Potential Father Killed After First Paternity Test (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, You Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Washup v. Smith.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Washup, you previously appeared
in this courtroom with your son
regarding the paternity of the defendant’s daughter. Yes, ma’am. The previous time you were
in this courtroom it was
determined that your son was not the child’s
biological father? Yes. Yes and… And I… That hurt you? Yeah, it did, but
I still love the baby,
I still love her. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hopkins, you… Are not the father. You would also like to have
the current child that Ms. Smith is pregnant with
tested as well? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You both need to
decide whether or not you want
to have that as a prenatal test. Prenatal. HOPKINS: I agree. Yes. So, this court will order
that you go and get tested. JUDGE LAKE: I wish you the best
of luck in the mean time.
I will see you both soon. Court is adjourned. AUDIENCE: Oh. Unfortunately,
a few weeks after I sent you away for that
prenatal test, your son was tragically killed. SMITH: Yes. I’m very sorry. JUDGE LAKE: You’re here today
because you don’t believe that your son
fathered the defendant’s now
two-year old son Jovan Jr. and you are desperate
for the truth? WASHUP: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Smith,
you state that the plaintiff’s son
Jovan Hopkins is your
child’s father and you say today’s results
will prove your case and clear your name,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Washup, why are you
so positive your son is
not the father? Because she lied the first one. And then, if she lied about
the first, you know, baby, and I, I just want to know
the truth, ’cause she just…
Lied. AUDIENCE: Aw. JUDGE LAKE: Take your time.
I know this is very difficult. There’s a part of you
that wants… WASHUP: Yes. …this baby to be
your grandchild? WASHUP: I sure do. I still have a part of him
here. JUDGE LAKE:Yeah.(WASHUP SIGHS) And I know he wanted his son. He wanted one and hopefully
this is his. And if I feel that he… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And it is understandable
that you feel reluctant
to get attached to the baby. Yeah. Well, I don’t want
to be attached and then you just up and
snatch him out of my life
anytime you pleases. And, it’s… I ain’t gonna
be able to do it. Ms. Smith, you are certain
that your child is Mr. Washup’s
son’s biological child. SMITH: Yes, ma’am. You’re certain?
You don’t have a doubt? SMITH: No doubt at all. It was, like, hard on me
once he passed. I was in
and out of the hospital. They put him on steroids
to help him grow, ’cause my heart was messing up and they wanted to hurry up
and have a C-section and… It was a lot of complications
with the pregnancy after
Jovan passed away. So, um, it was real hard on me. I didn’t even know
she had the baby until I seen pictures
on Facebook, like, when he was, like,
two, three months old. I seen pictures on Facebook.She’s not even calling
to let me know
she had the baby.
JUDGE LAKE:So, when you did
go into labor, Ms. Smith,
and you know for certain
that this is, (STAMMERS) your child’s family, you didn’t call and say,
“I just wanna let you know
I’m going into the hospital”? SMITH: It was a scheduled
C-section. Actually, I called her
and gave her the wrong date
that I was having a C-section. JUDGE LAKE: On purpose? WASHUP: On purpose. On purpose. Yes, I did. WASHUP: So, I think that she
doing… She did it on purpose
’cause someone else is the dad, because, she…
Why would you give me
the wrong date? Because you wanted this
person that supposed to be
the daddy to be there? JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you feel, like,
she gave you the wrong date because there was going to be
someone else there… WASHUP: Else there. …who is the real
biological father? WASHUP: Yeah. SMITH: See, this is why
I don’t deal with her. That’s why I don’t deal
with her. She lie for free. She lie for fun.
She make up lies. JUDGE LAKE: But why? But, but, Ms. Smith,
we do have… Let’s speak honestly.
If we gonna speak,
let’s speak honestly. The last time we were here
the child that they thought was
Jovan’s biological child was, they were unfortunately
informed it was not. So you do have to understand
that there may be a tad bit
of fear going into this, that we are hoping
and praying that history
doesn’t repeat itself. You gotta acknowledge that. WASHUP: Right. That’s all I ask. That, that truly… What happened before
set the table for this. So, Ms. Washup, what else
causes you to doubt this
young woman when you know that your son
was involved with her? She was… My son was involved
with her and she was involved
with somebody else,’cause my daughter had
the baby over to the house,
and I came… I was over
there for the weekend,
visiting my other grandkids. My daughter tell me… That Olivia says she’s on
her way to pick up the baby. It was stated that… (SIGHS) “His dad,” wants him
to come home. “His dad” who? (SMITH CHUCKLES) His dad? That’s been the case.
And if he’s not my grandson
I want the whole name back. Jovan Dovantae Hopkins Jr.
I want it back. SMITH: That did not happen. WASHUP: Oh, why did you come
to get him. I mean, I did come to get
my baby, but… For one, I, uh, you know
I love Jovan to the fullest. Even though he gone,
I still love him. WASHUP: I can…
Believe me, I can’t say that. I would never allow another man
to be considered
Junior’s father, period.So, I know, back, right there,
that’s a lie.
