Senate Judiciary Committee holds vote on Kavanaugh


  1. This is not a rush to vote! The dems have delayed it way past when it should have taken place. Without their scheme the vote would have been over with. She did not name a name until the last second, clearly a ploy to delay. She is not brave or courageous. She is anti-Trump actively trying to obstruct his agenda. Only the fools on the Left fail to see what is as clear as the nose on their face…it's a sham!

  2. No Mr. Durbin, he did NOT call Ford those things, he called the Democrats behind this cruelty those things. As usual dems twist the facts.

  3. WOW – do these Democrats REALLY believe what they are saying? This is so crazy! This guy Mr Leahy Feinstein etc. We all heard Kavanaughs opening statement – ..I especially value his "diary" – I have one of that kind myself. You can read up WHO the friends are , where the time was spent – in which circles…ect That is an additional important evidence to consider. Besides USE COMMON SENSE – this CIRCUS (like the Fake Trump Russia Collusion and its Corrupted FBI/CIA/DOJ bringing it to the biggest scandal in US history) is just another evil Globalists Theater Act carried out by the DNC. – Thanks – no more please..

  4. The problem with the FBI investigation is the Dems are not at all trustworthy. You know darned good and well they have some sneaky, sleazy trick up their sleeve.

  5. The republicans in the senate have no spine…The dirty dems are sharks…you need to be the killer whale!! Not one dumocrap will vote for Brett….Even if Jesus said he was innocent! The loony liberals stick together, the Republicans need to learn that trick!

  6. i never voted in my life. after this theatrical embarrassment i am definitely voting during midterms now and i urge all who believe in due process to do the same.

  7. SHAME on who ever did this bad thing to this MAN Shame shame shame I don’t know some people but that’s not American and the man had his evidence in front of you and if you people did not see it you’re blind as hell

  8. And you guys sit there smirky and talk about the man’s temperament well I guarantee it if it was one of you sitting there instead of him I guarantee you you would be pissed off too

  9. Drama of the worst kind. I didn't know voting for Trump ment voting a reality show; this is not new. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS. What about Yeman? What about Bricks…. your obviously distracting.

  10. Someone tell me what evidance can be used against him cah it eas like 20 years ago i swear how can u prove anything now

  11. Senate members should watch this video : CHRISSY'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET – Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar & Hypocrite & AGENT OF THE NEW LEFT.

  12. I really think the only thing that will stop these liberals is to scare them back into the closet with bloodshed. We need a William Wallace.

  13. I'm sure anyone can Google people's old high school year books. There's even a few year book websites that dedicate themselves to such info. Spare me the BS story.

  14. Now American Gladiators is over is this the staple, it's like a soap opera from Columbia. Wake up and look around, your time is coming to an end and becoming the bad guy in the movie won't stop it.

  15. I believe with all my heart in people like you Judge Kavanaugh. You will make it to the Supreme court. God is walking you threw a piece of hell on earth right now. Yet, like Job you will get through this, AND COME OUT with a more deeper insite to judge our current system. We need you, and God is there. KEEP PRAYING AND TALKING TO GOD, YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.


  17. When asked yesterday Brett said "boofing" meant farting. LIAR! It means sticking drugs or alcohol UP YOUR ASS for a quicker high. That must be why Trump & Graham were so upset. They want to keep their good friend & "very fine man" close to them. What the hell do republicans do in Washington anyway?

  18. Hey, Blame The Dump for this Kavanaugh's performance. Dump told him how to behave. It certainly wasn't how a judge should behave. Kavanaugh came across as a liar, a drunk and a belligerent fool. Blame Dump for some of that. FUNNIEST LINE: i FALL ASLEEP AFTER DRINKING TOO MUCH……FALL ASLEEP. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  19. Senator Graham has been level headed, fair, and very truthful in this process. To bad that can't be said about the any of the Democrats. Mr Graham knows as we do, its a tactic to delay, delay, delay. The Democrats are just Disgraceful. and Feinstein should be Impeached!

  20. I just find it funny how nearly all the Republicans stumbled on their words, nonetheless Mr Grassley seemed like he wanted to hit the gavel on Ted Cruz like he was going to say something wrong. So sad at least Republican jeff flakes has brains to give fair diligence to have the fbi investigate giving her the benefit of the doubt even if she may be "a scam"

  21. Cory Booker… you’ve been talking for 3 hours… can you let the others speak? SIR YOURE THE CHAIRMAN BUT IM GONNA FINISH OK

  22. What do you expect when most of today’s generation only use short text messages as their main form of Communication. They can’t string together more than 10 words to make an intelligent Comment. In my day at University, we talked and communicated Mano on Mano, looking at each other. Today people hide behind text insults, thumbs down on comments because they don’t have the brains to string decent argument, vocabulary is not their strong subject.

  23. It is very obvious, This woman was inlove at her teen age with Brett Kvanaough, but he
    never had an interest in her and she felt rejected- waited the time to revenge- She is a sick woman..
    She watched the list of nomonees- then she wanted JUST TO PUT A DEROGOTORY NOTE IN HIS FILE,
    But surely demokrats put her into the rejection go out of hand.HONORABLE BRETT KAVANOUGH

  24. With total garbage like whats happened to Brett. The new definition of sexual assault is gunna be I got drunk and slept with someone and regreted it.

