Senator Elizabeth Warren calls for a vote on Judicial Nominees

Mr. President, the Republicans who control
the Senate are setting new records for obstruction by slowing the pace of judicial nominations
to a crawl and leaving courts across this nation overburdened and understaffed. I’ve listened as Senator McConnell has asserted
that he is acting fairly on judges because more total Obama judges have been confirmed
than total George W. Bush judges. Here’s my question: What kind of a game
does he think this is? At this point in time during the Bush administration,
there were 42 judicial vacancies. Today there are 90. At this point during the Bush administration,
there were 13 judicial emergencies — vacancies in courts that are severely shorthanded and
overburdened with cases. Today there are 32. More than twice as many vacancies. More than twice as many emergencies. And Senator McConnell says, well, he just
doesn’t want to do his job and neither do the other Republicans. We all know why. Republican leaders in Congress have made it
abundantly clear that they want Donald Trump to be the President so that he can appoint
judges who will bend the law to suit his own interests and those of his wealthy friends. And if that doesn’t work, then Republicans
will settle for paralyzing the judicial system so that it cannot serve anyone at all. Judicial nominees stand ready provide American
individuals, families, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the justice they are guaranteed
by our Constitution. One of those nominees is Inga Bernstein, a
highly-regarded Massachusetts attorney who has spent years serving families, teachers
and workers. Ms. Bernstein is not controversial. She is supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Give Ms. Bernstein her vote. In fact, give these ten noncontroversial nominees
their votes. Mr. President, I request Unanimous Consent
that the Senate proceed to executive session to consider the following 10 nominations:
Calendar Numbers 359, 362, 363, 364, 459, 460, 461, 508, 569, 570; That the Senate proceed to vote without intervening
action or debate on the nominations in the order listed; That the motions to reconsider be considered
made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate; That no further motions be in order to the
nominations; That any related statements be printed in
the record; And that the President be immediately notified
of the Senate’s action and the Senate then resume legislative session. President: Is there objection? Sen. Alexander: I object. President: Objection is heard. Sen. Warren: Mr. President, it is disgraceful
that the Republicans are blocking confirmation of these judges. It is even more disgraceful that 18 additional
nominees haven’t even had hearings yet – including Merrick Garland, who has now waited longer
than any Supreme Court nominee in the history of the United States to receive a confirmation
vote, while our highest court continues to deadlock on issue after issue of importance
to this nation. All we’re asking for is for Senate Republicans
to stop playing politics and do your jobs.


  1. And yet anybody doing this bullshit repubs are doing would be FIRED from any employer outside of their cushy do-little jobs.

  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Hillary receives 3/4 of the electoral college, then the Democrats take back the house and the senate. Then next year President Hillary can nominate Al Franken to replace Scalia, plus have free reign to fill the other positions with whomever she chooses. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the smoke billowing out of Mitch McConnell's ears! 🙂

  3. why dont we elect a person thats a libertarian. we need someone that puts our rights first before anything. not another do nothing

  4. the more i watch the two parties, the more i hate both of them…both hypocrites that take life, liberty, and our persuits to happiness away.

  5. Dear rest off the united states, please elect democratic senators and representatives to Congress in November. And Hillary Clinton!

  6. They forget to add "again" to the title of this video. Naming it exactly the same as the prior video was a nice touch for emphasis. I wonder if there is a way the American people can sue the government for damages incurred due to non-functioning and poorly functioning sectors of our justice system. Congress is not above the law…even if they are acting as if they are above its enforcement. . . . . then again, there's a lot of that contagion going on lately, isn't there $Hillary? When the leadership of a nation acts with impunity as if they are not subject to the law, that nation becomes subject to tyranny. Ask King George III how well that worked out for him.

  7. wow she is acting alot while running from her base. You senator warren are as disgraceful as Dodd-Frank is effective on reigning in wallstreet… You will not be reelected…

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