Russia investigation pushed by ‘Trump haters’ to discredit 2016 win, says Corey Lewandowski

Since election day, whether it
was bad actors in the FBI in the intelligence community
or lies coming from members of the current House majority,
that there was evidence of collusion, the American people continue
to be sold a false narrative with the purpose of undermining
the legitimacy of the 2016 election results. During my time as campaign
manager, there were competing interests for the candidates time and a sea of ideas: some laudable, some sound,
a few not so much, many of which were dismissed
out of hand. Others were passed on to
staffers to be handled. I also received 100,000s of emails. Some days, there were as many
as 1000 emails and unlike Hillary Clinton, I don’t
think I ever deleted any of those. Many of them were responded
to either with one word answers of forwarded to other staffers
for additional follow up. But throughout it all, and to
the best of my recollection, I don’t ever recall having any
conversations with foreign entities, let alone any who were offering
to help manipulate the outcome of an election. As I’ve said publicly many times,
anyone who attempts to illegally impact the outcome of an election should
spend the rest of their life in jail. As the Special Counsel determined,
there was no conspiracy or collusion between the Trump
campaign and any foreign governments, either on my watch or afterwards. Not surprisingly, after the Mueller
report was made public, interest in the fake narrative
has fallen apart. In conclusion, and it’s sad to say,
this country has spent over three years and $40m of taxpayer dollars
on these investigations and it’s now clear that the
investigation was populated by many Trump haters who had
their own agenda to take down a duly elected President
of the United States. As for actual collusion or conspiracy,
there was none.


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