Rep. Nunes on the future of the FISA court


  1. the IG cannot prosecute. the House committees cannot prosecute. this is all gonna boil down to Jeff Sessions and the DOJ.
    which is scary.

  2. Here’s my take. The DEMS were making up false statements wrongly accusing Trump, Russia, in order to do a number of things, win Presidency, divert attention ON Trump, ON Russia to further their 16 year plan, as well as to impeach Trump, discourage any America/Russia partnership to defeat NWO.
    Russia, thus far, denies any of this.
    Now, who ARE DEMS protecting?
    I ask because no one can serve 2 countries.
    Almost ALL, if mot Jewish people in government have dual citizenship w/ Israel. And these people have Classified jobs in OUR INTELLIGENCE!

  3. Thank God for Nunes!  And don't worry about the crickets over in the peanut gallery at the legacy media, nobody listens to them anymore.

  4. There is plenty of EVIDENCE of Conspiracy, Cooperation, and Collaboration..! And Mueller already has it..! (Gee I never said Collusion)

  5. There is a subtle beauty here, I think. We are not seeing justice unfold because it is being blocked by Democrats. Does anyone fail to understand that? What we are seeing is Democrats defending criminals, denying everything, blocking investigations of their own people, obstructing justice. They are doing it over and over. Now, why would an entire party, not just one or two individuals but every single elected Democrat, defend people who are KNOWN criminals, who WILL be indicted, and many of whom WILL go to jail? WHY on earth would they say to America, we DEFEND CRIMINALS. WE DEFEND TRAITORS. WE DEFEND LIARS. I can think of one reason. There are SO many of them in congress who stand to be discovered for various crimes of bribery, leaking (treason), lying to the FBI, dereliction of fiduciary duty in office, abuse of power…etc…So many, that if all of them were appropriately jailed, there would be no one left on the Democrat side of the aisle.

  6. The Obama administration is like a cancer in American history! Until this disease is extracted, charged, tried, convicted and placed in quarantined (prison) !

  7. What a cheap coward Nunes is.
    Nunes is enabling Traitors and greedy opportunistic liars to cheat the American people.
    Nunes is simply a jerk.

  8. if you can not put them in prison what good will it do we need new cop agency that just polices government that is all they do just like the ig but that can prosecuted and put a stop to all the swamp rats ya fed. cops to police the fed gov that is all they do

  9. Nunes is a great decent moral politician WHAT A RARITY GOD BLESS YOU SIR 👏👏👏👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Nunes need to be shot and then hanged in front of the public, as an example as what we are going to do with the rest of the traitors in the white house and congress.

  11. Sessions was recently at a fancy D.C. restaurant …with Rosenstein.. I cannot believe how incompetent this guy is..

  12. Nunes, you are a worst type of political opportunist. How can you justify an attack on the FISA courts, when Page had been on the radar since 2013. Read the reports, Page wasn't cause of investigation, Papodopolis was. Page has set up as much such a pattern of deception and lies as have you. You have already proven that you are a partisan stooge playing Tump's lackey, who will do anything to distract from the misdeeds and idiotic tweets of your criminal and incompetent president. The fact is the only audience you have is the man on Pennsylvania Ave.

    if you care about this country and the Constitution you swore to uphold, it is time for the Republicans to not only distance themselves from this ignoramus, but also to start the process of protecting our democracy for the possible Alt-Right backlash that his inevitable impeachment will cause. We need strong, committed leadership on both sides of the aisle to make sure the transition after Trump's resignation or impeachment does not provide Trump ( or those who support him) an opportunity to formnent civil unrest. Do tell me that you DO NOT believe at least a significant portion of his supporters are capable of such an act if Trump gave the order.

    Ever time you and your cortier of Trump enablers have pulled your political malfeasance, you further attack the "rule of law" we adhere to, and make it expotentially easier for Trump supporters to justify armed insurrection against what they have already labeled " The Deep State". Which as far as I can't tell is any government agency that doesn't allow Trump to trample the Constitution.

    Quit protecting a dangerous, treacherous, bigotided, arrogant liar. You are a representative of the US government, not a groveling
    toady who exists to do his bidding. You swore an oath to protect the Constitution. If you refuse to uphold that oath for the sake of partisin politics, then Trump isn't the only one who should be removed from office… if you refuse to protect the people of this country, then it is time to shove the biggest enema hose we can find into to our legislative, as well as our executive branches of this obviously decaying democracy. I even politely volunteer to flush!

    Nothing you can do will save Trump know. Don Jr. admitted to meeting Russia's to get possesion of politically damaging, illegally hacked e-mail. Regardless of what comes out of the meeting, simply taking a meeting for that purpose "IS" collusion. Obstruction against Trump for creating false cover story for those meeting, as well as his public comments are firing Comey is now open and shut. Simple self preservation should tell you if you can be among those who "save" the Republican party by supporting his removal, maybe people will eventually forgive the many decepitions you have perpetrated against the American people.

