Pizza Chaffle Five Ways – Based on the Best Viewer Comments So Far

hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we’re gonna be making some pizza chaffles but before we do that
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new video now in this video I’m gonna take a brief break from the trying to
get the best out of a basic chaffle that I possibly can and move on to some of
the more flavor featured chaffles the number one suggestion / request that I
got for a savory chaffle was the pizza chaffle in fact so many people suggested
it I can only give credit to one and that is the person who I think maybe
even left the first comment on my chaffle video and that was Erin Potter so Erin
this Pizza video is for you well and for all the rest of you as well so you can
all keep watching it’s okay let’s make some chaffles for both of these we’ll be using my
standard 1/2 cup of mozzarella and 1 beaten egg to that we’re gonna add a
quarter of a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and one teaspoon of tomato
paste incidentally whoever decided to create tomato paste in a tube brilliant
that way I’m not throwing away 3/4 of a can of tomato paste every time I do a
recipe but a mix to incorporate the tomato paste and though Erin
recommended the mini pepperonis they did not have them at my grocery store so
here is 12 regular pepperonis chopped up at this point I’m gonna split the recipe
in half because I’m gonna do one with almond flour and one without for a full
two chaffle batch we would use 1 tablespoon of almond flour but since
I’ve just got half a batch here just a half tablespoon normally these take about five minutes
but they stop steaming at about three so I’m gonna take them out on the right we
have our almond flour on the Left no almond flour not a significant
difference in appearance first the almond flour that was really good that
reminds me kind of like the the pizza-flavored goldfish that’s tasting I
think the seasoning just the right amount I wouldn’t go any heavier I think
if you wanted to make these more garlicky maybe you dial back the Italian
seasoning to an eighth of a teaspoon and then do an eighth of a teaspoon of
garlic but these I think are just sort of perfectly spiced as they are right
now with a quarter of a teaspoon in total now without the almond flour
without almond flour it’s still really good it’s a little bit more moist I
think I’d prefer the almond flour a bit more texturally I just I like that chew
a little bit more so both of these self-contained pizza chapels are a
winner Thank You Erin for the suggestion now one of the other suggestions that I
got as it relates to pizza chaffles is to do them like a traditional pizza create
a crust and then top it and then throw it in the oven so that’s what we’re
gonna do now and once again I’m using my standard 1/2
cup of mozzarella one large egg beaten and then for this recipe we’re we’re
just making the crust I’m gonna add 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder 1/8 teaspoon
Italian seasoning and again we’ll split the batter so we can test almond flour
versus no almond flour 1/2 a batch so 1/2 a tablespoon whoops stir that in since we’re gonna be
cooking these twice first cooking these as a crust and then throwing them into
the toaster oven I’m gonna want to pay really close attention and not overcook
them while they’re in the – all right they just stopped steaming at the 5
minute mark almond flour no almond flour for pizza
sauce we’ll be using the rouse homemade marinara sauce it has 4 grams of
carbohydrates per 1/2 cup serving we’re using probably a generous tablespoon
here on each so somewhere in the vicinity of 1 gram of carbs top with
mozzarella and pepperoni and we’ll go into the toaster oven set
to broil at 425 I’m gonna set it for three minutes and just keep an eye on it
so I wound up setting it for an additional three minutes or a total of
six but man look at those sizzle they look great let’s take them out this is
the almond flour one this is the no almond flour one we’re gonna let them
cool for just a minute because I don’t want to burn the crap out of my mouth
first the almond flour version that is really good I’m gonna taste the other
one first and then kind of give you my opinion on both at the same time so this
is the non almond flour version now to give you a little bit of background I
grew up working at an authentic pizza parlor and I estimate I’ve made tens of
thousands of pizzas in my life and this crust is not like any crust I’ve ever
had I mean you’re lacking the chew of the gluten you’re lacking the crispiness of a Neapolitan crust it’s not bad it’s just not what I’m used to for pizza
and certainly if someone said this is all you can ever eat for pizza for the
rest of your life I wouldn’t be sad because it’s quite yummy but I want to
take another crack at this and see if I can get a crispier chewier crust for this trial we’re going to use the
food processor method we start with just a quarter cup
of mozzarella you’ll know why later a half a teaspoon of xanthan gum which
then we’re gonna process so it doesn’t clump up next we’ll add one large egg
beaten eighth of a teaspoon of garlic powder eighth of a teaspoon Italian
seasoning and then process this into a batter will coat the bottom of our
waffle maker with some shredded mozzarella add about half of that batter top with a little more mozzarella and
press down all right this went almost the full six
minutes before it stops steaming and look at that crispy mozzarella we’re on
the edge and underneath if you’re in a crispy mozzarella this is the way to go
about another tablespoon of marinara and our pepperoni this will go in the
toaster oven under the broiler same as the last one for six minutes looking
good we’ll let that cool for a couple of
minutes all right let’s see if this worked out the way I hoped it would all
very crunchy I am so excited about this bite right here please don’t disappoint
I’m a little bit torn on this on the one hand it’s great I mean it tastes
wonderful but no one is gonna eat that and confuse it for pizza dough so I
guess my quest continues maybe I’ll try using vital wheat gluten maybe I’ll try
using the – griddle rather than the waffle maker
if you’ve used or created a recipe that you feel really truly nails that crispy
chewy perfect pizza crust sort of dough in a chaffle format please
post it down in the comments below I’d love to try it out so we tried out five
different chaffles none of them were bad I would certainly eat any one of them
again which one’s right for you that’s sort of up to you obviously if you can’t
eat almond flour just go with a straight edge and cheese version or substitute in
coconut flour but as I learned in one of my previous videos that’s not a
one-to-one ratio you should use about a third of the amount of coconut flour
I’ve seen some people say as much as half but usually it seems to be right
around 1/3 as sort of that magic number later on with the recipe have a little
fun and thanks for watching


