Rob Judge | Motivation to Date Hotter Girls [HD]

everybody and welcome back to say before
the twenty one convention london europe mike josh the men’s conference of
the century you guys who are attending out made its uh… through the whole
week final speech rob judge coming up all the way from new york topic is motivated succeed hotter girls and that same speech to and he’s a is
very motivated guide so i a him around the plaza away from new york please
welcome rob tonight can take a cab part that you guys that you bob five so it’s a good year ago you guys
are probably at tired you guys have are too great speakers and no that speech i want to give ivers at
times whole power point and i try to memorize it and i gave like a rehearsal
speechless speech on uh… like a month ago anatoly bond and
i realize there is a bomb was because this speech was to come from the heart you know when i talk about is basically
how i got motivated to discontinue critical approach to
continue through to the point where i’ve achieved success i wanted out of
this and that’s how much i think that all of
you all want to give you the keeping the asked today and i want to give a speech that honestly if you don’t go out and you
don’t make it into lifestyle you don’t achieve your goals that my and knowing one-and-a-half sent you know in a pocket realistically i mean but i want to give
you my speech that you have blood actually no other choice but to get off your ass an approach ha
twenty to go out and get that girlfriend you
want hit lived the lifestyle you want to live so i put together a couple of noble
point somebody uh… i’m byob powerful you decide on pof intentions
which it’s an interesting today tended to
sometimes silom alright so introduction harriet
motivate you’re right because the real benefit august twenty one convention isn’t is the at the moment that look
like unite partner tim great speakers talk about the tactics the outer gamestop to
techniques not only that but this inquiry material
out there keep up all know exactly how to pick up
women the thing that’s funny about about the news conferences is you guys know exactly how to do it you have the full blueprint it’s not like after these properties
over me old speakers beat-up alright are you guys with both the real bechard
had a really pick up women the gold up mentality no i think you like bablu pretoria laid out the now the only thing you have to do
translate into action it’s like a fucking contradiction to
think that in view know all the stuff that about being too tough opening and go out and practice that you won’t get better how could you not get that it’s
impossible after the impossible but you know so we got it done it so why can’t you do not special
snowflake floodlight all you need right now is for me to keep you in the ass set use get out and do it so one of these things that i want this
feature accomplishes i want due to overcome your fear i want you overcome your dieting i want you overcome your laziness that that’ll get you success the biggest
barrier both guys have to translating this into a lifestyle is here anxiety
laziness rebates inhibitors at the previously icing every guy come
my program that like that when you want that kicking ass that
they have to get in to overcome so i got through it with his vision
about that and you know to get your views you know to get you over your fear and so you might you know it’s bike startling that lifestyle you want you have to start living your life by
your own standards and explain exactly what that means in a moment for first i wanna i want a story that
was was really quick for me and the guys that the pilot program
because it is so sad to hear that saw the story like four times of this program what there was a very definitive moment
when i a m when i really felt that in my life by
mail standards and it was a moment when i was on on the
sixteen new york city and to those you know that the new york
this extremetech really packed really crowded literally likely cram people in
lexington you know human livestock rusting and i i i was early the morning
might have to show bulldogs hired and i’m booked up acts or a girl who was absolutely
stunning and absolutely stunning maybe steady twenty feet for me and as sort of immediately taken taken
back by how beautiful strollers and immediately as a thought of approaching that he was
my head sort it all the what if’s right but what
if spec which is a boyfriend what if i get rejected web i know someone on this train that we’ve seen the unbeatable loser for
trying to try to approaches for all all these what ifs starts rolling around
thrown around and it that paralyze me and said you
know temperature that’s our thinking you know what i was
like no bucket happy approaches throws gesture beautiful nick i can’t but with these people think
really matter so i started like dodging through people
you know like j_p_l_ tally rezo myway likely closer to
her and eventually got white up face to face with their love write-up base the base of the
biggest raunchy unit water for a close to it and i said rice and try to get rid of
the headphones attitude alike dot as it was so cute i had to
meet you and i said that you know i thought
opposes tell the truth but this was like aperture comedy hour on the subway
living right when the words not mine out it was like a bomb detonated everyone us
up with a cracking up not even might not even a chuckle like heckling like attitude a big fat woman
dissident just brought gothic three-c_d_ set set good luck with that not contact and
you know and and and witnesses dispositions millie webb right paramount
samia getting heckled by like you don’t like that this was like this
made every wednesday the whole larry had me thinking the growth of chip that i
want to be there who really matter to you know pleaded
like she was distraught her into a civil suit or i had to say so i can tell you dot we talked a little
bit and they’re getting a number i got that grow out and i did a big