    The deception, of course is claiming to serve the people of this country when it is clear that your Master lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (For now).

    So, is your "loyalty" to an increasingly irrational and out of control Chief Executive whose paranoia and lashing out at those around him, will increasingly isolated him from the political establishment and render irrelevant (and possibly unelectable) all those who continue to support this clearly damaged and unstable man?

    Steve Stamboldjiev
    Collinsville, IL
    618 920-9796

  13. I want to see the skin and the hair fly as the bulk of dems get their asses handed to them. Save me tom cruise !!!

  14. Sessions is PERFECT EXAMPLE of political corruption and how ALL of ALABAMA suffers from the crimes of those in the "Clinton Dixie Mafia"..that allows their 'members' to predate and win LAWSUITS and TRIALS using RACKETEERING and RICO crimes UNABATED agaisnt the people of Alabama.

  15. Thank you Mr. Nunez for going after the Truth in behalf of the American people..
    That is why Mr. Trump has been elected our President. To defeat Liberals and the wrong beliefs that they have learned through so many years of deception, lies, and doing nothing to protect the US citizens. Now we have the oportunity to recover all our rights, according to the Constitution..
    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Trump for leaving your life of comfort to free us from the horrific NWO and from the spooky illegals.
    MAGA 2020

  16. Another useful fool for Putin. Nunez needs to retire to his hog farm. Trump will burn regardless of any FISA Warrants.

  17. Get them to investigate? No brainer FIRE them! They are stalling because they aren't going to investigate FIRE, FIRE

  18. The one note I would give to Nunes is not to be dissuaded by any claims of "not being a lawyer." The Constitution did not start out by saying "We the lawyers…" Besides, when that claim is advanced, it usually indicates some cover-up.

  19. They aren't doing a damn thing about anything. There are plenty of people that could be in jail by now. How are they going to keep stalling for 8 years?
    Stir the swamp gently. SNAFU

  20. Conservatives must need be like "Smooth Moving Attack Dogs" in order for Justice to be served these days. Why don't they just go for the jugular and get it over with?

  21. Keep in mind it was these same Congress members who rammed the FISA program and funding renewal through in a some smoky backroom just before they knew the memo was coming out.

  22. Mate, just shut up. You haven't even read the underlying information. Your credibility has gone. IT WAS YOUR PARTY WHO SET THE FISA COURT UP AFTER 9/11, YOU CREATED THE RULES AND YOU HAVE CONTINUALLY VOTED TO KEEP THEM EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE, you even voted to uphold them again a couple of weeks ago. Now I don't know many on the progressive left who agreed to set up the FISA Courts in the first place, due to the invasion of privacy concerns.

    On top of that, nothing you have done makes Trump and his band of sycophants (including you) innocent. It can be both at the same to time, they are not mutually exclusive.

  23. Ridiculous nonsense; this is just an attempted smokescreen to try to mask the multitude a crimes committed by the incoming administration.

    It is pathetic and pointless and these witlessly bigoted conservatives are essentially fiddling while Rome burns.

  24. Maria you have really fallen. I thought you were professional and beyond messing around with these Fox News type nuts. You believe Trump and Nunes? How many times have these guys been caught lying….

  25. For anyone who has been paying attention the Democrats from the Clinton's on down have done more to hurt America then most people realize.But dont be supprised if they pull more bull shit soon….they never seem to stop.

  26. In-so-far as their recent public statements indicate no change in modus operandi, what could Billary and Barry be blackmailing Jeff with that has convinced him to practice CYA by avoiding public Sessions?

  27. Since May 2014, however, four of the five judges appointed by Chief Justice Roberts to the FISA Court were appointed to their prior federal court positions by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 5 of them are members of the Illuminati club.

  28. Poor Nunes, he's become so irrelevant. Hillary Clinton was investigated for 4 years at a $30 Million Dollar expense without hearing one peep out of her, and she wasn't even the president. What is trump crying so much about?

  29. Classic Faux. Deflect and confuse. Nunes is compromised , he was involved in the campaign , he is biased and has a vested interest and has no business investigating anyone.

  30. President Trump needs to ferociously drop the hammer on these seditious traitors.
    Get whatever pit bull of an AG he needs to prosecute and jail these traitors, all the way up and including Obummer.

  31. Nunes is clutching at straws. No one is covering this stupid questionnaire because of the content is as stupid as Nunes and his equally stupid boss Humpty trumpty.

  32. End FISA secret spying period.. america is so great we could do everything fully exposed… no need to spy on anyone, of we have a honest government and the justice system and the mainstream media… Fox was in on 911 building 7, which is why we have secret courts???

  33. press charges on the politicians that leak unless leaks is legal, in which case share everything no more secrecy, love what nunes is doing but with a crooked media Fox not calling out Muller cover up of 911 nuilding 7 ROsenstien was in on it and was approved 90%+ by congress,,, they all know whom didi 911 and whom covrered it up.. TAlk about 911 FOX

  34. Popular vote loser Donald Trump, the President of “law and order”, is once again blatantly disregarding the law and the constitution, as he decided not to enforce sanctions against Russia that a bipartisan congress put into law last year.