  1. Great video. Tonight I will be trying the traditional topping pizza chaffle. 🍕 I made your version of the Oreo chaffle and it was absolutely incredible. Awesome work! 👏👏👏

  2. Mmmmm I made pizza chaffles last night. It was the first thing I actually made when I got my chaffle maker.

    I experimented adding a little sauce to my egg but I did not use any flour. Didn't exactly turn out as well as I had hoped, but I ate it anyway. Lesson learned.

  3. I think we should all do a friendly competition of making a pizza chaffle. we could all post pictures and you get to pick which one looks more. Winner gets to share the top Pizza ingredients and have their name mentioned because I don't think anyone can beat my pizza chaffle

  4. I love that you are doing these. The chaffle is awesome. You are going to nail down hopefully a good replacement to pizza crust, I hope. Just got my dash waffle maker from Target, can't wait to start experimenting.

  5. I can't remember if I left this recipe for you to try or not so forgive me if I am repeating myself, but have you tried paffles?

    Pork rinds ground up to bread crumb consistency.
    1/2 cup
    1/3 cup mozzarella
    1 "large" egg
    Seasoning, I used smoked paprika, about 1/4 tsp
    Onion and garlic powder also about 1/4 tsp. ( I eyeball so this is approx)

    Split into 2 portions, ( about 2 tblspns each) this is a dry "batter", makes a nice savory sandwich for meaty lunches or dinners.

  6. I made a "chaffle" in a 10" pan with three eggs, 1 cup white extra sharp cheddar, onion and garlic powder, baking powder, slap ya mama seasoning in butter and served with bacon, drizzle of hot sauce and drizzle of sugar free pancake syrup. BEST breakfast in a while!

  7. When are you going to stop putting those chaffles on a baking rack as soon as they're done cooking… The difference will definitely be noticeable as it will be crunchier. Just something I learned along the way

  8. I made an Italian chaffle yesterday using a table spoon of ricotta with the mozzarella….the ricotta brings a whole new dimension!

  9. I turn large (full size chaffels) into wraps by flattening them in an 8” tortilla press….. something you might want to play with 😀

  10. Try adding a pinch of yeast. I am aware that it will not act for rising, but it adds a flavor that I associate with pizza crust.

  11. I love hearing the crunch! Yes! Thanks for all the ideas and recipes! On an egg fast but making this Monday!!!! How many carbs total?

  12. I tried oat fiber instead of almond flour in my chaffles this morning and thought it gave more substance and bread-like texture. I'm gonna try psyllium husk tomorrow.

  13. I make my chaffles in a regular waffle maker and make 2 at the same time. I'm on day 5 of my extended fast. I have been craving chaffles for 2 days. This Video didn't help but I live vicariously through it anyway!

  14. When you have left over tomato paste, measure out TBS. onto wax paper. freeze, When frozen wrap tightly and keep in freezer.

  15. Love the video! I'm wondering if you added some psyllium husk to the better if you could get hu consistent to Gluten. If someone can't have almonds they could use cashew flour.

  16. You remind me of Greg Kinnear with a better voice. I've been watching your chaffle videos and subbed because of your voice and the ketones shirt. Ima get myself a chaffle maker today. 🤗

  17. Thanks for the video I use coconut flour and nutritional yeast about a half teaspoon of each. And if it seems too thick I add a few drops of water.

  18. Great vid, thank you for you work. I am going to get one of those tiny dash makers, but until then, im using my waffle maker to make a chaffles ( I hate that word). But I luv our ketonation and all the new things people come up with so we stay healthy, lose weight and keto on. Luv you guys

  19. What about adding a little yeast to make it taste like a bread dough? These videos are so fun to watch. Thanks. Keto On!

