PIP Tribunal | Benesh*t System | Part 2

Ugh I need a tissue. OK. Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel and welcome to 2017 – Happy New Year! I hope you had a really amazing festive
period. I have had a lovely 2 week break from filming and now I am back at it and I am super
excited to be sitting here and filming videos for you guys. I have so many ideas of things
that I want to do and I am just ready to get going!
So I thought I would kick-start the New Year with the much anticipated ‘Benesh*t System
– Part 2’. You guys have been wanting to hear how my Personal Independence Payment Tribunal
went and what it was like and just do a general follow up from my previous video. If you haven’t
seen my first ‘Benesh*t System’ video, I will link it somewhere around here and down below.
I would recommend watching that video before you watch this one because you might be a
little bit confused if you watch this one and don’t have the backstory behind why we’re
here today. So if you haven’t seen that video, go ahead and check it out and then come back
to this video. So most of you would’ve known that I went
to court on 12th December 2016 – feels so weird to say that now that it’s 2017! But
it was basically in the hopes of trying to get my Personal Independence Payment back
because it was taken off me and then I had to appeal against it ended up having to go
to court. But before I go any further with this video,
I’m not going to leave it until the last second to tell you that I was successful in my appeal
so I now do have my Personal Independence Payment back. So if that’s all you wanted
to know and all you wanted to hear about then I thought I would put it right at the start
of this video. I was successful, I do have it back. But I know that a lot of you guys
out there also want to know the process of what actually happened because if you’re going
through this yourself. I know that if I was back in that place of being really anxious
and waiting for the Tribunal, this video would’ve helped me so I am hoping that if you’re in
that same position that this is going to help you as well.
So I am going to go over generally what it was like environment-wise before I go into
what they asked me and the process behind it. So basically, I went to this massive building
– it wasn’t actually a court and I know a lot of you guys were commenting on my previous
video being like ‘don’t think of it as a court, it’s not men in white wigs and all that kind
of stuff!’ I kind of knew that going into it but it was pretty much just like a basic
office type building. But the funny thing was, we walked in and we had to go through
pretty much airport security. So we had to go through this like metal detector thing
and we had to empty all our pockets out and I had to empty my bag out. It was the longest
and weirdest process but they sort of tell you from the start that this is a building
of court and it’s, sort of like, official building.
So in front of me when I sat in my Tribunal room were 3 people as I thought. One of them
was sort of like a middleman, I guess, like a chairman – he didn’t really have a significant
role in the hearing but he was there as almost like a peacekeeper. Then I had another man
who was in charge of the Mobility side of things and then I had a woman who was in charge
of the Daily Living activities. If you have my Personal Independence Payment video before,
you would know that it is split into 2 sections – Daily Living and Mobility – so that’s why
they had 2 people to kind of split the 2 sections. So they just sort of took turns asking me
different questions – I can’t remember everything they asked me. It was really like an interrogation.
I thought it would be a bit more relaxed and chilled than the DWP but it really wasn’t
at all. It was still very, very strict and formal and they were just sort of firing questions
at you and I am not hugely good in situations like that at all so once I hit breaking point,
I just burst into tears. If you did see some of my Vlogmas that I filmed
this year – or last year – you would’ve known that I said that I felt very, very patronised
all the way through and I think that main reason I felt very patronised because they
didn’t quite seem to grasp what Autism was. When I was explaining the difficulties and
the limitations that I have because I am on the spectrum, they kept saying to me ‘oh well
you would benefit from going to counselling’ and ‘oh do you think seeing a psychiatrist
would magically help all your problems?’ and I was like ‘no!’. I think that is just the
most bizarre thing you could say to someone with Autism ‘hey, just go to counselling and
you’ll be cured’. Asperger’s and Autism is part of who we are and because of that, we’re
always going to have mental health difficulties, it’s just part of what it is. I was just so
annoyed when they kept saying to me ‘ oh you could just have some counselling and you’ll