macro and what really clicked in a moment was had i’d even like one percent of a fox
with any of these people have thought about me event that you had one way i would never date it’s incredible girl
like the from but a couple months after that which is a great grow from a free
relationship and that it all those experiences all
that amazing like amazing ilene incredible respect i would
throw we’ve been impossible had not gotten my year anxiety region is there
something because you know what that’s like the the great story of
robert protocol the subway and there was a hundred stories before
that of or thousand stores or million stories of when rob did nothing when rob sat
there as is the publisher dakotas just were on
its head is out there you know answer like yulon stores like
that too and i want you all had a story where you
see that just relax absolutely stunning dramatist patient brought the withdrawal
that you all got into this to me the hotter girls right this type of growth that like you see the marking copy who will be brought to you guys all
dessert is the fact is you guys are sitting here you come to a conference to better
understand women the better understand yourself and to
better understand how to relate to and so what do i deserve that hot girl more
than you what some should look at the nightclub some fog a sleazy promoter melt u_s_
deserve those girls for both liberals and should get you know it’s funny le everywhere then
like that moment on the subway i think that a lot and then we haven’t had a lot and uh… you know but it was you were promote my
material it really form his real turning point my head before catherine that really kinda like the way i look at approaching women this
because they can’t definitive moment where i started seeing things with a
wire were pretty when it is is that like you have two choices every
time she got gorgeous girl right you really have two choices choices you can live in reality or if you live in tennessee and effective most guys that in fantasy and the reason
is because the or as a culture we put a deposit connotation on the work
hope right thing by the workbook zamira sick hopes socks no hope the greatest thing ever people
say oh i hope to get better hope the apec meeting women i hope to get you know that i think i was not
convention he’s an old i hope the rate roll come along and and i hope i opening
directoral right dot dot dot to act as a culture will be so great to the hope the
hope not foxhole hope stocks and hope like not having any luck that at least
hope it with fucking all you guys over as white united your goals kwazulu
they’re hoping that all not living in reality no as you know what people in
reality cause reality sometimes it sucks sometimes people at the u_n_ you don’t
get the girl sometime either creepy guy clubs can
every single girl there and you’ve got nowhere you know sometimes like you’ve bought out the girl that
you’re approaching complete bitch some of you find out all you know off paul specter of reality but the fact is that you’ve seen the
whole planning dept well wineries moericke books afterall push those girls within just a manager wanted to tell it fifty more seminars that’ll push those girls no take the fucking information you’re
going to seminars translate into reality translate into
something jackson tangible results and results dot will give the fall at least living in reality right that’s what i look at every consonant am present that choice manhole and then reality now other than confession you know the
coach angela put it to relate to this sometimes it’s hard to approach girls
and former students because factors like look yet but not a student who’s looked looks up to you was
listening to you and the fact is i i don’t know how it’s going to react you know that they did and i will have
to grow at the dismantling obama forced to react you know fifty yahoogroups is
letting us do you know i don’t talk about but it is a book like although it would i’d still don’t think that what did you
know i do idea to get on a shotgun floral out there put a card in table argued about the project last weekend i think it every girl moved had no point
ten and the fact is ever diapers agarwal i had to face that reality that i might
get rejected that would be the guy that in coaching
the guys i’ve been telling all diets they pick up growth and i walked off
anagram i just look at me and drug you know i turn it back to me and i had
to act yeah well i you know defray patrol well
not this was attacked notre dame but the fact is you have to look at reality and
and at the end that these a lot of times with anxiety comes up reported students
or even even if i might you know in a place to
get a public place working on a train or met alright coffee shop asset hocker allam all of what it should have quotas starts but through my head all the
wanted for this all these working knowledge of my head at on south up and say not what book half of the reality you have to find out that truth
electoral but the truth waiting for you guys you
know that i think negative and he is from the pirates serial emphasize a
locked out of you the truth when i see a girl troisi hot girl i
appreciate afflicted the beautiful girl she is for the same time you the truth its way to curled the
truth might be that that brought those amazing girl ever and she’s again x
ralph reid the truth might be stretching complete etc the truth might
be that you know me her put together but it just the digital workout the truth might be that she can reject
me right away but at the same time i find out that a coyote my approach
exactly there’s a million truth review from at
every girl you see but the fact is if you prefer the dekho
playing if you’re a little little fantasyland hoping to get better
with girls milkshake your whole fucking light it up fucking fantasy and that woodstock you know what already be a fucking
failure could be a mediocre piece of shit sitting around nick of little i hope they get better all yes
