Power Rangers Mystic Force – Tribunal of Magic | Episode 19 “Dark Wish”

(water gurgling) (sighing) (serene choral music) [Xander] This is intense. [Vida] Look. You are the first to get to the Tribunal of
Magic in three centuries. You are wasting our time and yours. They have made it this far, they are entitled to be heard. Speak. Hi, the name’s Xander. Enough, we do not care about a name. Why are you here? I think you’d better
handle this one, Nick. Well uh, to cut to the chase, there’s this bad guy Imperius who uh, stole our genie and made
him grant him a wish. He wished that the Power
Rangers uh, never existed. You are the Power Rangers? Yeah. I’m yellow, he’s red, this is. Enough. Go home. There is nothing we can do for you. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. We were told that you could
reverse a genie’s wish. We can. But we won’t. Go! (somber music) [Madison] I don’t believe this. [Vida] Lets go. Wait. Why is it that you want
this wish reversed? Because our magic has
been taken away from us, and dark magic now rules the world. So your world still has magic. Well yeah, but it’s
dark, and evil, and icky. [Madison] Yeah. We do not judge good or evil magic, we just ensure that there is magic. Okay guys seriously, you
can’t say dark, evil magic is the same as having
good, wondrous magic. No, it isn’t the same. I’m curious, just how
was your genie stolen? We had been in battle after battle, we were tired, we asked
Solarus to use a genie, and when he did Jenji was captured. And who was responsible for this loss? No one was responsible,
it just happened. Sometimes things just happen. It would serve you best
not to raise your voice. We are not the ones responsible
for losing your genie. And what, you’re saying we are? I think it best we change the subject. Let’s see. What would you do if we were to grant the reversal of the wish? We would go back and fight the darkness and restore the world to the way it was. And there’d be color and laughter,
and people could be free. And Toby would have his store back, and we’d all have music. And Udonna would have root core. And we’d have our dragon back. And I’d have my cape back. What? It may not mean much to
you, but it does to me. They present a good case. Yes. We need to confer. [Nick] Come on. We admire the ability
it took to get here. We applaud the case you presented us. By the powers entrusted in us,
we do not grant your request. Go home. Come on.

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