Rep. Biggs says Dems’ impeachment inquiry is off the rails


  1. If all these fox news conspiracy theories that fox news runs were true why is it no other media outlet runs them? Do you people ever watch 60 minutes the most respected tv news show in the world! Do you really believe that all the negative news on trump is fake and just radical dems controlling the media? Is this what you teach your children? Do any of you even bother to read articles in the ny times or the washington post? Or are you getting all your intel from trumps tweets? Do you know how many best selling anti trump books are out? Have any of you ever read a book? Have any of you actually read the mueller report? Your president is going down even if he manages to avoid impeachment he will never be reelected! A federal judge just said trumps argument to avoid showing his taxes was REPUGNANT! The courts will eventually take trump down and the rule law and the constitution will prevail! I get it you hate dems and there ideology that's fine but you need to find a new horse to bet on! Nixon tried to pull the same crap that trump is and it did not go well for him. At least clinton cooperated with his impeachment he did not pull any of this crap the white is trying, president trump has gone rogue! In time you will see every word I wrote is correct!

  2. The Democrats have descended into a rabble of criminals and outright liars. All they want is power so that they can continue with their corruption and self indulgent money making scams.

  3. Harris has sold out to the Murdoch boys. Im sick of her and some other Fox bimbos who consider themselves way smarter than they are. If there was another Conservative news source I would waste no time in moving.

  4. The pathetic House republicans should stop going to any hearings run by the Demonrat party regarding impeachment!!!!1


  6. Why are we letting these "Nuts", get away with these idiotic false charges, without making them prove anything. They are just stalling for some other nut case to pop up.

  7. Itʻs a Hoax on Democrat voters. House Dems are trying to create the illusion that they are "doing something". We all know how much House Dems LOVE being on TV…now everything is secret? Dems are DESPERATE and desperate people are Dangerous! The Democrats are making our Country less safe. Adam Schiff is a serious schizophrenic/sociopath.

  8. I was giving Harris a pass because her legs are really long. However, her hemline is often more shorter than they should be. While she is a very brilliant and fair reporter, she shouldn’t dress like a tart.


  10. Americans have been conned, had, exploited by this President’s lies, cheating, racism, and predator nature. It began with Russia’s funding the “Cambridge Analytical”.  They studied American Citizens profiles from facebook and other social media tuned into our prejudices, frustrations, and created narratives that were lies or disinformation, and applied them effectively to elect Donald J. Trump as President.  Well, Republicans must spearhead the impeachment of this President!  They won’t listen to the mental health community who has diagnosed this President as a sociopath, and having pathological narcissism, nor listen to their own, Romney, Collins, Sasse, Cruz and Rubio, Amesh nor others who claim this President is an Oligarch, Authoritarian, Demagogue, certainly not listen to Democrats.  However, McConnell/Graham have begun to listen to men in uniform as a result of the present Syria Crisis. Let this energy of the military uniform take charge, empower Republicans and maybe then they’ll spearhead the impeachment.

  11. Trump is a self admitted genius and ran one of the most prestigious University's in the entire world ""TRUMP UNIVERSITY"" where the most important intelligent graduates out there today are MAGA ""or not? """

  12. Schiff is diverting discussion away from his involvement in military equipment financing and the Standard Hotel and respective murders.

  13. DEMS: Abuse…THE GREY people. Nothing colourful here, just same old same old. Lies upon lies…sick and psychotic.

  14. Most republicans know trump is a madman out of control, but lack the guts to stand up to him….History will remember them as puppets, with the only objective of enriching themselves for as long as possible, and NOT serving the public interest…….. It's time to stand up!!!

  15. why dont you stop focusing on persons, and look behind the scenes the truth about it all might become clear. there is a reason and a hidden hand moving around the players and even this President is a puppet to some extent to those who wield power in your country, and it is neither left or right minded, that is just the facade they want you to believe is important. To them power is power. and the way you get it is not important

  16. They are off their rocker, too! 😁……………………….Maybe off their meds as well! They are certifiable nuts! 😁😁😁😀

  17. These socialistic Dems are acting like this is already a dictatorial one-party system, and, in truth, it pretty much has been, with a uni-party controlled by the Deep State since 1963. Time for Americans to rise up and be counted!

  18. Most people in the mainstream news media know the Dems are lying with phony accusations and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump & want to impeach him, but where were those same Dems when Biden was interfering in Ukraine to save his son from an investigation? No one said a thing. Obama and Biden were probably the most war-mongering President & Vice President we've ever had with Hillary & their lies about Libya and Syria to bomb them, yet most of our news media in the US and EU backed bombing these countries. What kind of responsible news media is that? Biden's a crook just like the other Dem Leaders & everyone in the news knows it! Biased much? What a joke!

  19. Kudos to Trump. Ukraine wants to clean up corruption in their country and Trump wants to clean up the corruption in our country by exposing Biden for the crook he is. There's nothing illegal about that because Ukraine got the money from the US so there is no Quid pro quo. The Democrats have such a disdain for the President and they are swinging at thin air hoping to hit something by taking every little word and twisting it till they can make it seem like there's something not right going on. Quit wasting our tax dollars and go do something productive for the people who pay your salaries (taxpayers).

  20. This interviewer has 'gone rogue' she has gone to the 'Dark' side- acting as though this fiasco by the Dems is legit!!!

  21. So no one cares that the DNC and Ukraine both meddled in 2016 election to help Hillary? Or the fact that $1.8 Billion in Aid to Ukraine went missing TWICE? No One cares where OUR tax payer money went?

