Power Carved Ripple Bench | woodworking how to

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and
today we are going to make a bench and then power carve some texture into it
Arbortech was nice enough to sponsor this video and send us a bunch of
really cool new tools to play with so thank you Arbortech! we got our first
taste of power carving while we were hanging out with April Wilkerson and
we definitely wanted to do it again and we’re making a bench because we have one right now in our entryway but it’s kind of embarrassing. it was an earlier project… and that’s all we need to say moving on so this new
design it’s gonna be a pretty simple design because we really want the
texture to be the start of the show the bench is designed like a box without the bottom: four sides and a top. and to keep a modern vibe we’re using hairpin legs
we definitely recommend doing some test carving first to get a feel for the tool
and not have to worry about your final piece. that looks so artsy and cool. looks like you know what you’re doing we’re gonna try using some pecan for the first time it has these really
cool striations so hopefully that’ll look cool with the texture we’re going
for time for a lazy planing! Will it fit? It will
barely we traced the first piece to get the
right length for the sides of our bench so in cutting the pecan yesterday we
realized that this is a really hard wood we just want to make sure we can carve the texture we want into it so we’re going to man way better no tear out nothing look at that. That’s so good. Wanna try it? Yeah. we lined up our top inside pieces before permanently
attaching anything I think the grain looks really nice over here matches up
ah we marked where our pieces would join together and all the spots to drill
pocket holes okay can you see my hands because I want to put text like glue and screw you can now actually before we do that let’s
sand these flat what do you want to do for dinner haha we just had lunch shh shh shh ah you want tacos? so the pecan is a little warpy and it
wasn’t attaching at a 90-degree angle so we’re trying to remedy that with these
big ol clamps. Big ol clamps, big ol clamps! we measured this space here to get the right size for our end pieces we try to always make our cuts as we go
because with things like warpy wood and non-professional woodworking skills
things aren’t always gonna fit together the way you expect them to yeah it’s a tiny bit proud here tiny tiny
bit but it looks really good looks really good pocket hole time oh my gosh what if these are the table legs. what’s going on? hi! I think this is might be what we’re waiting. have a good one! oh my gosh that’s the legs I’m gonna be so excited- it’s the legs! sorry I got excited oh that’s gonna look good it’s gonna look really good okay we’ll figure out the legs
later for now, pocket holes I feel we’re preparing a sandwich sanding phase one low grit belt sander
hit the raised areas phase two high grit random orbit get a
nice surface finish phase three hand sand to take the edge off the corners. it’s like it was never warpy I see that you’ve upgraded your driver haha that’s awesome also I see that you needed to get a little bit more leverage. this is actually
pretty good. so at this point you have a perfectly acceptable bench but the whole reason we built this is to
do some power carving so we’re doing one last practice because
we were nervous and I started doing it and it was really tearing out and it’s
cuz I was going against the grain the blade spins across so you wanted to be
spinning across with the grain so we’re gonna try again with the grain all
smooth without the grain without the grain against the grain it’s crazy so
we’re about to go into power carving montage mode but we’ll try to mix in
some tips tip 1 instead of pushing hard into the wood lightly pull the TURBO
Plane towards you along the wood’s surface tip two place your cuts randomly so you
don’t accidentally form a pattern I’m so glad that you’re doing this
though you’re a lot better at it you’re better at being random mine just end up being in a line tip three don’t forget to carve all the way to the edges is it really satisfying to do? It’s like super satisfying I thought it would take way longer to sand. I thought it’d take way longer. it’s like a really smooth starting finish real quick we wanted to say thank you to
our patreon supporters we’re really active on patreon and have exclusive
videos pretty much every week Google Hangouts and lots of oversharing so if
you want to support us at patreon dot com slash evan and katelyn it would help us
make more videos and we’d be super grateful thank you next we added a
couple coats of shellac shellac’s pretty forgiving and we wanted
something easy to work with for this texture we usually use foam brushes and
would recommend those over the bristled ones shellac raises the grain so you have to
stand it between coats it’s it’s it actually feels horrible it is hard to sand the texture without pressing too hard one trick to get your
coats even is to shine a flashlight on the surface at a steep angle it’ll
show where it’s too thick and what spots you’ve missed thankfully the second coat
barely required any sanding you rub my shoulder, I rub the bench. hahaha yeah like I wanna just come out here and fly my drone. I wanna come out here and eat goldfish yeah we can come out here, eat goldfish, we can bring the bench again thank you guys for watching we had a lot of fun on this one it definitely made us
want to a) do more bigger projects like like more furniture pieces and b) put
this texture on everything so if you guys have any ideas of furniture pieces
that we can layer this texture on let us know in the comments below
plus I need more practice with this tool I think when I was doing it I was just
digging in and it was too aggressive and and Katelyn was better at it it does so
much of the work for you so you really have to have like at least for this
texture have a light hand go with the grain have a light hand let the tool be
the tool. let the tool- for our first time using it it was really easy and it’s fun it’s
kind of addicting if you want more information on this project if you want
to see what the original design was gonna be oh yeah you can find that in
our after-show at patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn thanks for watching bye that was
good only like 20 people thought we were crazy out here yeah I apologize
I have sneezed in your presence furniture peaches we could add this texture to- furniture peaches! I was gonna plow through that was really bad good job glue applicator good job
glue brushes good job wood for being receptive of this glue satisfying to the
senses to touch that’s not a weird thing to say totally normal thing to say. on the internet


  1. This bench reminds me of the pattern that waves crashing on the land leave. This bench is amazing!!

  2. katelyn: we used schlack because its pretty forgiving.
    me: so you could say it cut you some schlack😎😂

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  9. SUPER TIP: When trying to sand something like that you can use the very fine metalic sponges we use for the dishes. There are some scotch brite with powder soap in them, those are the best. You get a very smoth surface with little effort

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  12. My dad is in construction and I get to use some of his tools except for the Dangerous ones like saws, my favorite saw is the hotdog saw because it is safer then some of the other saws

  13. the texture looks great , it kinda brings more dept intoo the surface with the different reflections
    i might've tried to do the sides so there would be no end grain showing (the angle cut stuff and using cookies to line everything up forgot wat it is called ), i think along with using the side pieces as they come of the plank the continuing grain and coloring wouldve come out more as the piece being a solid chunk of wood thats 3 inch thick

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