be fine’ and I am like ‘no not really’. So overall, I don’t think they got a really
good picture of abut what goes on in my everyday life. I didn’t feel like suddenly that they
had had like this realisation that ‘oh my gosh, she’s entitled to everything because
these are all the struggles’. I felt even when I was in person and explaining it to
them, it never really quite sunk in for them and they didn’t put 2 and 2 together.
I will just mention one other thing which was something that I was not told before going
into the Tribunal and I was really annoyed that I wasn’t told this because I feel like
this is really important which is the fact that I was refused Personal Independence Payment
on 22nd June 2016. I was receiving it up until that point. That was the date they stopped
it and took it away from me. When I was in the Tribunal, because they were dealing with
the case that stopped on 22nd June, they weren’t allowed to bear in mind anything that had
happened after that date. So from 22nd June to 12th December – which is when I had my
hearing – none of that was relevant. So the fact that I had stopped work because I was
too ill to work, the fact that I was now claiming Employment and Support Allowance and they
believed that I would never be able to work again because of my disabilities, the fact
that I was going back and forth to the GP to get Fit Notes because I couldn’t work,
the fact that my Fibromyalgia was flaring up all the time, that fact that I was going
to Pain Management. None of that was taken into consideration because it happened after
22nd June! So frustrating, they should’ve told me that before I got in the door and
if you are in a similar situation to me where you’ve had a claim that’s stopped, just remember
that they don’t bear in mind anything after that date.
So after a very, very. very long hearing – I think it was about an hour maybe just over
an hour, I don’t really know, I have blanked the whole experience out! – I was told that
they needed to deliberate and talk amongst themselves before they made a decision. But
by law, they have to make a decision on the day of your hearing so even though you won’t
hear the decision on the day, they make it on the day – it’s just what has to go down,
the rules! So they made a decision and then they sent that off to the DWP and then they
sent a letter to me. So I had my hearing on the Monday and I heard on the Wednesday that
I was successful. Now I think I explained in my vlog what exactly
I am now receiving and it’s exactly the same as what I was receiving before they stopped
so…. I will just say though that the worst part
of this whole thing is that I have known since 14th December that I am entitled to my benefit
back, it is now 3rd January and I have not heard from the DWP and I have not heard of
anything to do with my money. I rang them up a couple of days after I found out the
result and they said that it takes 6 weeks! I have lived on practically nothing for 6
months and now they’re making me wait 6 weeks after I know that I am entitled to money.
So I am not impressed by that and I think it’s wrong that they’re holding onto money
that is mine. The DWP have the right to appeal against the hearing decision so they can say
‘oh no we don’t think you’re entitled, we’re not going to give you the money’ which I’m
hoping is not going to happen but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it. But they have
4 weeks to make that decision of whether I am entitled to the money so they will use
that 4 weeks regardless of how quickly they make the decision. They could get the decision
made on the first day and think ‘actually yeah, she’s entitled to it, but we’ll make
her wait 4 weeks because we have that right to make her wait’.
I was really annoyed but I rang them before Christmas because I was hoping that I was
going to get some money before Christmas and he was like ‘no you’re not going to get anything
before Christmas. Merry Christmas, have a great time!’ and I was like ‘aw thanks you
too…..’ I will keep you updated as to what goes on
but yeah I hope you’ve enjoyed this lovely massive ramble for 2017. It’s been a long
time since I’ve filmed a video so I thought I might as well just give you a nice big juicy
one! So yes, this was much anticipated by you guys and I want to thank you guys so much
for your support throughout this journey. Since I filmed my first Benefit video you
guys have just flooded in your support and I know that you guys – a lot of you out there
– are experiencing the same things as I am which sucks! Don’t ever give up because that’s
what they want you to do and that is what they’re trying to make you do. Don’t feel
pressured into that, fight! It’s hard, it’s anxiety-ridden, it’s stressful, it’s tiring
but you can fall asleep at the end of it and think ‘I have fought for what I know to be
right’. So yes, hope you’ve had a really, really good
day, here’s to an amazing 2017 and I will see you soon! Bye guys!


