1. Allah Bless #RobertGreene a Real Rock N Roller! Let me say this, Google your audio techs seriously needs to fin that frequency on that microphone and cut it using a high Q an reduction EQ


  2. #RobertGreene we need to get you to the #USHA INSTITUTE, you do not sound nor look to well – time for a change in your dietary lifestyle


  3. I have a question please.

    How about when it comes to changing culture in society at large? Generally speaking, people are aware that there are certain aspects of their culture that are outdated,idiotic, and or just outright destructive yet we still adhere to these "norms". No one wants to say or do anything that would cause conflict in their lives. But what about the issues that MUST be changed for the greater good? (the lives of the people and future generations). Take for example what people like Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King did. They fought to do away with the destructive societal norms of their culture and succeeded. Look at the results of their actions. But when Mr. Greene says the Culture is more powerful than the individual and just accept, how can cases like the one mentioned above and countless other similar instances in history ever happen?

  4. Great vid. Am I the only one who hears a form of AMSR being used? Found it difficult to focus on the vid

  5. You know Robert maybe you should write a book about Health, Longevity and Wellbeing cause all this knowledge will be nothing if your body is failing.

  6. Soooo he is talking about the irrational nature of human decision making? How shadow self controls behavior in a way that individuals are generally not aware of? Why is this revolutionary thinking? It is the known universe of psychology.

  7. I can't get pass the sound quality. It is disturbing to the point of distractions from listening to an author I greatly admire.
    It is is a fixable problem.

  8. “I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies but I cannot understand the madness of men.”— Sir Isaac newton

  9. Your books, Mr. Greene, are enlightening. I’m much obliged by what your ideas have changed in my life. Hope I could see you in real life, some day. Best wishes from a huge fan in Brazil.

  10. How has nobody put Jordan Peterson and Robert Greene in a room together? I don't care if you agree or disagree with their views, I just want to hear that conversation!

  11. Robert is f*&^^k(g genius~~~ I never heard his lectures but have read his books. Its a total different experience to hear him talk than analyzing his books. Dissecting the stories to apply to your life is crucial in understanding his books.

  12. Anybody else notice the fake over adulating comments from people with wierd names in the comment section. Not buying it.

  13. Poor guy. If he had just read Aristotle he could have eaved himself a lot of wasted life. What he calls "human nature" is not even animal nature, it is derangement and derangement is not governed by any kind of law. Human nature is essentially synthetic. That means it is artificial, or man made. See https://livelogic.blogspot.com/2019/06/climate-action.html

  14. Dear Robert Greene, I am indebted to your amazing scholarship and it is indeed influential and at a personal level transforming many lives. However, I have a major concern with you and other western scholars who don't attribute the real source of wisdom and thus inclined towards a sought of plagiarism. For example, "the puppet master is going to move them around" is nothing but a leaf out of Shrimat Bhagvat Gita and the idea of Karma from Hindi philosophy. You often cite Gandhi, but it would be great if had to cite Bhagvat Gita or Lord Krishna while making this point. Many many thanks for your great scholarship though. God Bless.

  15. I can listen to his wisdom for hours ,, Iam sad to hear he was sick really .. and aim sooo grateful for the knowledge he gave us

  16. OMG! Google is running one of the BIGGEST PONZI schemes in history!
    Facts about Google stocks (GOOG):
    1) No dividends
    2) No voting rights
    3) Google does not back the value

    And that's called 'ownership'! https://youtu.be/vwlbkvmMRMA

  17. Brilliant mind!! Omg all these people around him can’t give him some liquids to put in his dried up throat. Sounds like the man is overworked & drained. Sticky icky. Anyways god bless this man & all humanity.

  18. Almost everything in this world is simplified and automatically solved by poverty (and burning hatred in wanting revenge).

