Rep. Raskin: “We Dispelled The Fog Of Propaganda” | All In | MSNBC


  1. Trump Cult need to be spoon fed their ignorant vile from Fox, Breitbart, Alex Jones. They need it and love to wallow in their ignorance. Trump gets impeached or loses 2020…….well the Base of ignorant imbeciles are still here and not going away. Big problem for America.

  2. REP.Raskin has two parts of the brain, 'left' and 'right.' In the left side, there's nothing right. In the right side, there's nothing left.

  3. Attention loony gullible zombie sheep lefturds

    2016 Impeach.
    2017 Impeach.
    2018 Impeach
    2019 Impeach < — You are here, lol.
    2020 Impeach
    2021 Impeach
    2022 Impeach
    2023 Impeach
    2024 Impeach.

  4. Rankin: You found evidence that the president engaged in efforts to encourage witnesses not to cooperate with the investigation? Mueller: Correct. There you have the proof, audible and visible for everybody.

  5. The left and the right are hopelessly divided.

    Whatever opinion you state in comments, someone will attack you.

  6. #ImpeachmentNow is only trending for the low-info libs that weren't aware that the 3rd impeachment attempt lost last week by a landslide in the Dem controlled House.

  7. I was really disappointed with Mueller today. There was nothing new or definitive. Mueller was stammering, stuttering & came across as weak & ineffectual.

  8. Once again the Democrats are proved incompetent. Mueller needed to be there like Pelosi needs to be in a beauty contest. They will continue to make fools of themselves until President Trump is reelected. Then start over.

  9. The comments here are hilarious! They demonstrate how scared the conservatives and Russia are that this charade of a presidency is finally over. Too bad republicans don’t have diversity or educated women in their party (according to the statistics). They will be irrelevant soon. Just a bunch of aging white men.

  10. Congressman Raskin is a professor of constitutional law. That matters to me. So when he says contempt of Congress is an impeachable offense, and obstruction of justice was the legal basis for past impeachments, I listen. More to come from the House Judiciary Committee!

  11. What happened today was clearly elder abuse Mr Mueller shouldn't have been dragged before Congress and made a spectacle in his condition. Those responsible should face the full penalty of the law.

  12. Is Transvestite "Rachel" going to resign in disgrace, now that he was exposed as a deceiver and a BS-artist for the umpteenth time? I doubt it. He didn't even bother to shave his Adam's Apple. His skin is a mile thick. Only an Exorcist can purge him from the MSM.

  13. Some dems (like Pelosi) think impeachment will hurt the party. Well, first, it won't, and second NOT impeaching will (they'll lose voters in 2020, including many usually non-voters, independents, and even repubs who came out to vote for dems in the midterms because they wanted to reign in 45*).

    And they'll also lose life-long dem voters like me, for if the dems won't stand up for democracy/the Constitution, then what's the point of voting for them?! If no party will stand up for our system of government in this moment, and instead create a dangerous precedent by not holding the most corrupt/unfit potus in history accountable, then I don't care if dems win the potus and majorities in Congress from now on, for they will have proven they put party over country too and thus the US system of democracy is lost when both major parties will not stand up for it, and I will be leaving the US asap for a country that cares more about its democracy (and, further, isn't full of such big money corruption in both parties as has been the case in the US since the 80's).

  14. If you go and talk/repeat the exact same thing you are saying right now to Drumf it will be the same as Chinese to him, he won't understand a single word you're saying…. #simple

  15. Is Ilann Omar “above the law?”
    Tax fraud. Immigration fraud. Marriage fraud. Perjury. Welfare fraud.
    DOJ needs to look into this.

  16. DOTARD NADLER's next move will be to
    SUBPOENA the FURNITURE from the TRUMP TOWER MEETING… He is certain that the
    Cushions that DON Jr. & JARED KUSHNER sat on will REVEAL the COLLUSION…

  17. All of Washington needs to be cleaned out…I don't trust any of our elected officials to do the right thing.

  18. I think he was surprised at how insane his own party has become given how they "questioned" him, I put that in quotes since some of their questioning was more ranting then actual questioning to the point he was sitting there waiting for the actual question till the member's time ran out.