  1. Ohhh im so relieved you won!! Congratulations!! I hope when the waiting weeks are over there are no more bullshit in the way!! xxxx

  2. I got a reassessment for ESA just before Christmas. It feels like quite a short period of time for me to get reassessed; it's been about a year and 8 months. I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, psychosis, depression and anxiety. I also have tics which could be classed as Tourette's although my current psychiatrist doesn't seem to think so, although the old one did hint that he thought I had it. I've just fill in the form and it's ready to be sent off. I don't know if I need any face to face appointments for it, the CMHT might handle that for me like they did for the PIP. Which I hope so because I'm not good at advocating for myself.

  3. You'd think they'd research the condition you are going for. I have ME and I have the "go for a jog and you'll be cured" kind of vibe. lol I am still in the mind my 10 thousand symptoms will cure themselves. lol

  4. DWP will be looking into appealing the decision hence why it takes absolutely ages. PIP isn't for every day costs so they don't have to rush…they forget we use PIP to cover our care or mobility costs which are a daily expense. I assume you didn't get standard mobility which I think you mentioned? You do have to have a lot of mobility limitations to get that really pain sadly is not enough to get it

  5. In the same boat with tribunal date set for the 18th of this month without PIP since September last year. Had my report back scored 0 despite the fact I was awarded it two years ago and should have actually got it until may of this year the so called nurse who assessed me certainly didn't have a mental health background wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't a nurse at all everything written on the form was a complete lie also no mention of my suicidal thoughts all of which had been bought up numerous times. so went for mandatory reconsideration foolishly didn't know we could submit new evidence and when we called them they said it could be done over the phone we thought great maybe someone else with some common sense will look at my previous claim and say something isn't right he is entitled to this benefit nope came back scored 0 again. So now it's gone to tribunal absolutely bricking it I've done everything I can with my evidence stack of stuff from my doctor as well as having help calling out things said in the report which contradict what was said the evidence from my doctor as well as laws they are breaking for having inaccurate records on me if the tribunal panel can't see that my PIP should have never been stopped in the first place and give it back to me I will have truly lost all faith in the system and then once that's all over I've got to chase them about my ESA mandatory reconsideration which was sent in on the 11th of December last year to try and get me moved to the support group I imagine that will go much the same way as PIP the system is seriously flawed especially for mental health conditions

  6. So glad you won. I need to appeal mine bc I got it rejected and they said I met 0 of the criteria?? I have schizoaffective disorder and a personality disorder which makes me currently unable to work/be in education and they said I'm fine? Beneshit indeed…

  7. So glad to see that you won. I am currently awaiting a decision on my disability claim here in the U.S.The system here is pretty much the same as it is there, File a claim,get denied. File for reconsideration, if denied again go to administrative law judge(70% win at this point)if denied at this point you go to federal court. Here they deny 95% of first time claims, Hoping to weed out scammers that cannot afford to wait years to win payment,or that you die from your illness or commit suicide. It has been over a year for me and I have not even gotten past the reconsideration yet. I have heard stories of many people fighting for anywhere from 3-5 years to win. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Myalgia, low back pain,Sleep apnea, syncope,hypertention,hyperglycemia,Hyperlipidemia,Diabetes type 2,chronic severe muscle spasms, and Major Depression. I am lucky in that I have my daughter to live with. I really do not know how myself or anyone could get through this without family to help. I am sure without her help I would have just taken a massive Insulin overdose and said goodbye to this world. Your story has given me a little more hope that things may get better. Thank you for sharing your story!

  8. I am a carer. Took my friend for his 3rd atos assessment. I know they have heavily lied in the past, so I SECRETLY voice recorded the assessment using a free app on my phone. I implore you all to do the same!!! Obviously the paper work from the assessment is riddled with lies. I then googled the name of the assessor and found out she is an ACTRESS!!!!!! ATOS are in a lot of trouble!!! Dont let anyone scare you into believing that you shouldn't/cant secretly recorded that assessment!!!! Scare tack ticks!!! Please reply to this if you need my help with your claim! Already won my friends esa appeal 3 years ago, this one was for pip! We will be taking ATOS and DWP to the European court of human rights to appeal this one!! It will be a big win for us all!!! Stay strong, I'm working on it!!!!! Love to you cook! xxx

  9. The reason for asking the questions (about counselling etc) is to close down challenges from the DWP with relation to those questions. If they don't ask, their decision is more likely to be able to be appealed by the DWP.

