the Constitution of the United States
established three co-equal branches of government to rule over its nation’s
citizens that are called the executive legislative and judicial branches with
this US Supreme Court being the only federal court authorized to exist but
whose article three states the judicial power of the United States shall be
vested in one Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from
time to time ordain and establish a contradiction to the power shared among
these three branches of government as it gave the legislative branch a foothold
in the judicial branch during the early part of the 20th century ladies and
gentlemen to the ending days of Obama Clinton regime activists in the
legislative branch belonging to both the Democrat and Republican political
parties began expanding u.s. federal district courts and filling them with
federal judges able to make and enforce rulings favorable to this nation’s elite
oligarch rulers that in turn created a multi-tiered judicial system more
favorable to the elite class than to the ordinary American citizens but whose
most catastrophic consequence of this saw the Democratic Party appointed
leftist federal judges shockingly changing America from a system of common
law to one being ruled by a single word law which is a system of rules that are
created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate
behavior with President Trump knowing that these leftist federal judges are
systematically destroying the very institutions of Christianity and
patriotism in America as it was founded on his historic countering of them with
150 common law federal judges intent on restoring their nation now sees these
radical socialists screaming that decades of progress
are at stake and warning that trumps dangerous takeover of our courts will
last a generation how would you describe the differences between you and justice
Cavanaugh you now serve with and also came through your clerkship with you
mean we’re not identical robots how are you different I mean we’re actually real
judges who come to our own independent points of view sounds like it imagine
that how do you describe those differences between you two that well I
think I think I think the statistic he played out was we we agreed 70 percent
of the time we disagreed 30 percent of the time in the hardest 70 cases in the
country every year I’d say that’s about right
all right what do you think about this I mean you know two big fake news stories
they’re never corrected they’re never updated is this just gonna go on and on
and on without any consequence because now you’re at Fox you can be the
Ombudsman you can be the fact checker and then you know we can let them know I
wish that I could say that these moments were surprising while they are very sad
and unfortunate they are not surprising at all this is something that we have
seen day in and day out as this type of information push there’s such a rush to
find things to attack this president for to blame this president for that they
don’t care if it’s right or not if they can get one person to say it happened
they’d run with it and I think you have shown that through all of these
instances the thing with CNN running out and pushing this narrative that the
president put operatives in danger is just another example of the media trying
to blame President Trump for the mistakes and the failures of the
previous administration we’ve seen it time and time again and I don’t think
that they’re gonna stop I wish I could say that at some point they will learn
their lesson I think the only thing that may teach them that this just isn’t
going to work is when they have to watch Donald Trump get reelected again and
when again in November of 2020 and they have another room full of crying
individuals this come November and I don’t know if that will help change but
maybe that will be that the catalyst they need
to start fact-checking some of this stuff before they run out just to try to
hurt the president Brian can be very therapeutic and this isn’t the first
time Sarah that CNN has done this you know you had the scare Moochie story
which was fake they had to fire people they had the Comey testimony the Cohen
testimony surveys both were fake the Don jr. had advanced knowledge of the
WikiLeaks stuff that was faked do you think that their sources that are
calling them and say you know I got a big scoop
you guys should run with this do you think the sources are just feeding them
fake news or what my guess is there’s a mix sometimes they think they have
something so they run with it other times maybe they’re getting fed that
information and they’re not doing the due diligence I mean some of these
things with a basic Google search you can find quickly are just not true but
they’re not putting that time in there because they are so eager and so excited
to tear this president down I’ve never seen a time when we are so happy to see
the destruction of the president of our own country and yet this media is
salivating over those moments and I think it is sad I think it is
unfortunate and hopefully they will start to learn something because they’re
having to retract so many of these statements but I don’t know if that’s
gonna happen I think again the only way maybe that does is when they watch
Donald Trump take the oath of office once again one of the other ways the
left is trying to take out the president is impeachment and we’ve seen little
Jerry Nadler he’s kind of the ringleader of that circus over in the house and we
dug up some sound Sarah of him in the 90s kind of singing a different tune
about impeachment listen to this if our conduct in this manner does not earn the
confidence of the American people then any action we take especially if we seek
to overturn the result of a free election will be viewed with great
suspicion and could divide a nation for years to come so now learn the 90s to
say you know if it’s a partisan exercise and if it doesn’t have the support of
the majority of the American people it’s gonna divide the country and we
shouldn’t do it but that’s exactly what he’s doing here look this is the
Democrat Party has become the party of convenience they are constantly
changing their positions to fit a contrast to attack the president we see
it on immigration we see it in this impeachment process and it is absurd you
can’t just start to impeach somebody because you’re afraid that you’re gonna
be beat in an election and you can’t start using this as a tool to take away
the votes of millions of Americans which is exactly what Democrats are trying to
do through this process and I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it and
I think it’s gonna look foolish and the country is far too smart to fall for
what the Democrats are trying to pull this is another example of where the
Democrats are gonna try to do something and fail they’ve done nothing in
Congress and I think that this is gonna go nowhere just like everything else
they’ve tried to do well you mentioned the fact that they’re doing this because
they think they can’t beat them and one of the reasons they’re not going to be
able to beat them is because the party is going so far left so far left in fact
even Bill Maher is panicking about the direction of the party here’s Bill on
MSNBC saying this thing’s a cancer watch how maddening is that to you that
they’re having this this race to the far left it’s not good it’s kind of a cancer
on progressivism I’ve been saying this for years that first of all you have to
stand up to Twitter Twitter isn’t us Twitter isn’t the the rank-and-file
Democrat it’s not even most liberals but they don’t do it this race is begging
for someone to do a kind of a sister souljah moment with with that far left
if you run on taking away people’s health care and taxing them too much and
taking away all their guns and trends women get abortion rights I think that
came up in the first debate I don’t think you’re gonna win this election
can’t believe I’m saying this I think Bill Maher is right I’ll give you the
last word I mean it’s hard to argue at the point he’s making which I like you I
never thought I would say I agree with Bill Maher but it’s true I was watching
the debate and I couldn’t believe that things coming out of the Democrats mouth
I thought surely this is a Saturday night why
skip and it can’t be real life but it was and it’s sad because they are
fighting each other to see who can get the furthest to the left I think it’s
not just dangerous for their party but it’s so dangerous for the country and it
is terrifying some of the ideas that they’re coming up with we heard time and
time again Democrats say that the reason that we have guns in this country is
because of corruption it’s not because of corruption it’s because it’s our
god-given right that was enshrined in the Constitution and the idea that they
want to challenge every bit of that they were fighting over how to go around the
Constitution at one point and whether or not they could just do executive orders
and say who cares about the Constitution it was unbelievable to listen to some of
the things coming out of their mouth and I think it’s a scary and dangerous road
that they’re going down hopefully they will take some advice and listen to Bill
Maher but if not I think that it’s just fine because that means it’s going to
ensure that President Trump is elected for four more years in November all
right Sarah welcome to the Fox News family and if Juan Williams give you a
hard time in the greenroom you just see me about that all right sure to let you
know all right thanks you