yeah i hope i hope i hope well hole that he didn’t want theme for this part
of what has what way with foxhole for daddy pulled me back floating casinos get because flagship yet notes that the people who love them uh… you know that the other way too hopeful it’s all
pretty in the future right everything about hope is predicated on
the idea that all once once i get better at that and
things would it do it once what i read this book that’s abusing it better that’s on my situation’s been approved duane situation’s been approved everytime you face reality face reality face reality and uh… you know what they did a story about how
about how i kinda health problem when i got into this
about how hard it was for me to specific product this is reality and why i had no other choice the story goes back to uh… right when i enter the vice finished or
community you know at first that i haven’t stopped this than what i did the same girl for five
years and knows a great girl we broke up one day and we broke up he was with a
childhood sweetheart right they’d like they must know seventeen years old at broke up a destroyer thoughts on it
puts me out of fuckin airplane i was like i don’t know where to meet women i
don’t know how to me when i i don’t know which women to meet hi i a bitterly fought and and and uh…
this is a real firemen had i might never kissed a girl yet i said why i was like
yours are nowhere near as often as they had no idea senator i want where any clue was
diagnosed went to the internet and odd you know and before giving go on
for search around google like you know mostly stories and instead around a well and my
ex-girlfriend uh… like the when i was like fifteen years older sixteen years
old was online and i was like a whole collection of his
business is like is this is fake if this is great just like other chatting with aaron took me a whole hour to like i’m excited
worked up the balls to actually ask her to rusty movie with me but you’d read and when she agreed i was like i was
ecstatic act like you know i was to lose their back and i thought that this
wasn’t the greatest thing ever i was like you know my heart was racing i got my
quite as big shooting brain drive the whole way over to our house you’re still still hopeful so expected
wow the escrow for aids so great reunited
religion nine everything now i never need to worry about the
stuff again and i remember i got to a doorstep i
rang the doorbell away for an answer the door and she came to the door it look like that girl have walked itself inside mcdonald’s the
west seven years and protect your way out like yet been earlier like nine individuals
are laughing i’d love to dismiss is coated with nonstick tacked on a few
pounds it was like dog dot shaadi dot the college depression fifteen oh was like flat-out obese ok aristide’s
croats layoff but then i was thinking like can’t do much better you know like this
is a this is a about the set-up an escrow and uh… memory one of the state about this movie
and ob you noted at cap promised myself that got me to move because you know if
you if you know she’s been extra pride you got it it doesn’t make out allegedly considering settling real bistro through the end of the end of the data
reply karne park and i got renewed by moving after the real humiliation i’ve never i
i i close my eyes at parker my lips amin over the case but the whole caucus a bit of a two
wheels to shit job back and she’s had will collect horror and distrust on her face she was
like arnal what do you think this is rob but i’m just not attracted to you and i have a went up when i dropped your job about
proper pot and you know and i watch like model back to work for
you to rejoice that i’ve seen my car that it really dawned on me i was like i hit rock bottom elective it’s perfect other hike and he’d settle i came to settle to grow i don’t find remotely attractive that this is this is this is like your peter obligate good padmini women well i’m gonna be celibate totaled my
choices my choice with either to live in l or to walk through now so i was fully when i got into this you’ve got a bit of a week out fully
ready to accept reality there was no option to be i document accept reality will be celibate behind hadith booking will control the
mediocrity of what no parole doesn’t like to talk
to a never know it but if i was ever going to meet might
expel fred i was you have to face reality every
balking today every moment everytime when i asked and
i i want to get better at this i think that reality and i thought hot
girl choice venison reality celibate girlfriend wiped by pentagon settling for or white
i wanna live mediocrity sex acts and the fact is like basic i’d no
fucking choice no choice no options hammer that uh… if you guys united
judge while living hell for those you don’t like it but you know
that i’ve done enough to live in how do i walk through hell you know the balls to walk to hal the face that reality really have to sell back at the moment
think about it you know today not if it all great for
me to get up here and let you know device featured many that are
speculative feel-good feel-good big invites you know i don’t want to do that
shit unlucky to your friend i’m not up here to fuck indicating you
i’m up here for one reason get you all results dating the girl that you want and that’s why i want to give a speech
this speech fucking dark you know this shift on the internet people that don’t get too but it is my
school issues here that felt well with a good political group factor yelp here is that i have to tell speech
the way it is is because there’s no other way to give
the speech you might have to know what you’re going
to you what that realities but i said i want to
be all you guys deserve growth i’m pipe a quick passage of what you guys and i
think it’s fucking awesome he has come out and and and pushes off his i get older relief that when i was back
