‘Presidents Are Not Kings’: Judge Says Trump Can’t Block Subpoena | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



  2. There are numerous opinions of remedies for this situation one can find reading the history of our Founding. One that was discarded in the Continental Congress regarding a President who would abuse his power, was assassination. Franklin had to cool the heads of those calling for this to be put into the Constitution. I think they should have. The other things is, doesn't anyone get if WE don't stop him, the other world leaders, good and bad, might take things into their own hands? Even Putin walks around looking over his shoulder although he probably has an assassin following Trump around. I'm sure the SS knows that. It's not just saving our country, it's about saving the world.

  3. Judge Ketanji Brown is an angry Democrat, never Trumper, radical lefty, Marxist, member of MS 13, who killed Lincoln, JFK, MLK, Gandhi and Princess Di.

  4. Yeah! They're Not suppose to be acting as monarch (kings/queens) but they suuure do act like if they are, as if above-the-law(s)?! And making their own as need fit?! B.S. currupt/crooked politicians!

  5. So this means the Democrats can make Donald J Trump testify! Just do that! Put DJT on the stand Under Oath, and we can all wrap this thing up !

  6. Taking the DOJ to the woodshed. About friggin' time someone does. This sh*t show has gone on far too long. Do not be relaxed though my fellow voters: It may well be up to us to straighten this out on election day 2020. My slogan is: TAKE OUT THE TRASH IN 2020 – VOTE!

  7. I like to watch your show. However you tend to repeat yourself over and over. If you want to keep our attention. Stick to the facts…just once.

  8. I’ll say one thing for the criminal organization which is the Trump presidency – their flagrant abuse of power and unlawful actions have provoked some absolutely awesome pronouncements from US federal judges.

  9. Yeah,, rule of law Madcow. If you can't successfully impeach a president in July, then have closed door sessions to rewrite the "rule of law to impeach" and try him again and again until you waste so much taxpayer money that Pelosi holds up the new free trade bill, screwing over businesses and farmers. Yeah, rule of law.

  10. Of the people for the people by the people ,we the people – are responsible for justice or snot : sometime s one must burn the devil's out at the root : impeachment will do , perhaps for now . Rico Rico gitmo….

  11. News Flash! The fact is, presidents have far MORE power than kings, ESPECIALLY, the Leader of the Free World, who just so happens to be President Donald John Trump. Thank the Lord God Almighty, for this fact.

  12. The Animal Farm reference @3:45 (in a footnote) is, fairly blatantly, yet still obliquely, calling President Trump a PIG…

    (Since the 'Some animals are more equal than others' quote is a direct reference to the pigs (the privileged, wealthy, dishonest and corrupt ruling elitie- Trump's cabinet full of rich robber barons and white supremacists, in this analogy) that ran the animal farm. This was very likely an intentional dig at Trump's criminality.

    So… How long until people start getting sent to the glue factory?

    'I will work harder!!' (the parallels are obvious! Which Trump's morally bankrupt manipulation of his base makes clear! Have they forgotten that 12-15 years ago he was solidly pro-choice, pals with the Clintons, pro free trade and pro big government, and an outspoken democrat? The other animals on his farm that follow him need to WAKE UP and realize that he has ZERO principles, he simply 'believes' whatever benefits him at any given moment!

    (Well, to be fair, he has SOME principles- his obvious greed, racisim, misogyny, lawlessness, narcissism, and hubris have been fairly consistent!)

  13. Trump supporters and the rethuglikans think trump is allowed to do whatever he wants because of some made up "article" in his head. Article 2 says no such thing, but it's not like I expect magaTs to know that and the Republicrooks are going along with it so they can get what they want.

  14. 🍇🍊🍌🍍🥭🍏🥔🍓🥝🥕🌽🥒🥬🥦🥜🥨🍟🍔🧀🍖🍗🥩🍵☕🥛🍷🍸🍹🍺🥃🥤 🍿
    I have snacks and drinks for anyone who wants them to watch this train wreck 😂😂😂

  15. Huckabee states 'The president reads more than anyone I know'?.. Obviously, everything but the 'bible' for those taking positions such as this! The name Trump was ALWAYS shady but now it will be historical for its damage and corrupt actions that have contributed to the deaths of innocents, continue misery of honest people and the most poignant example of how EVIL money really is!!!

