RESULTS: American Idol Judges Use Their SAVE – American Idol 2019 on ABC

Karen dim the lights in here we go In no particular order the first person America has voted in to the top four after the nationwide vote is The next person that is safe after the nationwide coast-to-coast live vote is But who’s next after your vote tonight In the top four is Alejandra We have got three people on the stage only one spot remains for that top four In Jeremiah The person To make it into the top four after the live vote tonight Why not wait I can see the faces on the judges Now the looks on their faces these two Could be going home unless the judges decide to save them Jeremiah and Laci they don’t have to use the save but they can use the save Tonight is the last time they have the opportunity to use it this season so you can see the judges discussing it amongst themselves Very difficult moment for them because they love both of you and what you’ve been doing and you guys have huge fan bases So Katie, I will ask you Will you use the one safe of the season tonight? Yes It comes down to this moment who will you use to save for Judges I need an answer from you Katie we need an answer right now. Who’s it gonna be? You’re all so great. I love you so much Lacey – Jeremiah Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear for Jeremiah. Congratulations. Bring out the rest of them. Thank you very much for watching. Good night America Subscribe below to the official American Idol YouTube channel

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