to you guys are sitting idyllic into my everyone you going for ido how fucking
hard this can be idaho popped rule can be yet dot at the club that broadens the deccan left and right
you know i’ve been there i’d love that reality and the thing is that i sent a gaming
moments reviewed second-guess yourself yours i think it’s all stamp you know what i want to key way hate and they get on their buck india foxpro just or cancel and i hope you do
it hope that what you know if you don’t take action and use it in your ass and you nothing phone call me scare who want to you a
hate like rooms would ever like trashing the internet i’m gonna fall i really
don’t like i said i’m not a cure for any other reason but that your results and if you don’t like yourself results
then amanda added note here ahah and i think the disclaimer at http
okay you say i doubt anyone that doesn’t want to hear the truth that picked up
you know it could just get up and leave the room yes hard expressed because well they
could affect you know again like i said i i i gave him try to get very honest
talk of of what’s on friday does that do not need help again i think that i think meeting winds
fond i think the whole process is fun i think i think you should enjoy it but most of the european states easy you know it’s not five billion you know i said like hyping up did that guy is not but the fact is that so fuckin rewarding you know to have
that option about the cause of began to watch them over the course like when all i think he
was approaching zaidi and in the class going to watch them just going up to any
girls they wanted and having great infractions getting
numbers going make out the fact that what is better than that they will walk into a nightclub she
would really want to know you got a pretty damn good shot at least like
attract you’re getting a phone ever getting out of date making a call your girlfriend having
those options what is better than that honestly i would say all the money in the world
betrayed by job actually anything for that when i started out effect house with
other walking through that hal alleged eighteen successful when doesn’t look
like pilot but the thing you know always talk alike
the community being misogynist also in on some of it is something that is
ridiculous for the same part i think it at its core
it’s uh… it’s the most genuine appreciation of women if that would have
i’d look quite publicly love them too much i was substituted nice guy i wanted i wanted to go in everything you know
and i think that problematic in terms or the web interactive learning i’d janel of winning element so much i
went through that hal i went by i think that reality every single time so i want to be able to learn how to
hurry you know how do better relate to that had a
better talk to them how to approach a girl the way that would be creepy
they’ll be attracted to but i wanted because again i said is no better reality into that the tube actually realize your success in
the real world and like i said to i don’t like it up here and kamal put on on the all-time powerful
who if you really dont want in the process
and now i could approach a girl conflict i still get rejected a student
so we didn’t take this weekend busted off a song that you know him for
a multitude of grows it goes both ways and i think is catalog ups with the
deaths you know it’s funny i am one i think that’s a lot that guys you
know he’s had to go out and guide you ready to play to win um… one of the things i could do it by
is i i like to play out relied in not not was healthy habit you know most
healthy uh… exited well i do and what what what i when i
run my due date is sore in leicester square i’d like to go out at the door down
ridiculous that’s fun block alive how that works well for me like a
lot of times it hits and a lot of money and with the program base i want to
grant you know formats your picture on at some
point black and all west island over you know i
threw down at georgia pounds on black and i lost and you have to be a baby that it that
could put the cried out if you feel bad about it you know what i think it’s fun jaws if you’ve got to be up to two down if you’re ready to win big you gotta be ready lustig here if you want that hotter girl you also have to be ready take the
reality that comes with it you know i think it’s like they agony nothing dot sometimes anyone
really given a blueprint on how to never get rejected but i i just got my eyes fucking please
over shit like that simi contradict everything the distinction is pretty everything the interact with women is
predicated on on the highs and the lows you can go out and expect always or
things always to be like always when your favorite for the girl
always love you for you always do great always
block-grant look armored vehicles i still fucked up life otherwise it’ll work but i do it because that i have to have a like because part
of rain good what the fuck why are you doing this weekend than expected everest but you know i i i
didn’t think we’re internal debates and i don’t have but the fact that i still love that
start i still love every aspect of the we had meeting women again i’m not saying you got above
rejection and he wanted to say that what all i’d want to get rejected we fucking
retarded at what getting rejected well accepted you know i think i’m full acceptance of
rejection i’m not afraid of it i’m so mad about it was really great athlete acceptance
rejection it was you to then come to an acceptance a whole timeline of what you mean human you know you have sex with her and
when you make your girlfriend here is the fact is is that most guys expect that online
defaults right you think you’re going to get the
perfect opener she said an easy to get the right to the track
stuff on off and even though they tell their student
lol you know i mean is that i liked what up the sunset together and but not for
growing sax that ever i’d never once how to pick up
all like that as i walked up and i’d like head with other rock effect is fast