  16. Oh and a small point for the Son's of Loop da Loop! Yes you will inherit whats left of your fathers dirty cash but you will also inherit the disgrace that will chase you to your own graves. We ALL know you dont see this or even care because the $ is your drive! Just remember you cant take it with you! When the fat orange head of your crime syndicate is on his final journey to the fiery depths below then get ready for all the shame and the animosity that is awaiting…Give it a week or two and papa maybe back as I can see the Devil not allowing the name Trump to challenge his own reputation!!!

  17. 5 more years of TRUMP YEAH. we REP-VOTERS can only take 50.percent for this the 50. percent come from cnn, msnbc. thanks for 2016, and 2020 we love you

  18. if Mr. Trump actually asked Russia to intervene in the election. The
    dangerous consequences of this are so big. Russia will hold on to the
    evidences to control Mr. Trump. And like that, Mr. Trump will be
    extorted from money constantly, and truly become a kind of henchman.
    Even if the Russians directly intervened with no intention of profiting
    from this, it was obvious that the information about this matter was
    deliberately stolen by their subordinates. And so, the danger when
    Russia intervenes in the election is huge.
    The question is why is trying to be the President doing that way, then having to be an unconditional minion for others for life?

  19. Getting away with refusing to co-operate with the Mueller investigation, defying subpoenas issued and the blind eye turned to the provocation of Bezos, trump obviously thought he was teflon.

  20. Rachel you are the Best at what you do!! so I ask again — Who died?? what's with the Black every night ??? with you doing your expert work!!! we need you in color!!!

  21. This judge was appointed by Obama, so her posturing about "kings" was just her Trump hatred. All McGahn has to do is show up, invoke executive privilege, and then the courts will take it up further. This is a non-story really.

  22. As Rachel read this, I could hear drums and fifes playing, and see our great flag waving through cannon fire from the White House surrounding it.


  24. These "enabler's" in the GOP should consider how they will be recorded in History. Which side of the fence do they want to be?
    How do they want to be remembered?
    What will school children be taught about their actions in 200 years or more?
    Will their families be proud?

  25. Trump supporters do not realize that they are committing treason, because they do not understand the Constitution of the United States of America. I've had to take the loyalty oath quite a number of times, so I am quite clear that I swore to defend the Constitution, not any particular government.

  26. yes, kneecape . OR KNEECAPED . is a verbe ….
    Exemple : giuliani once in prison , maybe kneecaped … ( get the legs broken )

  27. The Constitution has been taking quite a beating from these republicans. Judge Jackson is simply trying to bring everyone back to reality.

  28. Rachel you need some real life experience to know what it means to "knee cap" someone. The preferred weapon was a .22 LR pistol.

  29. "Justice delayed is justice denied".
    Our governmental norms were not designed to deal with rapid abuses of an autocratic President. Short attention span media viewers have hard time keeping mental continuity between delays waiting for judicial rulings, and hence do not pressure their elected representatives to appropriate action. Combine this with a calculated propaganda fog, and truth is obscured. Rachel Maddows style of setting up stories is essential for media consumers to follow. Delay as a tactic needs to be addressed as a way of keeping a check on government abuse and effective separation of powers REGISTER AND VOTE.

  30. BOLTON is the emasculated, money -hungry, elderly vulture who needs to put his dentures back in and remember his oath to the constitution and the nation of the people of the United States. He is now merely a toothless disgrace.

  31. Have to love Judge Jackson.I think that she is tying to make it clear that any court willing to take an appeal in this case is treading on well established constitutional law.

  32. Trump is the king of corrupt people trying to govern. He is a criminal and must be stopped as soon as possible by whatever means necessary.