  1. Another Wake up call for the people. ! Sarah is missed at the Whitehouse, and she did bring up, valid points !
    Thank-you SH, for this video !

  2. The Democrat Party themselves offer the best reason why everybody still connected to their brain should vote for Trump 2020.
    "Vote for Democrats and we'll remove your 1st and 2nd amendment's immediately. Then we'd like you to lose your medical insurance whilst paying for all those poor illegal immigrants to get their treatment free of charge".
    Plenty other reasons to vote Trump 2020, but if those alone aren't enough have a word with your doctor – whilst you still can!! πŸ˜ƒ

  3. The lopsided left leaning corporate NEWS will NEVER fact check anything because they just don't care about anything that doesn't push their globalist technocracy agenda.

  4. As soon as president Trump wins the 2020 presidential election. We’ll see massive amounts of impeachments happening. Be patient and allow the process of inevitability to become a reality!!

  5. We have not had a legitimate congress since we became the U.S. Corporation. Our president has now freed us from the US Corporation to give back the country to, of and for the people.
    Soon, we will be rid of the central banks and federal reserve all owned by the 13 bloodlines of the secret societies. Our president has gotten back the gold stolen from us. He now has the key to the trust where all of the stolen money has been kept; stolen not only from the USA but other countries as well. It is enough to pay off our debt, including all private citizens credit card debt, rebuild our infrastructure and other things and also pay off the debts of those other countries from which the money was stolen. This will all soon come. We will again have a new congress; a legitimate congress where attorneys are not allowed to become congressmen. Lord willing, this will all come and we will see justice carried out all on of those who have attempted to destroy our country.


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