Pelosi signals support for Nadler’s resolution on impeachment proceedings


  1. Distraction for the fact the democrats have no platform to run on in 2020.
    They are just a defeatist, angry, frustrated, unorganized, negative hating mob.

  2. This impeachment process is all about the Democrats don't want to work with the president so they make up some thing like they are acting like they are working trying to make Americans think they have something

  3. Democrats will impeach as close to election as possible. It's the only chance they have. No evidence, no support from voters, no chance of removal from office.
    Many think they cannot lose themselves.

  4. We need to make sure that all rinos vote, because the house is moving forward to impeach trump,,pelosi is not in charge anymore,, if anyone votes on the gop side to get rid of trump,,we will know , because news will tell us,, we. Will take you out of office, and find a replacement quickly,,yeah thats a fact,,

  5. Go ahead and do this. It will ruine the Democrates and give Trump a sold 2020 win. Nadler will loose his seat… and the witch Pelosi is right behind him. They just put the nails in the democratic coffin.

  6. Ethier the democrat portion of the government has a bad love life or the Republican portion of government is bleeding for America so we can actually have a country .

  7. "Patadas de ahogados"…These people seem to try anything to get The President out…"drowning kicks"…..Trump2020🇺🇸

  8. Yep, keep wasting our time and tax dollars, keep acting like petulant children dems, you're gonna lose control over the house again. So just keep it up!

  9. Lol what I am most concerned about and surprised about is that the democrats still have a voting base, who in their right mind would vote for the crooks.

  10. These people are working for someone. You can see the urgency in this "impeachment" attempt. They know that the Democratic candidates are horrible.

  11. What’s going against Trump is disgraceful. A manufactured crap-shot against our President. Democrats have NO MORAL COMPASS. That’s the bottom line!

  12. Impeachment over hatred. Nothing else. The sooner the Democrat party goes the way of the wig party the better. Disgusting people in that party.

  13. 0:20 Newt is CORRECT. "It makes no sense" for anyone to actually expect this spineless republican senate to pass any sort of presidential impeachment, as legitimate as it may be.


  15. How about instead of criticizing your president from day one! Put that time and money into green houses for food and jobs we have the land and the people it doesn't matter what color you are!👽

  16. Go ahead morons, keeping spending taxpayers money for nothing, that’s the only garbage that Democrats know what to do and they are good at !!. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. Dems just don’t learn…be careful what you wish for…I say DO IT. You’ll pay at the polls!! Probably better to focus on impeachment than the whack job ideas coming from the socialist candidates.

  18. Pelosi and Schumer just impeach the great President Trump and than shut your pie holes and get your squid squad under control, and do your job to make the USA great again.

  19. Impeachment for what?If in 2020 the Democrats will lose the elections,they can thank themselves. Democrats are Clown.

  20. Piglosi will support any Demonrat that would introduce a impeachment hearing in the house. If it doesn't work she will throw Nadler under the Bus. Piglosi well say I had nothing to do with it?

  21. Somebody get some medical help! All of these cases of TDS are wasting taxpayer dollars. They need to get up off their duffs and get something done. I vote to stop their paychecks and health insurance until they earn it.

  22. Pelosi is scared that Trump will win she is crapping in her pants, she knows the dems have nothing to run on except a unpopular green deal. Tipped your hand pelosi, you know trump has already won and the House is going to be raken by republicans and you are out

  23. impeachemen for what ? all democrats is cracy loser .better impeached all democrats losers .trump winning 202O MAGA make América great AGAIN 202O MAGA

  24. The Democratic willingness to make Fools of themselves knows no bounds! All of their pathetic "we hate Trump" investigative committees have yielded ZERO! Pelosi and her looney colleagues truly are America's clowns.

  25. This world is a joke. Satan has no power over Christ's Children. Every knee will bow. Come soon Christ – God's Will be done. Amen.

  26. WHERE in the HELL THESE CARTOON LOOKIN' DAMNocRAT Looney BASTARDS come from???😵THAT Nutler shrimp NEVER smiles.😠SOUR PUSS😠

  27. Ok, just what are these Democrats impeaching upon? As an independent, I've got to ask, under what "high crimes and misdemeanors " has Trump fallen athwart? None that appears to be visible. Beyond winning the election? If it's the Mueller fiasco, then I think Nadler and company has best reset the narrative. Because this Turkey won't fly.


  29. …Let us also consider that even if there were a democrat majority senate, impeachment would fall flat given there is no validity to that of collusion/obstruction. This is simply weaponized politics. Timing is no coincidence. As close to the presidential election as possible is the aim. They are hoping to taint Trump's image in the public's perception. They are keenly aware of how damaging Hillary's image was in our perception in 2016. The difference is that there was, and is, merit within the accusations against Hillary. And yes, Nadler is compromised given the history of legal disputes he and Trump have had in years prior in New York. As for Pelosi, just go and look at her record in the decades of her being in politics. As for the district she represents, what representation? Shame. The lot of them all…

  30. The unjust impeachment will fail. The House may pass it, which I actually doubt, but I know that the Senate will go against it.
    They need two thirds of those present to vote in favour of impeachment in each congressional house, I do not think that the House Democrats have the numbers to accomplish that. The Senate Democrats definitely do not have the numbers since they are in the actual minority.

  31. these people are nuts. impeached for what? they have to come up with something. I will enjoy watching it all as I have for over 2 years. but they really must realize that they are really looking stoopid. And Pelosi is just going along with this because she KNOWS she looks stupid but she doesn't know how to stop it without looking even stooopider. She should have stopped this months ago. Now they have to keep moving ahead with it and hopefully it will defeat Trump. is Trump worried? LOL2020

  32. A bunch of losers the only reason you want to impeach him is because you know he's going to win the 2020 election pathetic Democrats
    trump 2020

  33. These bat sh*t crazy Dumbocrats want to impeach Trump. FOR WHAT? Being the greatest President of all time. These imbeciles had impeachment rallies around the country and NOBODY SHOWED UP. This is liberal/socialist insanity.

  34. complete waste of time and money. It will never, ever affect anything. The Clinton impeachment was a waste of time and accomplished nothing.
    Much bigger priorities need attention.
    Question for all in the House, if this were your money, would you spend it on this process? The answer would be no.
    Move on and focus on issues that will have a lasting effect.

  35. This guy is the biggest scumbag I have ever seen. Please come to your senses and vote him out of office. He is doing nothing for you just spending your money on an old vendetta against Trump. Loves hearing himself talk. Just a narcissist.

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