So, I won’t even fix my mouth
to say anything.
JUDGE LAKE:So, you’re sayingthat, ’cause what she claims
is that… Out of your own
mouth you said, it’s the dad said… His dad
said it’s time for him to
come home? What she claims is he say,
she say. She say,
someone else told her. WASHUP: No. No. No. You didn’t hear that coming
from my mouth, Sheryl. You didn’t. Come on now. You didn’t hear me get on
that phone and say, his daddy
want him. No, period. and then you just
up and snatch him out of
my life anytime you pleases. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Washup,
but… Truthfully, what, what motive
would she have to say that your son is
her child’s biological father
and name her son… It’s the money. SMITH: What money His CDs that his grandmama
gave for… SMITH: What CDs? What? Who own them? WASHUP: You own them. Next lie. I don’t call and ask
nobody for nothing. I handle my child on my own.
All my kids. So… You… It’s just as well
she could… I mean, I want money.
Where it’s at? You called, like,
Social Security. Like, you
didn’t call Social Security? I called Social Security.
Yes, ma’am, I did do that. At the end of the day she’s
full of it. Why would you
call while you’re pregnant? I gonna have his baby
next month, so I don’t
need Pampers? I don’t need milk?
I don’t need clothes, huh? Exactly! Yeah, you need… Come on, now,
get it together. You get it together, woman. It shouldn’t even matter. It’s gonna be together
when you do… JUDGE LAKE: Ladies. …whatever it is, Olivia… Ladies. Let’s just pause
for a minute. I want to understand next,
you feel… I understand
the Social Security
situation now. I… Listen, before you all
get into it again,
I understand. Stop with the body language,
stop with the taunting.
You are a mother. WASHUP: But not… No. This, this is not
the point. You’re a mother. And you have talked about
in this courtroom the way
you have sacrificed, provided for your children,
you don’t ask anybody for
anything, you do it yourself,
you know that. I don’t think you can
sit down and imagine
what it would mean if one of those children
were ripped from your life. So, you’re dealing with
a woman… I mean,
Social Security aside, name aside,
all this nonsense aside, she’s standing here
with a picture frame… (CHUCKLES) …with her child. If what you say is true,
then your child deserves
to know her… SMITH: No, he don’t. No, he does. Because that’s not… No, he don’t. JUDGE LAKE: No, that would be
his grandmother. Okay, that’s his grandmother. JUDGE LAKE: And as his mother, you should want your child
to have as large a village
as he can have to be able to be loved. You named, you named your
child after her child. SMITH: No. No. Look, all I’m saying is
I don’t want to deal with
this lady, period. I don’t mean no harm
or anything… What is it that you feel? No, no, I wanna know
what you feel, Ms. Smith.
What are you feeling? I just feel like I don’t need
to deal with her. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Because I’m protecting my child
from his feelings, from him
being hurt. From him hearing how
people talked about
his daddy, how people treated his daddy,
and what happened to his daddy. I’m protecting my child. Yes, her child is gone. But that’s the seed
of me still having
my fiance here… JUDGE LAKE: Mm-hm. …and I cherish that. And if someone touches
that one, then it becomes
a problem. Seriously. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Washup,
what are your hopes
for today? I hope it is my son’s baby. JUDGE LAKE: What do you
hope for? Because he the only one
that he can help this son,
he can leave a legacy. Just as well as his brothers
and sisters have something. JUDGE LAKE: It’s an important
moment for you. Because you want your son
to have left something behind. Yes, ma’am. He did leave something
behind. Junior. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And I got it and
it’s all mines. AUDIENCE: Ooh. JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t have
to say that. (SNIFFLES) You didn’t have to go there. That was unnecessary. And that’s what
I’m saying to you. What was I… What was necessary… What they put me through.
What I went through. There you go. And that’s why
I asked you, “Why?” I asked you, “Why?”
So, if you gonna… If you gonna have the beef
then tell it.
You’re in the courtroom. You’re not standing in here
performing like
you’re performing, acting like you here,
hair flipping, mama crying about
her son being dead, you rolling your eyes, like,
you can’t understand why, and I know you in here
being disingenuous because there is no way
in the world a mother
can do that to another mother
that has lost a child. There’s something that
you’ve experienced where
you are hurt so bad. And that’s why I gave her
her chance to tell her side and that’s why I looked
at you and said, “Why?