    The reason that they do not consider matters after "the relevant date" is because notifying changes in your circumstances (ie. getting worse) is not a binary option. You can go back to the DWP, and claim again / submit further evidence AND run your appeal. This is a common mistake of reasoning applicants make. If you do "advise further claims" in the interim to the DWP then so long as the decision maker refuses to consider these the Tribunal CAN consider them. They will be effective from the date of notification, so you would need to demonstrate you met the initial decision criteria (based on the circumstances up to that time) AND met the later criteria (based on circumstances up to that time).

    I disagree that they have to make a decision on the day. This is contrary to the Tribunal rules. The Tribunal does NOT have to issue the decision on the day. They can reserve their judgement. This often happens when the legally qualified person wishes to check the law with relation to a specific legal issue.

    Once a Tribunal HAS made a decision, the decision stands, and other than "slip of the pen" corrections cannot be amended by the Tribunal. An example would be if you claimed that you needed a wheelchair and were immobile. The Tribunal agreed the appellant was immobile, and upon hearing that you had won the appeal the appellant jumped out of the chair and "did a happy dance". As Judgement had been given, the matter is closed, and whilst the Tribunal may recommend the case be appealed (to the DWP) they cannot change their mind.

    I am a lawyer.

  10. How long was it since your tribunal that you found out the result? I had my tribunal on Friday, my story is incredibly similar to yours. they stopped mine in Aughust. I went from enanced rate PIP for BPD, depression and anxiety. I am now waiting for diagnosis of autism. Please can you do a video about autism diagnosis? How you managed to get diagnosed and how long it took?

  11. lost my tribunal because I let them bully me into being agreeable. having to apply again, this time a friend is coming with me to make sure I don't get tricked again

  12. unbelievable nothing wrong with her 50 years ago she would starve unless she did some work she can obviously work just a lazy scrote she probably got the low rate which she isn't mentioning this is NOT a success vid btw as she is very coy at mentioning how much i reckon standard care and no mobility about 200 monthly which is nothing

  13. Hi Katy,
    I'm in a similar position to you, I was receiving PIP due to disability and I have been having it for four years, and since my last assessment I have actually worsened, and I had it all removed. My assessor got my Mums name wrong, instead of writing sentences fully, she would write "she tightness" regarding my asthma, "baths take varied time depending on how long she soaks for" when I explained I struggled to get out of the bath – it's a disgrace. And the worst thing, is the wait, mine was March, and I've been told I should expect to wait 12 weeks for just the reconsideration, which is going to be tough. As you probably know you lose ESA additional premiums, so the total amount lost for me is huge, I use that money to pay the additional needed on my rent, so…that's going to be difficult!

    I think it's really sad that some people have seen this video and are assuming that because you are able to talk to the camera in an engaging way, that means you are fit and healthy and able to work. I have that assumed about me a lot, and i have ME, one afternoon out with someone to support me, equals eight days recovery at least at home, where I can't even prepare my own meals. 29 years old and I can't make my own bed.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say your video gave me some support in preparing myself for the struggle ahead, and it's nice not to feel so alone in the disabled + youtube category! I'm glad you won your assessment 🙂

  14. Do they backdate your claim if you win the appeal? Or do they just start paying it as normal from January onwards? x

  15. was wondering if you can help me. I had been claiming since I was four years old due to extreme adha . I am now 25 years. they have moved it to pip. applied then had to go to pip. bla…. now going to court

  16. I am Autistic(Aspergers). I have been receiving DLA for 5(ish) years. I was told I had to transfer over to PiP and after filling out the forms and going to assessment I have been refused PiP. The paramedic at ATOS said his experience with Autism was "VAGUE" and the lies he has entered on to the system are unbelievable. If they knowingly lie there must be some legal ramifications? 🙁

