Retracing Glory: Indiana Basketball’s Home Courts

This is the location of the original Assembly Hall It was the first home court of the IU program in 1901 It was located directly east of Owen Hall It was razed in 1938 Its seating capacity was around 600 for basketball With interest in the sport growing, IU constructed the Men’s Gymnasium in 1917. The structure remains at west end of the School of Public Health on 7th Street The Gothic arena held approximately 2,400 fans for basketball It was one of the first arenas in the country to have glass backboards IU’s first All-American Everett Dean played and coached here Once again, the program outgrew its home court In 1928 the Hoosiers moved to the brand new Fieldhouse on 7th Street It would be the home of the 1940 National Champions And the 1953 National Champions IU legend Branch McCracken scored the first points at the Fieldhouse This first live regular season basketball game was televised here in 1951 It is now known as the Wildermuth Intramural Center, the Old Fieldhouse, or the HPER The last game was played in 1960 against Ohio State and IU legend Bob Knight In 1960 IU moved to the “New Fieldhouse” It was intended to be a temporary solution Jimmy Rayl’s two 56-point games occurred here IU remained at the New Fieldhouse until 1971 All photo credits: IU Archives

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