  19. The impeachment of Bill Clinton was poorly done, and without the country at risk, it was a meaningless political exercise. The times, people and level of risk has dramatically changed now. Pelosi may have been scared off by the Clinton impeachment, but the Nixon impeachment proves that in some cases it is the only way to rein in these rogue individuals. The impeachment process expedites the fact finding processes. McConnell, Putin and Trump have effectively stopped any forward movement in America for over two years on all fronts, and in spite of the wonderful work being done in the House, America has actually been going backwards. With a foreign government taking over our own so easily, we must move quickly to get rid of this threat to our country. American citizens need the reassurance of knowing our leaders are doing something to protect our way of life. We don't need or want a new bloody Civil War. We already broke away from the rule of kings and dictators. We declared our desire for independence and civil rights. Trump was mollycoddled and encouraged to evade the law his entire life by his father, Fred. He's gone too far. Since he's unable to control himself, Congress must step in. This became a nonpartisan issue as soon as Trump started accepting assistance from foreign governments. It continues to be a problem as he allows the insertion of foreign personnel into the highest levels of our government without security clearances. Trump's appreciation of the respect shown to dictators and their military parades has made it clear where Trump's next steps will be if he were to be reelected. That's a chance that we can not afford to take. Begin the impeachment process now.

  20. Trump has been found out & like the kid who is caught with his hand in the cookie jar he's trying to weasel out of it & blame others

  21. 🤔Legal defense to a Trump Indictment will be that Courts lack Jurisdiction, because Obstruction took place during Presidency & the VENUE to Prosecute such Acts belonged under IMPEACHMENT that was Forfeited by the House. Constitutional Impeachment Provision is a REMEDY & it PreEmpts alternate prosecution Out of Office.😂

  22. Too bad, the conspiracy by the Dems, FBI and CIA to frame the President FAILED miserably, and now Barr will get to the bottom of this filthy Dem behavior.

  23. Hi Chris.👋☺.
    Exceptional reporting, Chris.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats , patience.👍.
    Pramila and Jamie.👋☺.
    Excellent job, Jamie and Pramila.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    👉👉Proceed Pramila and Jamie, procced.👍.
    Jamie and Pramila, 👉👉📖📚📚📚📚.👍.

  24. WHETHER THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND CRIMINAL#ObstructionOfJustice IS BY #CorruptIntent OR SIMPLY #WantonAbuseOfPower, OR BOTH, #FakePresident and #LyingHypocriteInChief DONALD ""#TotallyExonerated" TRUMP IS GUILTY, AND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!

    Now all the Democrats have to do is to lose another #PresidentialElection to #DonaldTrump and #VladimirPutin. despite the spineless and impotant Republicans, in 2020.

  26. if anyone else know one is above the law they keep saying that but it is ok for illegal aliens to break our laws- and for the dems to tell then how to evade arrest wow and the president and executive branch is not anyone else


  28. This party needs to wake up, were the trying to convince us? Did they Covince Republicans and Independents?Who were watching Nunez build a case for them.We are losing Independents everyday.”Fake”- The goal was to take some responsibility off the Houses back.We cant Impeach( if why is a question for you, learn it) .A Show

  29. Won't you Democrats go after the people that started this crap the clintons remember she was the worst candidate in modern-day history to run for the presidency of the United States and you people are still whining about it move on

  30. It's time to move on Congress, waste of time and taxpayers' money. This has been dragging for too long. Instead, it's now due to focus your time and effort to legislate bills that will uplift the living condition of every American.

  31. No, you didn't. The Republicans pushed their loonie theories on the floor of congress, and the Trump cult lapped it up. If anything, they are MORE convinced.

  32. Trump sides with Putin and Putin has taken away his citizens guns. It's not too late to stop the insanity. S-t-o-p Trump.

  33. Wikileaks did not receive the DNC emails from Russia or Russians. They were provided by Seth and Aaron Rich via a USB device on June 23rd, 2016, for $48,115.

  34. But somehow it's not "witness tampering" when you tell them, "Tell me what i want to hear or I'm going to send you to prison for the rest of your life and investigate your family. You won't have a dollar after I'm done" That's basically what he told Flynn or when Weissmann  told a Russian Oligarch tell me what I want to hear and the government's case against you tying up your funds will go away. Pathetic… Muller didn't even know who Fusion GPS was, they met the day before and the day after with the Russian Lawyer Trump Jr. met with in Trump tower. Fusion GPS was hired by Hilary for opposition research. His investigation was a total farce knowing that fact alone.

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