  33. Anyone who says “i could go out on fifth avenue and shoot someone and no one can do anything to me” has told you all that you need to know. Don’t make them have to tell you again.

  34. Trump is a rebel. A rogue. A loose maniac. He’s destroying everything with his insane lies and rants, deceit, etc. lord have mercy on his brokenness. We need to eliminate him from office. He’s literally ignoring and running from whats happening.

  35. Rachel….I know I'm just a crazy old man but isn't there a remedy for contempt of congress. Don't they have a jail at the congress and the capitol police to enforce it? So what's the problem?

  36. This Ukraine sham has since been acknowledged by pres.Trump himself, by M. Mulvaney and confirmed by a series of witnesses. If this does not have (major) consequences, indeed justice is not found in the USA, shame on the nation! Then we better burn the constitution, just buy a gun and shoot everyone on 5th Av.

  37. Can we toss those trump toadies in jail for not showing up?
    Then let trump go to court to try and get them out.
    They are pushing the envelope. Let's push back -please.

  38. Fiona Hill is a Foreign Service Officer. She has been to Ukraine and Egypt and South Africa and South India and the Solomon Islands and any other place that is in turmoil

  39. I'm not American, so someone correct me if I have things wrong here: the President appoints the attorney General, who then (believes he) has the power to make rulings about whether anyone can or cannot testify against the person who gave him the job!


  40. So when are some younger Americans gonna post a march on the Senate date?
    If you show up it scares the crap outta them.
    That worked in the 60s against the KKK.
    Forced the end of VN war after national guards shot unarmed Kent State students.
    Remember Occupy America movement that spread worldwide?? Get motivated, organize, get permits & SHOW UP !! Just do it.

  41. I've always said Trump is a wannabe authoritarian. Meanwhile, repugnlicants call out communism and support this bozo.

  42. Trouble is, it something to say "you must come to the hill to testify," quite another to actually answer any questions delivered by congress.
    Truth is our democracy has serious holes in it. And unfortunately money/fame/golden parachute, what have you, is the Fifth Estate.
    Our democracy is for the most part a overly wrought, convoluted version of a pinky-swear.

  43. I Will Never Be Distracted.
    I am still waiting for HIS Tax Returns, an unredacted Mueller Report, a deal with CHINA 🇨🇳, an enforcement of the Emoluments clause, Universal Background Checks for ALL gun sales, Federal Legalization of Marijuana and a possible solution to the Opiod Crisis, Humane Treatment of Asylum Seekers, Permanent Resident Status for ALL in the Dreamers Act, (A Republican Plan for Government Universal Healthcare & Climate Change 🤭🤣😂)… Sorry the Republican Joke was just sitting there. THEY don't have any plans for stuff like the health of the people or the planet! #JustSayin' 🙄
    I'm NOT distracted by the current administration's inability to be truthful about anything at all.
    -No Quid Pro Quo-
    Si Quid Pro Quo
    •On audio, video & in writing✓
    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  44. The 🇺🇸 Constitution is meaningless? Laws & Government issued Subpoenas are to be ignored as long as you swear your loyalty to Donald 💯% & you're a member of the GOP!
    There seems to be no other option but the 2020 🇺🇸 elections and that's being set up again for a win by outside forces. 🇷🇺
    Impeach & Convict, but DonTheCon is fully protected by MoscowMitch, Miss Lindsey, Minion Barr, Devin Nunes & the Republican party!

    -No Quid Pro Quo-
    Si Quid Pro Quo
    •On audio, video & in writing✓

    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  45. Remember that ex-Russian spy and his daughter who were poisoned in the UK (2018) with a nerve toxin? Is it unreasonable to presume this was received as a threat to anyone who betrays Russian "Intelligence?" Is it unreasonable to presume this is how the GOP received that news? Is it unreasonable to presume the GOP may be reasonably afraid not only for themselves, but family members as well? Is it unreasonable to presume they should probably have no business at all interfering with this particular impeachment process as a conflict of interests?

  46. How come the Supreme Court doesn’t just say , they will not hear any appeals coming from the DOJ, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, OR THE WHITE HOUSE?