m_i_t_ hydea i doubt but what i blow out and be helpful event ever every moment
every project to start like chart had turns you know and again thing is is that i_d_ dole
care you know that these art don’t care if it’s our heart but i don’t care i think i respect her
boundaries but i’m not emotionally affected by i’m
not sitting there getting bought her withdrawals don’t wanna kiss me when
girls don’t want to talk to me and i i think that i i i i said ice except that i just keep telling atta
girl says teenage girls night out that’s fine they can process in the iron
give by phone number out that’s why i thought either by phone
i’ve never out either but the deception for each other you know that the use of the author and
really said richard haro with the guys a must
for jews began to be a really great job of picking this up pickup is not is ballet alike perfectly executed line the perfect technique family between controlled not if a lot of friction and really i mean if you really look at boreal what
grittiness just people came it was one of the
friction bingham and accepting because at the beach a masculine judy too pushy interaction mister direction direction that you want to push it a direction when you push that direction cheating or
is it anti-dumping there with you notions on
the biggest life nature of the world look like to think
that spurred former friends maybe she’s she’s just like a little shy the thing is that he’s got who was
killed in the guys internalize a stop as rejection i don’t have rejection at all when i get that friction i’ve interpreted as on doing something
right and really think about that when i get
friction from girls when they put the brakes or whatever i’m doing or whenever i see that that particular pot i’d interpret that as a sign i’m moving the right direction i’m doing
something correctly and i backed by red pickup that way from like me walking up to a girl in new york on having sex with their and it was totally flawless should probably a hooker that uh… you know here but probably not a normal girl zero degrees it’s never like that i’d
you know i i have approached and picked up so many girls every single time on me i know we have
friction at some point interaction and i guess it is becoming too
acceptance that rejection you want to come to accept his with
that’s also friction because the more you can accept that the better your gains in the top the buried in indiana pushing women sort of thing like what would really saw
three guys have expectation everything’s going to go great the minute neopets also friction if you don’t factor competence you’re
looking for heart externally validate what you’re doing merger validation has
to come from yourself and it does it can be getting a living a
life by your own standards what are your standards and i don’t mean that
mandatory robin self-help con conaway reni but what i said what are your
standards ask yourself what do you want to do it you see that hot girl what do you want to doing do anything there like a bucking stalker drooling over we want to know that walks up and and
approaches that we’re talking to our he would be the guy
who’s asking otherwise war many went men or women nicoletta aside like an old school and
uh… what what it looks like i don’t know what whatever but it’s still good thing geissinger draws and he had no no
interest in saying it don’t be that guy the guy i wanted to i approach a girl you know in a guy that that’s held their
first of all that that that fuckin hot order shameless about it i wonder a lot of it she might not and which dozen allah ke
peeche was about but ascetic uh… me in my arm night out best friend and we met in business
partner our viewers out of business act our but you know i really kind of like
understood was meant to be seen was watching zack it’s funny and and and uh… i thought
was very story for us this morning and this was a curve definitive moment that
i’ve really salt which she was this really was error
means act were off rude walking to the park what days and
grow habit which is like sunday be sure that he as actors houston looked at it as a almighty volume gorgeous and it got
split that a macbook and stocks yes gasping and like you don’t most guys that uh…
that would be bad here already so stay sacked we did was pissed blood help that matson help thank you no and
animal wealth that go to the lapd what what else do you wanna do so we kind of watch zack when approached
wrote and then be like accurately hardly a fat an antibiotic yes also don’t go to
shake shack at yet so i’ll get like alike you know on your boldly cheap
ozawa and you keep saying stop until they’d use hang in there to see that
you’re not visibly affected by that rejection eventually something you say is gonna
click she’s got a lap animated across miles of wax that’s like a ad and it’s about the
brutal analogy but you know that’s seen in my rocky for
were rocking h_i_v_’s rival to lead and admits like it’s just not mag is
just a madison is just a moment that went on that you know to the average guy these drove
look at these ice fishing ice princess beaches like these club goddesses when it was all just up with that or you can draw like apple lap i had you realize that it is just a girl she’s just which is just like just like he or she is feeling to the
motions and against insult so fucking obvious but most i can get the dancing a
political yeah like only a girls are just rolls of how fucking obvious this
frog with the thing is i hope my voice in your head you see a
hot girl please i brought the club she no longer just with the growing work submission to such that fucking dot t_
o_ n_ stop the mind fuck it what is it what does all of us is white you know
most you guys don’t approach of hotter curled within the it’s scary you walk by at the reality about that
girl you know it’s been the important line you know maybe one day i’ll protect
girl not idea looking pretends it up as it was not intended