What’s going on here?” It ain’t enough hair
in the world for all this
flipping you’re doing. It ain’t. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: And let me really
keep it real, ’cause
I shoot it straight in here, and you’re also dealing with
the fact that the last time
we were in here the result didn’t
come out right, and you know that you had
a part to play in that. So, when we really,
really break it down, it’s all of these
layers together. So, you got a lot
going on and… What I’m saying is, when
you have moments where
you stand in the light, and, and you can be in truth, just grab on to that moment
and take it. ‘Cause I don’t think anybody
here believes you are
in a position that is something that
anyone would envy. You’ve got a lot on your plate. But you don’t wanna be in a
position where you disrespect
yourself, your child,and the memory of
the man, you say,
is your child’s father
by dishonoring his mother.I’m not gonna let you
go out like that. AUDIENCE: Mm-hm. (CRYING) I’m just saying there
could’ve been ways
to handle it. If she felt that,
that wasn’t his baby, and like she just said… WASHUP: I don’t even have
no, no… JUDGE LAKE: Let her speak,
let her speak, Ms. Washup. I’m just saying, I’m saying my son loved her.
I know he loved her. WASHUP: Yes. So when he passed, you shouldn’t have treated me
how you treated me, when I was pregnant
with his baby, period. You know, I’m due
next month. You shouldn’t
have did that. I didn’t know what date
you were due. Like, seriously. SMITH: Like, how could you
do that? JUDGE LAKE: Let her speak. You should’ve treated me
with a level of respect… I did. …even though
you had doubt. You didn’t do that. I did. She didn’t even put
my baby in obituary. She put… I didn’t even do them… …” Olivia Smith
and unborn child.” That’s because
she had doubt. You didn’t come to
my baby shower.
Because she had doubt. She didn’t let me go view
the body with her, because
she didn’t like me, had doubt. No. No. No. You know what I’m saying?
It’s a lot to it. And I’m pregnant,
and I’m stressing,
and me, you and her know the situation of
how he passed, you know, so why would
you treat me like that? WASHUP: Your Honor. SMITH: You know what
I’m saying? So that’s why I have
so much anger towards her. Because I didn’t get
the respect that I know her son
would’ve wanted me to get.When he passed it felt like
she had that authority,
“Oh, he gone.
“Now I can show her out.
Now I can prove to her
who I’m really is.” You know what I’m saying?
When I called and asked her to view the body, she told me
she’s not going. I called back, I said,
“They say you have to
make an appointment.” She say, “Oh, I’m on my way.” I instantly get to cryin’. “Why? Why ya’ll doing me
like that?” “Olivia, there’s,
there’s family issues.” Really? You know what
I’m saying? She went
off on me. And, and this, this is what
I just needed you to say. WASHUP: Your Honor. Because… No, no. We’ve been doing this
long enough to know that there is more than
one side to every story. But, listen, we cannot
go back and fix all of that. But, we can’t go back
and fix it. What we can do is
get the answers
you came here to get, so we can figure out
how to move forward. Listen. Listen. So this baby does not
have to grow upin this toxic environment…AUDIENCE:Mm-hm.…because he deserves better.WASHUP: Yes… Jerome, I want the envelope. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. Prior to Mr. Hopkins passing a prenatal DNA test
was preformed. A blood sample was drawn
from the mother and fetal DNA was isolated
from the sample. Genetic analysis was performed and a probability of paternity
was generated. In the case of
Washup v. Smith,
when it comes to two-year old
Jovan Hopkins Jr. it has been determined
by this court Mr. Hopkins… Is the father. Go on, say it, I’m ready.
I’m ready. JUDGE LAKE: I know what
you’ve been through. I can’t imagine processing
all of that. JUDGE LAKE: You want your son
to have left something behind. Yes, ma’am. He did leave something
behind. Junior. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And I got it and
it’s all mines. AUDIENCE: Ooh. You didn’t have to say that. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hopkins… Is the father. Go on, say it, I’m ready.
I’m ready. JUDGE LAKE: Is the father. (LAUGHS) Thank you, baby. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) That’s your grandchild. (CRYING) Can I see him? No, ma’am. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Smith, you’ve come to this courtroom
to prove and to show that
your assertion is true. That is Jovan’s
biological child. You’ve been proven right. I know what you’ve
been through. And I can’t, truthfully,
even imagine being pregnant in the final stages of
a pregnancy. I know how crazy I was, and I wasn’t dealing with half
of what you were dealing with. I can’t imagine processing
all of that. But I think, it’s important
in this moment for you
to allow your child the opportunity to at least
know he has family, so that he’s not here 20 years later
asking questions. Or, look, repeating the cycle. AUDIENCE: Mm-hm. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll see you all
in my chambers. Court is adjourned. (LAUGHING) Look at… Hi, granny. Give me a hug. JUDGE LAKE:
This is so important.
This was a beautiful thing. And you being able to do this
in this moment, is a great lesson for you
as a young woman and
as a mother. And I’m proud of you
in this moment. And these are gonna be
important moments for
your child to have because it won’t have
the physical, right? I’m taking this time with you
because I want you know
what you have. You know, I lost my mother
in 2006, and when I had
my son, she was not there. I lost mine in 2006. JUDGE LAKE: And he’s blessed
because he has that. So, I wish you
the best of luck,
okay? SMITH: Okay. Take care of that
beautiful baby. Oh, no. Thank you. Thank you.


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