Real Lawyer Goes To Court in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney • Professionals Play


  1. The reason the burden of proof is on the defense (aside from it being a game mechanic) is because the game is a satire of the Japanese legal system and their extremely high conviction rate- it is basically ‘you have to prove you’re not guilty’.

  2. Did you have to make her read everything? This video would have been so much better if more than half of it was not her reading everything. I just want to see her reactions

  3. I’d honestly LOVE to see her reaction to miles hiding the updated Autopsy report

    is it weird I’m still salty about that?

  4. One thing I realized about this case is that Sahwit himself pretty much proved the clock was 3 hours slow that day.

    Sahwit: I found the body around 1 PM!

    But according to the autopsy report, she died around 4 PM.

    Sahwit: oh, I heard the time being announced on the TV.

    But the electricity was out at that time

    Sahwit: oh, my bad. I saw the time from that table clock.

    This statue of the thinker is a clock and the murder weapon but the only way you can know that it is a clock is by going into the apartment and using it!!! No one can just know that it was a clock by just looking at it. You are pretty much revealing yourself as the murderer right now.

    Sahwit: well….. prove that it was 3 hours slow then!

    Well….. you said that you saw the time from the clock which is your explanation as to why you think the time of death was 1 PM instead somewhere around 4PM. That IS you admitting that the clock was 3 hours slow.

    Sahwit: ……………. yeah, but you still can’t prove that it was 3 hours slow on the day of the murder!

  5. We need more of the lawyer doing more Phoenix Wright!!! Just get her to do kore videos. She is very exciting and entertaining!!!!

  6. Am I the only one who got the pun "Mr. Sahwit"? It sounds like "Mr. Saw-it" cuz he claims he saw Larry Butz and Phoenix mocks him by saying "Mr Did-it"

  7. I think there is a major problem too with a system there you may choose NOT to answer where you were during the crime.

  8. 1.) What if the client wants to speak for himself?
    2.) What if the "guilty" has a bad memory and isn't actually lying?

  9. Those were not members of the Jury. It was the Gallery. This game takes place in a universe where all court proceedings are handled by a Judge.

  10. Oh my god it's over dramatized on purpose. She's WAY too nitpicky. Do you really think a completely accurate law game would be any fun?

  11. Yeah my initial thought about whether or not the defendant can be called to the stand was, "Japan's legal system may have a different rule about that but I'm not sure. The only thing I'm certain they got accurate to their system is that Japan has one form of capital punishment: hanging

  12. Actually, Ace Attorney is a mix of American, Japanese, & Custom court laws. So..
    Also, you can't apply the constitution here because it's not being used.

  13. I think it would be neat to see a Japanese lawyer comment on it, since the game is more of a satire on the Japanese legal system.

  14. OBJECTION!!!!! See how you said this game took place in the 80’s well no! The game took place in the future so in the game it is 2016.

  15. 5:25 OBJECTION! the game was realesed in japan in 2001 and the game it self takes place in 2015 so not in the 80's

  16. 1:36 “Larry needs a minute to come down off of the meth” 😂😂

    Also why is she saying the victim “brought the clock with her” she obviously bought it in Paris lol

  17. This game really brought out her character lmaoo she legit looked like having fun playing and explaining the rights and wrongs.

  18. These video where a lawyer plays ace attorney don't have sense.
    -Ace attorney takes place in the future
    -Ace attorney takes place in japan
    -Ace attorney has is own legal system, with is own rules, wich is explained for example, in rise from the ashesh.
    It doesn't make any sense to confront the game with the american legal system.

    Sorry for the grammar. I don't speak english

  19. OMG I like this girl so much because she is so funny and good, she is a lawyer and I want to be a lawyer to as well and I like her information.

  20. Sho Takumi created this game to be a satire and an indictment of the Japanese legal system. He wanted to demonstrate that the way the Japanese legal system operated wrongful convictions of innocent people were inevitable.

    The success and cult status that the game obtained in Japan actually made Japanese law officials take a look hard look at the way trials operated in Japan and make attempts to remedy some of the system's inherent flaws. They weren't entirely successful but the Japanese legal system is in a much better place than where it was before the game was released. I mean… They even have jury trials now, something that Japan never had for a good part of its several-millennial old history.

    And, yes, it was all because a silly funny visual novel pointed out the outrageousness of the Japanese legal system and argued for some more common sense to be implemented into it.

    It's a real shame that this point was lost in localisation. Then again, I don't see how they could have handled it, seeing that the American and Japanese legal system are extremely different.

  21. You can't compare Phoenix Wright to a real-life lawyer why because it's Japanese law an American country well at least for the English version American law is different than Japanese law and for the Phoenix Wright game

  22. I like how she instantly knows like when Mr. Sahwit is mentioned, She literally already knows and says "Why isn't that guy a suspect?"

  23. A real lawyer playing a game full of parody and satire of the legal system… I need an entire gameplay series with this lady, I simply love her commemtary and watch her playing all the games of the series (Miles Edgeworth's games included) would be just EPIC!
    Especially 'cause with all the funny stuff and the crazyness that happen in this games, I'm sure she could find the gameplay entertaining too

  24. Objection: the game takes place in Japan the us virson censerd it so this is based off Japanese law. You can tell from the badge.

  25. "People can't lose sight of the fact that the defense attorney is the only person in the room whose obligation is NOT to do justice". Lawrence Vogleman Defense Attorney and board member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  26. I've heard the Phonex Wright games described as "Games about a Lawyer made by people who have clearly never been involved with a court case whatsoever."
    Seems fairly accurate.

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