but one thing whenever i see die machine was approach abroad that no
matter how we don’t know if you needed to harm approach a girl totally blows in
off others like to baptize on stuff like
that what did you make care you know i hadn’t paid because you all
be that guy like means that the feeling that maybe
like by your standards right so again i guess like and i want to dislike this talk to she
would election will or too much like all here are some ideas that x_y_z_
exercising entree unlike a lot of exercises near taiwan you know it again maternal great but i i
i don’t wanna like you know give you more cold work to do well you know there’s one thing jess
yourself you when u fortunes grow ask yourself what are your standards what’s the right
thing to do we see that hot girl what do you want to
be doing what conversations you won’t have a disco as i can i created this on we have a slight strategy that we call
it a strategy to put it says it’s like a that’s a funny thing is ac and i created
them we just do article i thought that that
you know and what it is it’s like basically we we always say giorgio casino that
shit dude but you know and what we might we say that is you write the script in your head you there should be a script in your
head how does a draft of the lowdown then you want to walk up and say hello you are my new girlfriend tonight uart
you absolutely adorable before our first date right you bring us for a ride you are boyfriend girlfriend for the night chances are she’s probably sheep i
hasn’t gotten a memo she didn’t get description etc etc i’m not your girl
from what the fuck you talking about and i can’t go up a plan for a drink and the thing is that if you keep let’s
get your own had to do in the but she never really thought of geophysical
nothing al pacino by the legendary actor guy shows up to do with selection to
movie because sticking to the script hell or high water is ignoring the al
pacino to go off the script because it’s a great activities he sticks to the script not to be an actor nada advocating guys dudack we write the script in your head what is
it what the script and if you were not girl is a good idea to meet our get her
number the enemy you perform is again in the
you’re offering you have the right that fit your head and stick to it and when she but she
doesn’t need it the memo she chicano ike through the below friction have acceptance with that acceptance of the message just except
that social prick that that social friction and not allow iraq to stop but i i one i
i don’t wanna like you know adult right pocket for about something really
enjoyed it so important you know as well connected to the story at work right up
there on uh… when i first started like really agree to stop the reading up on
it and and studying the stuff i remember uh… i think starbucks
themselves girl and uh… this is like right when it was
a right after like maybe among three months that that that broke
story and dot ya still not good at the when
they’re all i knew nothing they know any open-minded britney w dealing about
might be extent of my the device knowledge and um… i don’t i just so let’s go
starbucks and i thought you’d have to uh… it was a
beautiful you know i thought so strong i really wonder pressure really
technological kamat merchandise saying that i had a notebook and i kept praying i kept writing like
these pics like if i could approach a crawler if it has a little bit of
looking for a puzzle haller or about that address as writing always gets to
that now doubt the password to my head you know the writers sometimes it’s like
the right exactly like thought processes runaways differently and activist like a half hour and just by like walk to school sought
their elections is kinda in a row world addictions like she was like reading
scripts and that you know i i kept right
energizing art you know i just have to approach and stuff like that we strive
thinks that you do it and its fight antonin approach are great divas of
recruitment for number piece of paper or look a little bit you know and i liked
ike threw it out and i product ran away alike but with a full spread at
starbucks worth approach ever right tobacco end up pulling me back we debate for you pretty fuckin weird right free
pretty crazy story frequent all he had no luck that that every rule with program at pickup what what you guys don’t know it that girl was a model from poland she was here for white six months had no friends wanted a boyfriend i have to be the first night for all
four number honored starbucks called me back and we dated noah and the reason i i thought story
it’s not that the size of likely pick up marvel mhm let us know if this you don’t know the reality of anything yeah like i said like how did you get
that that very realistic world view that your reality might not always be great
might not be all be like sunshine rainbows when you approach girls but also to you don’t know that the whole idea of
the daily reality not living in hell you have no fucking idea what that authority was going on her
mind and you might be exactly the guy she’s
looking for and the only time that u don’t know that is unlivable we live in tennessee to really guys eyes landscape edges
really really however and will not like what that here guys spent so much time loosened the speakers gives great
information you guys invest in yourself you know in
time to come here time your money effort i drove most europeans take a few for a
long time and you add up to all ask yourself how much that reality willing to face are you know if you have one approach
today comic that that really reality that the really as yourself every single ha cruel you see that reality that truth that sweeping
and yet the man up for the first put forward silence all yet xd you know internal fuckin
always and bullshit no would assure dakotas is what its silence all that put it on you say back girl that growth for me first put forward approach find them


