Rollins Saves Bucci and Herself – Law & Order: SVU


  1. I knew that guy was on edge on the verge of snapping half way through the 1st part of this. I mean how could he possibly think that kidnapping a cop to get what he wanted could end well. Regardless of what people say Rollins did great. Looking forward to whats next. I love love this show

  2. I love it so much I cryed 2 when I Jessie say where's mama and the end Jessie and Amanda and Billie because is cute

  3. I was SOOO hoping they'd use this episode to bring Carisi and Rollins closer together. The elevator scene was a good start but more needs to come out of this….

  4. An amazing Episode tonight. Rollins and the team showed out once again.

    Looking forward to next weeks episode

    Great way to come bk

  5. Anybody felt like this episode was kind of a disappointment??? I get it with rollins but nothing about this episode had my undivided attention

  6. Imagine if Nick was still there. He would’ve hunted this dude down. Just like Caruso wanted a piece of him. However, I understand where the dude is coming from though.

  7. Got a question for everyone. If Getz had a lot of blackmail evidence in a box and he was promised a sweet deal (probably some kind of immunity), why did the writers have him commit suicide. They kind of left this unanswered.

  8. Boy is this fake. This show is too violent towards woman to to be on TV at 10:00 pm. When you have Two and 1/2 men and Mom on at 11:00 pm/ 10:00 pm respectively

  9. *this guy was also in – – I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    (Renaldo Pinera)*

  10. I love this character. She's been allowed to grow and become a very complex woman with a badass job and 2 small children. She's also a wonderful friend to her amazing AMAZING boss!

  11. What I learned in Law and Order SVU are that Captain Benson and her teams is a determined to get justice for the others from high to low waters no matter the consequences. They always try to do it, even though some slipped and doesn’t get happy ending.

    – some billionaires that baited children to the play room and molest them but has to let them go because not enough evidence
    – a wife got killed by her abusive husband due to Olivia code to do what’s right through the system, when she try to disappear with Alex Cabot help. (I agree with Alex in this one, sometimes the only way to get out from this is to get around the system. Think of how many mothers and children who will be alive if they can escape their abusers)
    – 2 Chinese billionaire philanthropist who got get out of jail free card from the federal government because of jurisdiction

  12. Good episode. Interaction between Rollins/Bucci was well done and it was good that she did not want to press charges against him, even though wr all know he will have to serve time for what he did. One thing didn't make sense. The younget daughter, Millie was very sympathetic to her father. It didn't make sense that she was all smiles on the boat along with her mom and sister. Wouldn't she not be willing to go along with them, because it seemed like she really didn't like Steve Getz. Alsi they killed him off too fast. Maybe this should have been a three part episide, they could have done more with Getz being behind bars…or maybe not really killing himself (as officer Kat suggested?). It did seem a little rushed and too convenient since they did seem to spend a lot of time with the plotline about the corrupt judge and defense attorney. It would hace been good to spend a little more time with Getz in jail as well. Just saying.

  13. Hi can you guys wait a couple days maybe a week before ruining the finale. I just saw it on Hulu though I got this recommendation before I even saw it..

  14. A great two parter they never seem to disappoint with them. Does anyone know the new cops name on the team. Because she thinks she is still in the drug unit. Which is fine ,but new unit whole new world and ball game. Still she is a good cop.

  15. I hate people like this officer. They do not go after the target or their revenge (the judge) but someone that tried to help them. Revenge seekers like that are the worse.

  16. What Rollins said is sad but true about many women: they seek out dirtbags, are treated bad and then, either blame all men or think the nice ones have ulterior motives.
    Then they wonder why when they are used up, no one wants or respects them.

  17. They need to hire a new director, and writers. This show is starting to suck, always a damsel in distress, get over it, work on the cases, and quit getting so emotional.

  18. Yay! Go MANDA!! I’m so relieved that she’s okay!!! I’m so happy that she’s unharmed….😊☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you sooo much Manda.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. I stopped watching when Rollins came on. The whole show changed. It's like a soap opera now. I'm not interested. I watch criminal intent now

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