  20. Wonder if the crust would taste more like pizza crust if you put a touch of nutritional yeast in the chaffles that you used for a pizza "crust" and finished off in the oven.

  21. Yum I'll be experimenting with these. Thx . LYV❤️ ( Love Your Voice) will always be my sign off for your videos. Hope you don't mind. 😋

  22. Another 'tuber uses cream cheese in a lot of recipes. I wonder if you mix 2 oz of softened cream cheese with the egg and almond flour, put mozz on the dash then the batter, then mozz again what effect that would have? I know the cream cheese makes it softer on the inside. I want pizza to be my last supper!

  23. I'm eager to see your results of a paffle with vital wheat gluten. I did a chaffle with some oat fiber but I must have put in way too much, it was very dry.

  24. Have you tried 100% Lupin Flour, Non-GMO, Made in USA, All Purpose, Gluten Free, Vegan, Plant Protein, Low Carb Flour, Keto-Friendly, High Protein, Miracle Flour Amazon
    The ideas are endless with this flour.

  25. Maybe try adding some psyllium husk for chewier texture, and yeast for flavor. I don’t have a specific recipe – I’ve just been binge watching chaffle videos. =)

  26. I added about 1/2 tsp chia seeds and 1/4 Tbsp almond flour to the base mix and let it set a half-hour to give the seeds time to absorb the moisture.

  27. I think I’ve made a great discovery: make your chaffle pizzas in an air fryer. I made a batch in the oven last week with Rao’s pasta sauce, fresh mozzarella, Kalamata and green olives, and mushrooms. It was “meh” for the same reasons you describe. I thought the air fryer would simulate a real pizza oven better. I also felt that Rao’s was just too wimpy as a pizza sauce.

    I got some fresh pizza sauce at Whole Foods, the same they use for their pizzas. Otherwise the ingredients were the same. My chaffle was (as you have defined it) a “traditional chaffle”. WOW! It was so much better. I cooked three pizzas in the basket (a Ninja air fryer, 8” basket) for 6 1/2 minutes. I probably could have done it for 7. The chaffle was very crispy, the cheese melted nicely, and the sauce was warm. Next time I will fortify the sauce with spices and a squeeze of tomato paste. I might make my own. I think the zestiness of the sauce really matters. I might try some pepperoni.

  28. What if you were to prepare the dough like fathead dough by melting the mozza, cream cheese first, mix in the egg and a little almond flour and then chaffle or griddle it?

  29. I haven't used mozzarella with making a chaffle, but I used shredded cheddar cheese when I make my regular pizza crust. I also use ground chicken meat, eggs, Parmesan cheese, almond flour, and cream cheese. The cheddar cheese gives the crust a really great flavor. I've seen someone put raw chicken in the food processor with heavy whipping cream to make a chaffle batter. more protein means less carbs which is a win for me.

  30. Great video. "…and for the rest of you as well, so you can all keep watching…" That just cracked me up. I really like that you review the different versions to determine which recipe might be better than the other. Keep up your awesome work.

  31. To get the “gluten chew” you would have to develop the gluten, not just throw it in. AKA as kneading and rising 😉
    This is impossible with non-wheat dishes.

  32. Rao's is pronounced, "RAY-oh's"
    Looks like a fun, relatively easy way to make some pizzas. Think I'll have to try some! 🙂

  33. I love your videos! You ever thought about a Rice Krispies Treat Chaffle? You are very creative and if anyone can devise a recipe its you.

  34. Hi Steve, your keto videos are awesome. I have a keto pizza recipe you might find suitable for creating that dough like consistency of pizza made with flour. Maybe instead of putting in into the oven, you can place the mixture onto a waffle maker. Check out this video where I show you how to do it:

  35. Thx. I enjoy your inspirations. I'm very interested in pizza variations also. We have two mini Dash waffle and one mini Dash panini makers. I've cooked 80/20% fresh hamburger on the panini and used a paper towel to dab extra juice around the sides as needed, which instructions say to do. It was good too and fast.

    I've thought about getting the mini Dash waffle bowl. I love taco salad so wondered about that. Anyone have success using this yet?

  36. Try mixing it with shredded chicken I saw another recipe on YouTube and we made pizza a couple times with it and it came out pretty darn good

  37. If you use a metal fork, you can prop the door of the toaster oven open slightly while you melt your toppings. That will allow the steam to escape, and will help improve the crispness.

  38. Just found your channel. You do really awesome videos. Engaging your audience for their requests is a great way to keep your content fresh and I see you are doing that. Bravo! You are a natural in front of the camera and a great chef!

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