  25. And Kavanaugh WAS RIGHT Mrs. Feinstein, not unbelievable. He behaved as good as anyone would have when attacked with lies and threats because of you. Demoncrat Circus! Ford SHOULD NOT BE BELIEVED because she had no one single proof! On the contrary, she did not remember anything about anything, luckily the only thing she seems to remember is Kavanaugh´s name. No proofs, no evidence, no crime! And the circus goes on

  26. Lindsey Graham Should be impeached for threatening Republican Congressmen during tirade about Kavanaugh probe. This type of emphatic bulling of Congressmen when speaking in an official capacity by Lindsey Graham must not stand.

  27. Are there any friends in this show able to translate the cost this drama hands down to the human species. Who wins if no one wins. Can life Hing on man's misunderstanding

  28. Kavanaugh can't be on the SCOTUS, he proved that. He's way too partisan and emotionally unstable. His crying, blubbering, repetitive, show he put on for the audience was filled with lies and behavior of an incompetent child. Kinda like Trump. No way that guy can be a judge on the Supreme Court, he believes in Clinton conspiracy theories. Hahaha. No way. And tell us more how people saying you Ralphed a lot in school was because you were sensitive to spicy food. Lol…what a lying sack.

  29. If Dr. Ford AND Ms. Ramierez AND Ms. Brookes are all even partially correct, than the hard drinking, right wing, elitist: The sexually repressed, former elite school boy & privileged preppy, all angry, sarcastic, snarling, combative, belligerently whiny, & now supposedly grown up but still hard drinking party Pillsbury Dough boy, Mr. middle aged Brett Kavanaugh should not be hired to be even a first year law clerk! God knows the FBI would NEVER hire him as even a junior agent. He's morally bankrkukpt, simply emotionally and morally unqualified to sit on ANY bench, except a park one


  31. I wonder if he was in that locker room with Mr Trump when they were chatting about grabbing women by their pussies, I'm sure if he was a Muslim people wouldn't be so supportive of him.

  32. Jumping on the "Me Too" movement just in time! Now all women who've been slighted or REJECTED can say whatever, and ruin a GOOD mans life! Was Cosby guilty? Yes! Is KAVANAUGH? An EMPHATIC NO!!

  33. If YOU were wrongly accused, wouldn't YOU be pissed? But if you're GUILTY, you'll be cool as a cucumber in attempts to MAKE yourself look innocent! And WHY didn't this come out 36 yrs ago? Cuz she's a GOD DAMNED LIAR!

  34. A PATHETIC ATTEMPT by the Democrats! We ALL KNOW WHY! As for the dems who BELIEVE THIS? Just goes to show how STUPID & BLIND they ACTUALLY ARE! BLIND IDIOTS!

  35. The thing is, even if Ford is lying which I personally don’t think she is, Kavanaugh has shown that he has a short temper and that he fails to answer questions directly.

    We don’t want a short tempered person in the Supreme Court. We also don’t want a partisan judge on it either, and yes that goes for Democrats too.

    This has become less about a sexual harassment charge and more of a test into how Kavanaugh acts in a court setting, which is poor to say the least.

  36. The Dems don't look happy like they have just gotten the one week investigation they have been whining about all the hearing long.

  37. The problem with our government is that the majority of them are old ass white people who have no idea what is going on in the world right now

  38. If I understand correctly, Feinstein got this info in July, She shared w/dems rather than the committee so they could investigate immediately. They had public and private hearings w/Kavanaugh, did not bring it up UNTIL the vote. Also, this witness did not want to be brought out into the public. Yet the republicans are the bad guys. Also, everyone involved here is white but the hysterics are once again how bad white men are. I am both disgusted and tired of people not paying attention to the facts versus the lies and hysterics of the media and the democrats. Find the audio of George S. defending Bill Clinton decades ago but he now wants to know why all republicans refuse to believe woman when it's one of their "own". That woman who screamed at Senator Flake does not have my sympathy-just another democrat pawn. Common sense is dying in this country. Sorry I am all over the place w/my comments!

  39. surly a full investigation should be made but on both sides see where it goes
    regardless of innocence or guilt I get the feeling this was known by the democrats many moths ago but they have saved it to delay only, they do not care about people all are expendable so long as the corruption can continue

    when will those guilty be tried, clintons etc etc etc shiff on the leaks The US is a joke and we are all watching, its a bit like the OJ Simpson story

    Trump your doing a brilliant Job "they are fired" – Love it

  40. Graham is doing more acting than politicking. It's obvious to see who is corrupt and who is looking for the honor and truth in this hearing. Ever senator trying to help kavanaugh is the root of the problem. They are attempting to perpetuate corruption. The only laws passed are the ones that help their own interests.

    It's time we end that sh!t.

  41. 12/4/2018. FOX NEWS is altering this video because I've been transcribing it when I have time! All to fit the CIA fraud agenda!

  42. The whole Blasey-Ford thing was orchestrated by the dems, the moment Kavanaugh's name came out, they started digging in his past, an found a woman who agreed to work with them, and now the dems also destroyed her life, and all because the dems hate Trump, can you imagine how dirty those politicians are, just to keep their overpaid jobs. Watch out USA this is just the beginning….

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