  19. Another fool trying to make the stupid masses 'think'. The dumbest ones, the one who need this book the most won't read it. And that's the trouble with books like this, the absolute fucking futility of them. If you're reading books like this, you're drawn to them because you're ALREADY smarter than the sheep. Ask the average dummy if they've even fucking heard of this book… the answer will be no. And they'll have no interest in it. They'll continue to walk around eternally stupid and destructive because of that stupidity. Good luck to anyone trying to break up the 'herd'. Good luck trying to teach a fucking MORON anything.

  20. I loved that presentation so much. I hope they gave this man a standing ovation. I learned so much and am looking forward to getting the book.

  21. Can you imagine him going to prison? He will probably run the whole joint in a week without lifting a finger, just pure Jedi mind tricks.

  22. Gun reviews, chess videos, and the liberty report with Ron Paul. That is what my media feed on YouTube should revolve around. Get it together, google…

  23. I find fascinating that human nature has NOT 'evolved' for thousands of years. We are feeling and behaving the same way as 'our ancestors?'. Why is that if humans came from evolution? I'm a Christian. All I heard from Greene is nothing that Christianity hasn't explained. Bottom line: humans are deprived right at the beginning and continue to be so. Nothing has changed and nothing will ever change. That's why Christianity is true because the worldview is relevant and coherent. All Greene's saying is understand others, change yourself – and he's making big bucks from this concept. Problem is : it's not that easy to change yourself. In the book of Romans it talks about our inner tension of wanting to do good but can't. We all know inside of us what to do, but we don't have the power to change (good example is new year resolutions which only last a couple of months if we are lucky!). This is where Jesus comes in. He saved you and me from sins (wrong doing) and gives us a new heart and passion and supplies us with the power to change. We fail still because we are humans, but the good news is there's no condemnation in Jesus. He's forgiven us and will continue to help us walk this road. All's good here on earth and we gain eternity! What can be better news? If there's ONE book we ought to read to understand ourselves, it's the BIBLE! Read the book of Romans in particular. God bless

  24. If there is a person at present alive, who has the sharp intellectual abilities to glimpse the newer findings concerning human nature within the empirical sciences, including genetics, population-genetics and epigenetics to neuroscience and evolutionary biology right down to molecular biology and social sciences from last decades it is undoubtedly Robert Sapolsky; a scientist himself. And his verdict is often, in tune with the character of a true seeker _ who has quite naturally asked his own questions and done some disciplined research to shed light on those questions _ is that, although we know a lot more than before, there is a helluva lot that we do not know for certain. As far as I know, there are no known mathematically verifiable laws in neuroscience; the closest we ever got to that is probably in sociology e.g., game theory.

    Pundits with their popular nyc-times bestsellers are interpreters of research done by others and unlike the latter, who are often reluctant to draw absolutist universally valid conclusions from their findings are just too willing to offer to willing semi-ignorant and gullible public in need of salvation, some handy remedies. This was the job of priests and shamans once. However one must not conclude from this, that all the pundits are deceivers or charlatans; it may be that they are holding onto the last straw of belief in an increasingly complex world, where many of us have lost their existential anchor. However, quite often you will see that it is not such a financially bad occupation; compared to the one pursued by those, who do the research. It is a lucrative profession dedicated to wishful hopeful thinking or in tune with the needs of the public often imply a free noticeably subjective interpretations of the findings of others.

    There is an element of irrational mythic and often wishful thinking in their interpretations; that appeal to the masses longing for some kind of salvation in an increasingly complex world; where old paradigms and conceptual myths are failing. No wonder that it appeals to those inclined to mythic thinking; like many artists or as in modern times to those; who see salvation in pursuit of money, power and public- and media-popularity. It is like religion, like sects, wishful thinking and anything and everything but empirical laws. Priesthood and punditry have always been popular and lucrative professions or pastimes. What an audacity to call such subjective conclusions as laws! Well that way Moses 10 commandments _ which like Hammurabi and Ikhnaton Edicts _ were the first tentative attempts of mankind to transcend tribal solidarity, can also be viewed as laws; only the latter did not sell any books for $20 dollar a piece!