  17. I was diagnosed as an adult a few years ago with Asperger's, and on the advice of my diagnosing psychologist, I applied for PIP. I was interviewed by an ATOS lady who, when I quizzed her, admitted to knowing nothing of autism and it's challenges as she was a physiotherapist by training. When the rest of the interview was taking place I was very distraught by this lack of knowledge on her part and this came across as my tone being quite defensive and stressed, as is often the case when autistic people become stressed/anxious. I sat through an hour of verbal interview which is incredibly difficult for an autistic person at the best of times, never mind under stress. When I finally received the report and decision, she had decided I was completely able and that I had been verbally hostile to her during the interview. There was no indication that she understood anything about the effects of stress on an autistic persons behaviour and abilities. I read there was an opportunity to appeal, but I was so upset by the whole experience that I never did anything about it as I knew the effects of going through that again would be extremely detrimental to my mental health, and I need to stay upbeat/positive to have sufficient energy look after my young son. The way I live now is on carer's allowance because my young son of seven is also autistic, so I need to be home with him to homeschool him. Luckily his PIP application was successful and it was only by form and not in person. The system is well and truly f***ed up. It saddens me to think of how other people in my situation without a 'plan B' would cope as we can not maintain work and stay healthy, it feels as if the system is designed for people to fall through and then left to whatever fate develops as their mental health takes it's toll from the lack of support. It is clear that the process needs to move from a perspective of 'how can we get out of paying this person anything' to a new perspective of 'how can we help this person who needs help and compassion'. Because we're meant to be living in a humane and compassionate society, aren't we? I feel that with financial support to enable basic living costs, most people with 'different abilities' find ways of contributing to society, like with these videos for instance, despite being unable to work in the traditional scenarios. And it enriches society to support different abilities and perspectives imo.

  18. Were you entitled to back pay? I'm pretty sure that in America if benefits are stopped and then reinstated because they shouldn't have been stopped, the interim period is paid in the first check.

  19. When the uk leaves the EU even these small protections will be taken away. They will change the law so making an appeal will mean you always lose because the law says so and no EU regulations they will have to listen too.

  20. People just don't understand how debilitating Aspergers is. I am appealing my case for PIP. The first reconsideration was refused, and the information they based the "reconsideration" on, was at best made up. Telling me that they used information given to them in a phone conversation to them on such and such a date. Errr, that phone call never took place. I have never contacted them by phone. So it makes you wonder if they just make it up as they go along. It worries me, because who's info did they use to influence their decision?

  21. Glad I found your video. I have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy and other invisible illness. Sending in my mandatory consideration request today.

  22. I love your videos❤️ so thankful that you have come on YouTube. You describe everything in so much detail and give me so much life. Thank you for this xxx

  23. Thanks for this video, I'm about to go through the same process, I have autism and I had a extreme psychotic episode at the start of the year so I couldn't apply till I was on the recovery from the episode and that was around may, had a crisis team for months and yet they still denied my claim, there's a serious problem with the system!

  24. I know this video is from January but I had to comment. Bless your heart for having to go through what you have. My son is 10 and has Autism and I cannot imagine him having to be in any enviroment where he was having questions fired at him! People seriously irritate me! Ok, not everyone is going to be clued up on Autism/Aspergers, but you would think they would have certain people in the courts etc who know basic knowledge of it! Just disgusts me! I am due for a pip assessment in 2 weeks as I have Multiple Sclerosis and am finding it increasingly more difficult to do daily tasks and move around. It's caused me nothing but worry after reading horror stories and has made all my symptoms worse 🙁

  25. Ive fought 2 tribunals and won. Got my pip in a month that will be my 3rd. Im also suing them for compensation. Keep up the good fight my darlin.

  26. sorry late comment only just saw this, that is so awfull you had to go through that I hope you have it all sorted out now. I am in Australia and have disability pension but so many other things I have to access services or doctors or whatever and I have noone to help me and I can't communicate well and sometimes not at all, some days I can but any pressure or stress I go into shutdown or meltdown and just cant talk or work out how to do anything,. Cant drive and in rural area minimal public transport takes an hour and half to go anywhere and i hurt and freak out so much i often cant do it. So I dont get any help or get to see doctor etc. I just suffer and have to put up with it. Noone understands what my problems and needs are and to get help i have to do things i just can't do.