  22. It's clear demon-crats are dumbazz's, they clearly don't have the vote…alll the demon-crats need to be voted out !!!

  23. The Republican politicians are doing an amazing job and forcing democraps to follow the laws, and our constitution. These people are traitors and should be treated as such.

  24. Adam Schiff is a real patriot, being attacked and vilified on a daily basis and still doing what he thinks is correct for the country.

  25. Why the hell is this host bringing up stupid comments on pelosi?
    Schitt needs see someone for habitual lying. It's a mental disorder.

  26. The dimms are the dumbest. It is amazing that they have not realized they have just dug own graveyards, and they would soon be burying themselves!

  27. All the President has to do is send one tweet asking every Patriot to descend upon DC to back him up…. nought said! Article 2 Section 3 gives him. Trump , the President the power… protect the Constitution and the President. Hold the vote Dems… dare you too. Then we will have subpoena power… we the people aren't stupid.
    Trump 2020

  28. Why are only 10% of the GOP legislators fighting this madness?
    The 10% are patriots, the rest are MIA…do you expect voter loyalty for that cowardly fecklessness?
    STAND UP…or resign.

  29. The criminal child trafficking and drug trafficking socialist communist Democratic Party is off the rail . They know they are busted for espionage and treason. Also for crimes against humanity

  30. This is nothing short of a "kangaroo court". If this was in actual court of law, it would have been thrown out a long time ago. The democrats are acting like a mob of unruly children who know they won't get their way and refuse to accept the facts.

  31. House Democrats are Majority, but yet they are technically on the defense "what?", could it be because their not fighting for the right cause? Their just an aggravent, like a pesky net until you swat'em. Thanks to the strong minority "Red" "so strong" with moral standing, it's evident we have the capability, and will, hold sea back for safe crossing. Good buy "Dems👎" …TRUMP 2020👍

  32. Anyone with a half a brain can read the Transcript and know the truth. Why do we keep hearing that story about the president trying to coerce aid against Biden. Its all friggin nonsense.

  33. After Pres Trump is elected in2020 , Adam schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Schumer , Waters, Cummings,and about 45 to 50 more dems need to be indicted for election tampering!

  34. Mr Adam is a lawyer/ former federal prosecutor … He knows what he's doing which is why the weak hypocritical obstructors are crying foul rather than complying .. All because they know damm well

  35. I'm starting to think the reason for "House rules and precedents not being followed" is because the Democrats need to do absurd things just to get team trump to cooperate.
    Under normal circumstances, Nancy would ask for documents and Donald would provide the documents. But since Donny is not willing to cooperate, the Democrats need to do things that are not standard policies.
    And that unusual way of doing things is what the GOP is yelling about (all the while it's the GOP causing the weirdness to happen)

  36. What I see here Are some of the most Un Educated comments I have Ever looked upon ,! I'll information, ! Propaganda TV !

  37. Smear tactics from these DemonRats to disrupt and obstruct. What else is new? President Trump, stand your ground and exercise your rights and authority! Crush these DemonRats, everyone of them!

  38. Demo are scared we the people will see their real reason they hate our PRESIDENT WHY! Because he won the election the people voted for end ….

  39. This mess just proves Trump’s abilities and talents as a top business man and President. Just image trying to do any job under these conditions much less as our President and most powerful person on the planet. I doubt this hurt our President long term.The damage to the office of the President is being undermined and our ridiculous scrabbles aired for the 🌎 to see must to the enjoyment of our enemies. Who the f—k do these people think they are? They have no right to damage our Presidency. If they had any facts all this could have been done with privacy. But no! They want to sling as much mud (💩) as they can hoping something will stick? “Even a bling pig finds an acorn now and then.”Shifty needs to be punished and gone from our government in any way shape or form. Nancy and Chuck sent to the ineffective and delusional nursing home. (They could continue this by Bernie if he was sent too. How about an email petition on Shifty? If I knew how to start one, I would. Leave OUR(not theirs) country alone and let our President alone. (Why didn’t Hilary ever get punished? If I were Martha Stewart I’d be pissed 😡⚡️🇺🇸🌎🇺🇸🇺🇸

    on Shifty?

  40. Schitt has an alternative waiting. He aint bothered
    He will be offered the role of villain-TG relation of the Ninja Mutant Turtles in their next movie. (No need for make up or mask, he's a natural)

  41. 1) That PUTIN-OWNED "Freedom Caucus" has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH FREEDOM. They're ALL G.O.Pigshit TRAITORS!

  42. Watch old CBS NEWS with Dan Rather's Reporting of the evening news. He pitched his head as to questioning FACTS in total theatrics.


  44. Biggs said that Schiff's phony parody indicated he doesn't take this charge seriously, because parody is supposed to be comedic. He got that point wrong. The liberal-entertainment establishment has long been using comedy to attack the right generally and the presidency specifically to shape the opinions of that viewerbase. It was a deliberate, carefully considered choice that Schiff made to do that, calculated to foist the mobster image and his narrative on what would otherwise have been an unremarkable exchange.

  45. Fox News is coming under the thumb of the Deep State, this is very disturbing. I know you u guys have noticed a shift in the bias on Fox, too, they're starting to attack Trump more. We need to create our own network like Trump said and stop listening to this propaganda.

  46. It's scary how STUPID the Socialist Democratic Voter is. Something has got to be done with America's Education System.

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