations with one of
your wife’s family members? No, sir. Honestly, no sir. How did
this happen? Working third shift that morning, I was cleaning
up in the kitchen, just getting
all the the chores out in some kind of way,
I dozed off and I woke up
and she was under me. When I woke up Ms. Barker
came in the room
going crazy on us and I just woke up
out of my sleep, I didn’t
know what was happening. Hold on, no,
no wait. Hold on. Please, please. Go ahead, go ahead. When you say
up under you… What is that? Up under, beside
each other, just… She was up under. DANA: Was she
leading you on? Your honor No, she was laying
beside me. she was up under him. Okay, what did
you say? He called me there.
He said he fell asleep and when he woke up,
she was there. She’s wearing sexy little pajama pants
and a sexy little
spaghetti shirt. DANA: Wait, hold on. He’s in his boxers,
your honor. And I went crazy. And I said I’m destroyed. KEITH: And what did you say? Pulled her out, tried
to pull her out
but she wouldn’t leave. I just lost it,
your honor.
I lost it. You didn’t even hear
his explanation? DAVIS: No. I didn’t have time
to hear it. Because I lost it. What now? Under you? Hold on, did you ever ask
your family member
about this? So I have a cousin
that passed away.
Rest in peace. Before she passed away,
she told me that the other pet
explained to her that she felt so bad
because she had slept with… with my kid’s father.
He was my kid’s father
before he was my husband. And it was a declaration. Your honor, please
listen to me your honor. After I married
this man this is when it all
comes out that they
did have intimate sex and… He keep lying to me though.
“I haven’t had sex with her.” “We didn’t do anything,”
but I’ve seen it with
my own eyes. DANA: All right,
hold on. Was it that one time
that they got together? I believe it was
more, your honor. When we have
family functions
and stuff they real friendly. He made her a statement. Made a statement to her. “When is you gonna make me
some more of that
good tuna fish?” And we’re still talking
about the stuff
in the can, right? That ain’t the tuna
I’m talking about but that’s
the tuna he loving. That’s the tuna
he loving. I can’t get over it,
your honor.
I need to know. So this instance with
the family member, it was
before your wedding, right? Do you still believe
he’s cheating now? I still believe
he’s cheating, your honor. Okay, so why do you
think he’s cheating now? Okay, so one morning, Bernard
did not come home. I ended up going to
Bernard’s mother house. That’s always his excuse,
I was at my mother’s house. But I had already been
at your mother’s house, baby. Since 4 o’clock
that morning, waiting. You wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there. Something said, walk
down the street. I walked
down the street here come Mr. Davis coming up another
little street, coming on
around the corner. I say, “Mr. Davis,
where you been at?” He say, “I was locked up.
I had been in jail.” I said, you’re lying, I done
caught them people all night. Were you in jail? DAVIS: No. Okay, where were you? The casino. Okays. So you were
at the casino
till 6:00 a.m? Yes, that was my thing. When we argue,
and we get into it,
I’m leaving. I’m staying out.
I don’t wanna do it. There’s a misunderstanding
somewhere. So, Ms. Barker, you have
brought a witness. Yes. Would the witness
come to the podium please? Would you please state
your name for the court? Hello your honor, my name
is Alexa Lewis. So what do you know
about this relationship? I just know that Sandra goes above and beyond
as a wife. Period. And do you believe
that Mr. Davis is cheating? Yes. I seen Mr. Davis
at one of the local
strip clubs I went out with
one of my friends
one night. I look up,
and I see Mr. Davis and one of the strippers
going to the bathroom
your honor. She’s lying. In the bathroom,
your honor. And she wasn’t just going at
the same time, he was going
back there? I mean, he a man and she
a woman, so you know… DANA: They actually
went in together? They was together, like,
hand to hand, like… So it wasn’t that they
were walking, they were
holding hands? Yes, ma’am. And they
went into the restroom. Did you see
how long they stayed? They stayed
in the restroom for about… I know it was a long time
because like six songs
went by so probably
like 30 minutes. It was probably
at least 30 minutes,
your honor. You know, I gotta ask you.
I got my home girl,
we like this. I would expect her to knock
on that bathroom door
and say, “What’s up?” Or be at the bathroom
door and be like, “Dude!” Tell me you knocked
on the door and said,
“What’s up?” No. No, I didn’t,
your honor. When I got home
that night you better believe I woke
her up and addressed her
about what I’d seen that night. Thank you for your testimony.