  27. When I went to the tribunal I said to the judge I'm here because I want your expert opinion to say if I have a disability or not ( lower leg amputated) , the judge at the tribunal said I'm not here to make that decision we are here to see if your entitled to any money ..They being the doctor and disability advisor in the tribunal were asking the most stupid of questions how far can you walk and how much pain do you get ,I got sick of the questions so I stood up and started to lift my leg up and show them the sores on my stump and the judge told me not to show them as it's against regulations I thought this is ridiculous I'm here to show them. Evidence of my disability and they cannot even have a look ,I actually thought that they thought i was lying and making it up !

  28. I went thru this also in the U.S. I have Fibromyalgia and CFS as well as migraines. I received benefits. Then they were taken away bc I tried to go bk to work. Waiting now for an answer had court 90 days now. Congrats!

  29. Beneshits! Suits them so well. They cause me so much stress both ESA and PIP. They know I have lifelong conditions including Aspergers which will not change but still blimmming put me through constant assessments.
    Hate the whole system so this new name has cheered me up. BENESHITS. Haha love it! 🤣🤣

    Keep on rocking Katy. 😊

  30. I have one more year until i can claim for PIP. I have to be in England 2 our of the last 3 years. I have only been back in England one year from being in Florida for 9 years. I have neuropathy in my feet,legs,and left hand, and it is getting worse all the time. So my parents do not really care which does not help either. They both think that because they are in their late sixties that being parents is long gone and my brothers, and I never existed??!!??!! So I am currently trying to get my own place through Gateway in hope i can get away from them.

  31. i'm going though the tribunal system i was assessed by maximus in cardiff for an ESA claim, i was found fit for work despite having brain seizures, ADHD, sleep apnea x 3 reps per hour, am currently getting checked for autism. with you having aspergers and tourettes there's a big chance you have ADHD as there is an over lap with aspergers and tourettes is common in ADHD so you might like to look into that =0)

  32. Hi Katy, I think it dispicable that the money you are entilted to, is not even backdated… After all you have gone through, few people will even want to demand their money back.

  33. omg so the dwp can effectively appeal your appeal? That makes no sense. The U.K. benefit system is a total farce and has only gotten worse with the introduction of PIP and ESA

  34. I just recently had my hearing on the 8th of August 2018. And I got told the decision on the day of appeal, I didn’t have to wait for a letter saying the result 😊

  35. I was on lower DLA and i got it stop as I had to apply for PIP and i got zero points, I have aspergers, I don't think it is worth me challenging this as I was on lower rate DLA.

  36. Hey Katy. I just had came home from my Tribunal. It was horrendous. The judge was rude, patronizing and didn't even let me and my mother talk about the daily struggles. Stupid questions like can I identify coins? Can I do Maths? DWP and the government are idiots. Just because the change the benefit name doesn't mean our Aspergers disappeared because of it.

    I didn't hear my result today so I think I will hear by Friday

  37. I am in the USA and it took me 5 years to get my first social security payment. I was denied at my first evaluation and appeal. My first court date was scheduled for 3 years out. I moved in that time so I had to get a new court date which meant another year. The administrative law judge ruled in my favor but the social security office put the ruling on an empty desk and forgot about it. 6 months later the judge had to send his clerk over to search for the lost paperwork. Then finally I got 5 years of back payment. Unfortunately a year later they reviewed me and tried to say I had too much money the month after I got a lump sum of back benefits and I had to appeal again. I won that easily.

    I have only had one disability review. I couldn't deal with the form so I had my mother fill it out. The fact I could not fill out their form and my weekly schedule included hopefully getting out of bed and eating each day did not seem promising enough to require an in person interview.

  38. In the US you can't even get disability benefits (SSI) unless you hire a lawyer. I mean I guess it's technically possible but I've never hear of it happening, friends and family have never heard of it happening and the lawyer I went to had never heard of it happening. And very often they give you so little that you still end up on the streets anyways, it's sickening. Pretty much all governments treat the disabled like sh*t.