    Russia is thrilled with their puppet American president, too. Russian state TV is celebrating that “Trump is ours again” after the announcement. But the whole Russia thing is “fake news,” right?

    It seems very unlikely now that there is any scenario whatsoever where the President of the United States is not actively doing things with the US government that assists Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

    Julia Davis, the creator of Russian Media Monitor where she watches Russian media and reports back what they are saying about Trump and America. After all, most Americans don’t speak Russian, so she is a very valuable resource:

  35. DC is not a swamp & it will not fix itself; in truth it is a bottomless corrupt CESSPOOL / SEWER. NO ONE should be above the law however it appears that in fact that is what we have, arrogant criminals above the law. Unless that changes, our country is not a republic but an evil, corrupt and lawless banana republic.

  36. nunes is a vile, pathetic, disgusting, piece of excuse for a human being. That fact should preclude anyone from listening to the stream of excrement coming from his mouth.

  37. How about this? Every single Republican Congressman gets up and walks out of Congress unless or until these questions are answered–until the DOJ ferrets out who leaked classified information–until the President fires Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein and others in the gang. Shut it down–no laws are passed–no funding is approved–absolutely no legislative branch of the government until their demands for action and information are satisfied. Alternatively, start docking the DOJ's budget by one million dollars a minute until all this happens. Congressmen–go on strike.

  38. joe mc carthy reincarnated !,..the deep state is the two party system,…allowed by the dummy downed illiterate americans !

  39. All trump supporters , it's time to destroy the lives of McConnell and Ryan they are traitors , start investigating everything they wee ever involved in , find a felony , we know their dirty let's lock them traitors up for life

  40. Trump/Pence/Kelly/Mattis/Pompeo/Bolton/Haley 2020. Promises Made/Promises Kept. Simple as that. Took a NON Politician (Whom needs no $) to MAGA. Finally a POTUS; a friend to Military, Police/Law Enforcement, Fire, Veterans, Border/ICE, First Responders, Miners, Gun Citizens, NASA/Space Exploration, Truckers, Steel, Aluminum, Farm/Ranch, and American Made Products (Ohio), by the average American. Many years of the, do NOTHING NObama/Clinton Lazy days are over. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR COUNTRY. Get the Vote out. Lets keep this going… This is History in the making. Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize for his Korea Peninsula leadership and tough stance. Democrats hate Him, but the world loves him. Obama, Clinton; WEAK on everything. Stay Strong!

  41. We must abolish FISA COURTS! Secret Courts spying on citizens? Gestapo Germany yes. Secret Police in Russia yes. Not in America! Political hack judges locked behind doors authorizing FBI (our Secret Police) to attack American citizens for political purposes! Obscene! Abolish vile, corrupt FISA COURTS!

  42. Thank god for Mr Nunes and it’s time to dismantle the courts , crooked FBI , CIA.Give all power to executive branch and military . The president needs to begin to use the military to start kicking down doors and drag those deep staters out into the light . The truth will set our great Christian country free . USA USA USA THANK YOU MR NUNES !

  43. Wasn't that FISA judge who approved the wiretapping an Obama appointee? Seems almost certain that Barry knew all about what Strzok and Page were doing.


    "Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas School of Law, added, "Since FISA was enacted in 1978, we've had three chief justices, and they have all been conservative Republicans…' "

  45. It is now known that the primary claim in the Nunes' memo is false. Nunes claimed that the FBI hid from the judge that some of the evidence in the FISA warrant application was from opposition research funded by the Democrats. This is a section of the FISA warrant application that the DOJ recently released. (Click "Read more" for a quote of from the FISA warrant application).


    Source #1, who now owns a foreign business/financial intelligence firm, was approached by an identified U.S. person, who indicated to Source #1 that a U.S. based law firm hired the identified U.S. person to conduct research regarding Candidate #1's tied to Russia. (The identified U.S. person and Source #1 have a longstanding business relationship). The identified U.S. person hired Source #1 to conduct this research. The identified U.S. person never advised Source #1 as to the motivation behind the research into Candidate #1's ties to Russia. The FBI speculates that the identified U.S. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1's campaign.

    (U) Source #1 tasked his sub-source(s) to collect the requisite information. After Source #1 received information from the sub-source(s), described here-in, Source #1 provided the information to the identified U.S. person who had hired Source #1 and to the FBI. <4+ line redaction here>

    Nowithinstanding, Source #1's reason for conducting the research into Candidate #1's ties to Russia, based on Source #1's previous reporting history wioth the FBI, whereby Source #1 provided reliable information to the FBI, the FBI believes Source #1's reporting herein to be credible. <many line redaction here>. secret meeeting with Igor Sechin, who is the president of Rosneft[a Russian energy company] and a close associate to president Putin.


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