Repair Loose Piano Bench Leg – Lasts Forever!

Hello piano people. I’m Matt Haas, this is
Piano Awesome. Has this ever happened to you? That’s super annoying hey I get it
no need to go out and buy another one. You can fix it yourself and make sure it
never happens again. You’ll need one secret ingredient and that’s this… it’s a
product called thread locker. it will lock the bolt and the nut
together. There’s two different flavors. There’s one in a blue package, it says
removable. Technically if you use all of your strength you will be able to break
the bolt and the nut apart… the nut will will rotate on the bolt. If you use all
of your adult strength, or, you can get the high-strength kind in the red label.
Although they’re both red… they’re both red tubes. It’s so confusing. This
will never ever, ever, ever come apart… ever. With the bench upside down you can
see the leg wiggling. Since the nut was already loose I just
hand spun it to the back position there. One drop will do. You don’t need much. A
little dab will do you, and then after I hand tighten it I get a wrench on the
nut. This is an odd way to do it… not much strength, but after I can’t do that
anymore I use it properly and really wrench it down… and that’s it. You can
hand it down to your grandchildren and they can give it to their children… it
will not budge, and it’s super cheap – I have an affiliate link to purchase
these in the description if you want to get it from Amazon. Alright, that’s it, stay
awesome. [beep] Technically if you take a blow torch to it for five minutes it’ll
loosen it up and you might get it apart so… put a little dab of this, tighten it
up, those legs will never come loose again.

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