    I would not bother to mention it here; but unfortunately such “theories and laws” have virulent consequences; especially as they appeal to artists who spread it to our less discerning youth! And equally important foster a rather undifferentiated behavioral manipulation of the entrepreneurial spirit; where sociological complexity is reduced to mere psychological idiosyncrasies of individuals.

  25. Its ironic that even though he analyzed, wrote about power and individuals who attained power, he just seems like he could never be what his books are.

  26. Read all 6 of Robert's books. (plus most of the ones he read too in other words thousands).He has an unparalleled ability to break down complexity and give useful advice. I hope a lot of young people will read his books to prevent themselves a lot of pain.

  27. Grew up in a time when everyone was considered basically good and if they hurt you in some way, or stepped on your toes, you should forgive them because everyone else would rush to their defense and say they 'didn't mean it.' Meanwhile, you could clearly see people are basically assholes. Everything we were ever taught is a lie.

  28. I agree that outdated psychopathic traditions like socialism and communism are narcissistic towards our constitutional notions of liberty and prosperity. Only liberty and prosperity create creativity.

  29. I have all of his books. I read the first one "Laws of Human Nature" and I just had to purchase all the others. One of my favorite authors.

  30. Hello,
    Encouraging economies to develop "organically" on a long term outlook, be it disease prevention, proper infrastructure etc. It's not planned but looking for new ways to get value on a stage basis, for example if I donate for a new town park will that have positive feedback on other investments, a type of esg.

    There are issues in some markets where asset prices have risen a lot.

    The idea of people get over enthused about markets conflicts with the way I look at them, this is nothing to be overly excited about, in my view.

    Best regards.

  31. You have to be a fearless individual to talk about these type of topics in a corporate environment like Google, there is no doubt about that. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us Robert, and to Talks at Google for allowing this to come together. To both of you, I wish great fortune and health!

  32. I red Dale Carnegie – How to win friends and influence people after that i have started reading 48 laws of power and I must say Robert Greene in comparison to Dale Carnegie is an absolute asshole haha

  33. If Google is human and for humanity. Why on you tube and Google Chrome if you do a research. You can see again all the horor and torture and decapitation that Islamique State ( EI ) ( Daech) have done. Why we can see that again on You Tube and Google Chrome. We saw the result of the torture and death made by German SS but not the torture itself and SS German was destruck and continue to be destroy by humanity. Why it is not done again Islamique State ( EI ) ( Daech ). Do we will let all those not punish and let those executioner of horor live in peace and dont track them in the word to be judge for crime again humanity???
    That is a Story real that has been in our time and our thecnologie .

  34. the first story that Robert Greene reminded me of the bitcoin phenomena and how everyone and there mommas jumped in on cryptocurrency.

  35. "It has the the potential to change your life" At this moment i stopped watching. Sorry Google-Guys but this is weird in 2019.
    Is this Scientology, Mega-Church, Herbalife?
    Greene is a "Klugschnacker". Thats what we called those guys in the nothern part of germany, where i grew up. If you are not aware of this idiom, google it. 😉

  36. I bet he is a atheist and doesn't believe in a soul. These Globalist scientists search all their life for the one thing they already have and was born with.

  37. I thought what kind of child abuse could cause so much pain and disappointment in person, but found it was the Hollywood abuse for Mr. Green. I'm sorry for your experience. Some people around are sociopaths, indeed, but not all. I wish you meet others and learn a power of the peace and independence of the mind.

  38. I dont remember the last time when i listened to something with such an engagement. Is it just me or his voice/tone or his presentation style or the topic itself? The answer is it 1.10 but it is about the book, the video also has been so engaging to me despite having a short attention span that I am just curious to know the reason behind.

  39. I hear idiots say Roberts books are for “narcissists”. When in fact his books are the most down to earth, non narcissistic, self help books there is. A narcissistic person, would never be able to like a book, that basically tells you, you’re extremely flawed. And delusional. A narcissist likes delusion. And Roberts books are all about reality.

  40. Imagine a book written by both Malcolm Gladwell and Robert Greene…and let's add Jordan Peterson to the mix.
    (It might be too overwhelming.)

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