  1. Basically solidified a load of beliefs I've had in the background of my mind. Success= My ability to face reality(whether that be the rejection or the amazingly hot spanish girl I who approached in Tesco and called me two nights later). Great speech that set me back on track. If anyone asks me for advice on Pick up I would show them this first as in 35 mins it's all a guy really needs to know to get started.

  2. I got edited out of this video ;( PS you should finish the next speech with I will single-handedly man slap you all if you don't man up quickly because otherwise your love life will be non-existent.

  3. @Under21convention07 Why would you share good information like crazy, that just makes the field harder if everyone is on the same playing field.

  4. You approach 5 girls, go out with 2 and fuck one. The more girls you approach the more you fuck, simple as that. Good luck.

  5. > fast-paced and sophisticated life of New York City> nerd activities like writing, reading, and jogging
    > sophisticated
    > New York City
    > awesome activities like aggressive dating, aggressive teaching, and aggressive aggressiveness.


  6. This is awesome!!! I knew when I bought the products, it was worth every single penny and more. Rob, Zack, and Bobby give the greatest advice…and this speech REALLY motivated me. The stuff works!!!!

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  8. goes to show you internal confidence is biggest weapon you have. Rob is not great looking, you is not too relaxed or calming. Speaks too fast, irky body movements. But is successful.

  9. haha this guy is dweeb…just go get ripped and buff they will come to you…just dont act like a derp no other advice needed

  10. If I got to pick one video I got to watch one picking up women every day, this would be the one. It simply encourages you to get out into reality instead of living in a hopeful fantasy. Thank you Rob you're fucking awesome

  11. This video is THE shit.
    Reminds me a lot of that speech Alce Baldwin gives to the salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross actually.

  12. Excellent job Rob. This is definitely a video that I am going to watch several times and keep watching for many months (thanks for not making it 2hrs long like many others do.)

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA, love this guy. Way to go Rob. Miss Bobby Rio, wish he was there with you too but you did well on your own too. Enjoyed that. Well done..

  14. I fucking hate making myself into some type of entertainment dummy just so some bitch can finally let go of her baggage enough to give into her desires. What I can do is try to have a normal conversation if she won't join in i'm bouncing.

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