Prologue. Superman & Batman | Justice League 4k SDR


  1. The Batman vs Superman fight was Epic. What sucked was the Doomsday story and depiction and all the stupid flashbacks.

  2. This may be harsh and can get bad backlash but remember….. it's my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

    You still here?



    Here we go

    The animated film Justice League War was better than this but only by a hair

  3. Right when I saw how cheap this beginning was I was like fuck, that’s that. I walked out after they fought Superman and never watched the movie fully again.

  4. Ι liked the fight scene with the Batman and the thief…. I hated the plot of the movie. I think that these superheroes movies must be like The Rocheteer or Tim Burtons Batman or Dick Tracy. 1938 is the right year for the superheroes to exist!

  5. The building with the alarm looks exactly like the building in Arkham Knight on Miagoni Island that has the century guns on it with the guys walking across the bridge.

  6. Superman's suit looked freaking terrible in this film. God why did they have to ruin this. The bad CGI, bad writing, antagonist with no clear motivation, the forced tension between League members. I don't blame Joss Whedon, I blame him and WB and whoever reviewed this before release thinking this shit would do well. BvS was a thousand times better!!!!

  7. Batman Thing To Do: Jump to face something scary
    Not a Batman Thing To Do: Mention Alfreds Name in front of criminal, Forget about criminal and stolen goods
    Criminal Thing To Do: Commit Crimes
    Not A Criminal Thing To Do: Stay near and chat with BATMAN

  8. This scene's portrayal of Batman is not consistent at all with Dawn of Justice's, Joss Whedon really changed the tone of the film

  9. Man, this is looks like complete ass. No suspense at all. Affleck looks like a goofball in JL. In BVS he looked fierce. In here he just looks like he no longer wants to be Batman.

  10. I'm sorry but this prologue was terrible and is the spot when I left the movie theater. Tell what part of this opening was bad ass and I'll call you a liar. This man back flipped off a water tower with the effects of a 90's film, when the bad guy pulls that sack over his shoulder and sees Batman it looks like someone painted the POV shot of Batman, Batman's movements look off and weird especially climbing, his under forearm with his BatGps tracker looks all types of terrible… I'd rather a 3D Hologram then anything and come the fuck on… This Demon just flew Batman around just to land right back beside the bad guy on the same building they took off from?… Jesus christ this was bad

  11. Just release the fuckin Snyder cut for Christ sake , this movie was gonna be big for me and important to me especially when I grew up watching the animated show , and this is what we get ?! I was completely disappointed walking out the theater….shame.

  12. I liked this sequence. It showed Batman use many moves and gadgets, and it had some epic shots, especially the one where the thing is stuck in the web and he's in front of it.

  13. I know it gets a lot of hate, but I think that intro with Superman is a great scene as it shows how people looked up to him and how he took the time to talk

  14. From the very first scene Snyder doesn’t even understand Superman. Superman would’ve been kneeled down taking pictures with those kids asking them questions about life stuff like that. Not awkwardly standing away from them halfheartedly answering questions

  15. The fight choreographer should have been fired never mind criticism for this movie because even with good choreography this movie was in my opinion amongst the worst superhero films ever made. It's like the WB literally went back to where they left off with the 1997 Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" approach to film making and for the hell of it they used cliche kid friendly Saturday morning themed music and dialogue with a hint of Michael Bay's over the top usage of CGI explosions and there you have it, one big steaming pot of (you feel in the blank or) shall I say wasted super hero properties. I tried watching this and I soon found myself fast a sleep 😴 on it, I believe 3 times in the theater and I even bought the darn DVD for the sake of Ben Affleck's Batman being in the movie, none the less I found it being quiet the cure for my amsomnia at the time to which within 30 to 35% inside of trying to watch this movie I'd be sound a sleep always waking up to the main menu.

  16. 4:37 Ben Affleck performing Parcour with a heavy rubber Hollywood suit over a 4 foot distance in front of a green screen..

  17. So you’re telling me they spent million of dollars to CGI superman’s moustache away, instead of giving him a fake moustache in the other movie? Smh….

  18. Blows my mind everytime I see that Superman lip CGI….HOW DOES A PROJECT THAT'S WORTH HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SUCKS THAT BAD?!!??!?!?!!?

  19. Honestly, that cell phone interview footage is totally pointless, so why the hell would they leave it in with such a glaring CGI fail?

  20. Fucking WB and Whedon presents……..Josstice League. I cant wait for the snyder cut to be released you know the REAL JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

  21. I don't care what anyone says
    The day Joss whedon touched this film, the movie was already DOOMED


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