You can have a seat. WITNESS: Thank you. All right, Mr. Davis,
were you at the strip club? No, sir. So you were not
at the strip club? No, sir. All right. I don’t know
why she would say that unless she was trying
to get with me or
make something happen. What do you think?
I mean, I’m honest. There are reasons
for everything. All right, Mr. Davis,
let me say this. After you’ve already been
accused of being
with your wife’s family member I’m not sure you want
to use as a defense that your wife’s
friend wants to get
with you also. I don’t think you
want to go there. That’s right. That’s right,
your honor. The big picture is,
I’m telling the truth. He’s lying,
your honor. KEITH: You’re
telling the truth? That’s the big picture. But here’s the thing,
your wife is absotively,
posulutely not buying it. Just the big day.
I’m waiting. And we don’t deserve
to get the voice for
our misunderstanding. All right. Ms. Barker.
Mr. Davis. DAVIS: Yes. We’re getting ready to
find out if it was
a misunderstanding. And then you could have
asked if… Your honor… She don’t hold
my last name. Quiet. This court is
getting ready
to find out DANA: If it is
a misunderstanding. Yes, ma’am. In order to get
to the bottom of this the court has engaged
the services of a licensed
private investigator Mark Henry. Yes, your honor. Ron, would you please
escort him in? RON: Mr. Henry. (CROWD CLAPPING) How are you, sir? Good day, your honor. How are you? I am well,
thank you. Good to see you. Good to see you again. You had a member
of your team get Mr. Davis
a polygraph exam,
is that correct? MARK: Yes, your honor. DANA: Okay. Mr. Davis was asked
a series of questions,
is that correct? That is correct. All right. Mr. Davis was asked since August 2011 have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone other than
your wife? What was his response
to that question? His response
was no. What did
the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being deceptive. WITNESS: But I want in,
your honor. KEITH: Ms. Barker (CROWD SYMPATHETIC) I’m just done.
I’m done with
the marriage. It’s over. I’m done
with it. It’s over. 26 years is a long time. DAVIS: That ain’t the truth. I’m done. DAVIS: I love you baby. I’m hurting so bad.
I’m done. DANA: Mr. Davis. I knew
he was cheating. Hold on.
Mr. Davis. DAVIS: Yes. DAVIS: Yes. You say
you love her. The lie detector
indicates that you are
being deceptive. But I wasn’t.
I’m serious. I wasn’t. Here’s the thing. You’re in court today. Because your wife,
the woman you say
you love believes that
you’re cheating. Well, I haven’t. I haven’t cheated
on her. Mr. Davis was asked have you had
sexual intercourse with any of your wife’s
family members? What was his response? His answer was no. DANA: What did
the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being deceptive. KEITH: Mr. Davis, you’re
shaking your head no. DANA:
Ms. Barker… DAVIS: No, sir. What’s going
through your mind
right now? I’m just ready to go
file my papers. I’m done, it’s over. Stop crying. It’s over. This is a 26 year
relationship. KEITH: There’s a lot
on the line here. There are
five kids involved you all have
this history marriage. You know, I think
this is one that we want to talk about
a little more in chambers. So we’re gonna ask you
to come back to chambers and court is adjourned. DAVIS: Yes. (HAMMER HIT) Ms. Barker,
Mr. Davis we thought
it was important because of your history,
we know what having that history
is and how important it is. And we don’t want y’all
to throw that away. unless you really,
really, really think about this,
and want to try to talk
to you and let you know some insight from our
standpoint about how
you can save your relationship. Here’s the deal.
There’s no love
without forgiveness. Honestly, I didn’t
have sex. No, I didn’t. Honestly, I don’t
believe you, so… I don’t believe you. If you’re gonna rebuild
this trust you’ve got to stop
finding yourself
in positions where it looks like
you’re doing something
you’re not doing. But you’ve got to
be in it to win it. Yeah. I am. But it’s got to be
more than words,
Mr. Davis. It’s gotta be more,
it has to come
from here. You talked about
the heart. Here. That’s
where you love. Show her that. But at the end
of the day you all have a hard
decision to make. And we have
resources here we want you to take
advantage of them counseling, so that y’all
can move forward together but even if you move
forward separately you’ve got babies.
You all got to co-parent. And there’s still got to be
a level of trust there. We wish you all the best. Thank you for
coming back with us. Thank you.


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