  39. So what is your disability ???. Sorry but I see that you are physically fit, running around, jumping about waving your arms all over the place. Talking confidently, non stop. I have a family member who has an "invisible illness", however, it doesn't stay invisible for long as they are often totally debilitated many times a day by their illness, and it's totally heartbreaking to see this. Their illness is Psychosis/Schizophrenia and they are on the highest dose of antipsychotic medication (often without any relief of symptoms). Can you imagine that, loud voices in your head, paranoid thoughts, thinking that the people who these voices belong to are coming to break down your door and torture and kill you and your loved ones at any minute. That's how bad it is. I wish that person had the confidence that you have to make youtube vid's and ramble on about how terrible everything is. I have noticed many mentions of Aspergers syndrome in the comments so I am guessing that this is what you suffer from. However, you don't seem to exhibit many or even any of the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. My partner sitting beside me now is in terrible agony, she has five herniated discs in her back, she has pain in her back, buttocks, arms, hands, wrists, head. She's in agony and she wishes she could do what you do on youtube. She's had a quadruple heart bypass, a carotid endarterectomy, quite a few TIA's (mini strokes) and a list of illnesses that are too many to mention, but she'll be helping people less fortunate this week. Going to their houses, cooking them meals and advising them on how to make their lives easier. That's what she does. Perhaps you could do what you do in your bedroom on your vid's but in a more professional capacity, i.e. do it as a job and support yourself while helping others. You and your viewers are so wrapped up in the politics of the benefit system that you convince yourselves that you're entitled to all of these benefits when probably 50 percent of you are not. I'm doing an edit here as I've just watched more of your vid and heard you mention Fibromyalgia. Well I can tell you that I have suffered from this for over thirty years and so I know how this would affect you on a daily basis. I've gone through the agony of it and can tell you that you don't show any signs or symptoms of Fibromyalgia at all. It's not really a thing that flares up, it tends to be with you all of the time. It's known as the benefits illness as it's almost impossible to diagnose. I know many people claiming benefits who are supposed to have this illness but they rarely show any symptoms.

  40. So I had my tribunal on Froday and the disability expert was not very nice. They asked really weird questions like if I disnt have mental health issues would be chronic pain go away? I think these questions, like your autism question is designed to trick you especially if you were lying and disnt know about your condition. You might agree with them if you were lying. I got awarded enhanced on both after 67 weeks. Dreading that they might appeal the decision as they now owe me over 10k…. and I dont quite know what to do with that kind of money. Xx

  41. the pip tribunal i had an easy time there very lucky the doctor who said i had fibro and my other stuff was on the board of people in the room i was in and out within 5 mins thanks to him but heard some bad stories about it

  42. Hi Katy, I am just starting the process for claiming PIP, About 10years ago I was awarded Disability Living Allowance at the middle rate & Mobility Allowance at the highest rate for life. As of the end of August 2019 the government ended all DLA payments to all recipient's of DLA. I was told to contact the PIP people & like you I had to wait over an hour to speak to someone & after another hour or so's interrogation, they agreed to send me the 40 page book to fill out. It took me nearly eight week's to fill it out after begging for more time despite having told them in the initial phone call that I could not hold a pen for more then about an hour in total per day because of arthritis no my hands that my spinal injuries keen that I cannot sit for more then about 15 minutes. Also the high levels of medication I have to take every day means I suffer with short term memory loss. When I finally sent the forms back I received a letter three weeks later stating that I do Not qualify for PIP as I had failed to complete the forms on time. I phoned them up and after about 45 minutes waiting I finally got through & after waiting for another 20 or so minutes they told me that they had in fact received my forms on time but the forms had been put on the reject pile by mistake & that they now process my application. I have relied on my DLA Allowance to heat my home & help pay my bills as well as transport as I have great difficulty walking. The shock of the rejection letter caused my blood pressure to spike & I collapse in my kitchen. Without DLA or PIP I cannot afford to live in my rented home. I have already had my benefit reduced by a third when they forced me to go from Disability Allowance to Welfare & Support Allowance area years ago. So my question is why are those who are Disabled being punished in this way. I have tried to contact government officials but so far every time I ask a difficult question my computer crashes. Anyway than you four your very informative video's. I now know what the next few months have in store four me. Keep fighting the good fight & posting your videos. Keep warm & well. Best wishes to you. 😎 PIP 🙈🙉🙊 The government who treat the Disabled so shamefully 💩

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