  47. Here’s a Summary for those of you who care to
    know the REAL reason why the House of Representatives are calling for impeachment
    of President Trump.

    Hunter Biden is former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son. He is 45 years old with
    a long history of drug abuse. Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military in
    2014 for testing positive for cocaine. Shortly after that he was appointed to
    the board of directors of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private producer of gas.

    Two weeks before he was appointed, his father the Vice President of the United
    States encouraged Ukrainian leaders to place him on their board. Hunter Biden
    has ZERO experience or knowledge in the gas industry or in the Ukraine. He was
    paid $50,000 a month for his position on the board and a money transfer of 3
    MILLION dollars was made from the Ukraine through Latvia, Cyprus, and finally
    to the US into accounts owned by Hunter Biden.

    The top prosecutor in the Ukraine  was investigating corruption and was
    getting ready to interview Hunter Biden regarding his dealings with Burisma and
    the apparent money laundering of the 3 million dollars. Before hunter Biden
    could be interviewed Joe Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government and
    threatened to withhold over 250 MILLION in US foreign aid unless the prosecutor
    was fired. The prosecutor was fired. The investigation into hunter Biden and
    Burisma ended, the Ukraine got the financial aid.

    Hunter Biden was also involved in a deal with China where his father the Vice
    President was working on US business. This deal netted hunter Biden over 1.5
    BILLION dollars! That story will bust wide open next. I mean what would cause
    China to hand over 1.5 BILLION dollars to a known drug addict who just happens
    to be the son of the Vice-President? Think that through America. It gets

    The Vice-President Joe Biden took his son Hunter on Air Force Two with him to
    China in 2013. Ten DAYS after that trip, the Bank of China signed this deal
    with Hunter Biden’s company for over a 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS!! Some of this money
    went to a company called Henniges who makes very sensitive military
     equipment for the US military.

    Wanna know who else was involved in the China deal as Hunter Biden’s Partners?
    You can’t make this stuff up people! While John Kerry was Secretary of State
    his stepson Chris Heinz and mob boss Whitey Bulger’s nephew Billy Bulger we’re
    partners in the company along with Hunter Biden. Wow right? The sons of the two
    most prominent decision makers in America!! How did that escape scrutiny!!

    Amazing how the media isn’t even a tiny bit interested in this, and how as soon
    as it starts getting reported, they start impeachment proceedings against
    President Trump! They are hoping no one is paying attention, that the American
    people are too stupid, lazy, indifferent, and apathetic to pay attention. Don’t
    be one of those Americans. For goodness sake wake up and start actually
    thinking again instead of letting the media tell you what and when to be
    outraged about. Good grief what has happened to critical thinking?? Do most
    people even know they are merely pawns?

  48. [ lets not forget[ …to dig into the truth… this is a fact..the very same thing the biden his baby hunter have been doing…..here is some fun…dig into nancy and her spawn son have a certain
    Recently there have been a number of stories about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, being associated with oil and gas in the Ukraine. Recently there have been a number of stories about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, being associated with oil and gas in the Ukraine. But Joe Biden is not the only high level politician with family members associated with the Ukraine. In fact Nancy Pelosi’s own son, Paul Pelosi Jr also Recently there have been a number of stories about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, being associated with oil and gas in the Ukraine. But Joe Biden is not the only high level politician with family members associated with the Ukraine. In fact Nancy Pelosi’s own son, Paul Pelosi Jr also…SEE THE OUTER LIGHT VIDEO…oct.5 2019

  49. Somebody needs to speak up about medicare being a Senior's insurance. And, that those that are before age 65 have to buy their own insurance plus make payments each to medicare. Most have paid into medicare their whole work life. Right now medicare is being robbed and will not be there when due. That is a threat to Senior's insurance.

  50. If he can't block subpoenas how come he is being allow to do it? If he can't block them and does what are the consequences? To say vote him out office it not an answer breaking the laws. Either he's allowed to do or he's not allowed to do it. If nothing is done, how can anyone say doing it is not allowed?

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