Panel: Plenty Of Evidence For Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Nah, Democrats are delusional. They're talking crazy. Talk of impeachment began even before Trump took the office starting with the failure of a groundless accusation of his presidency associated with White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and Hatred, then James Comey hearing failed, Michael Cohen hearing failed TWICE, John Dean hearing failed, Muller report failed, Mueller hearing failed . .  failed, failed, failed . . . TRUMP WINS. Stop being delusional, Dems. Focus on helping Make America Great Again and Keep America Great.  #TRUMP2020

  2. Remember when Khrushchev said Russia would destroy America without firing a shot. Must have known Trump was going to be president one day.

  3. MSNBC and the Democrats should be charged with obstruction!! And will someone please tell the Democrats and the media Muller has NO power to exonerate period!!

  4. EVIDENCE OF INTENT OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, not evidence of obstruction. With only intent, the intent(s) have to be connected to action(s) and victim(s) or damages, in order to be examples of obstruction as evidence, proof, or fact of criminal wrong doing. To many dots to connect which Mueller wasn't able to do and instead without making a legal case, all Mueller had was put in a paper sack, set it on fire, dropped it on the porch of the House, rang the bell, and ran away. Tom McClintock

  5. The dems need to stop this now. The truth will come out perhaps not in my lifetime, but it will come out.However, if you loose the house we are all in trouble. Turmp will win in 2020 to my chargrin. But evidence from comments indicate that the American people really do not care about this. People are tired of this conversation. No policy discussions are Sunday news programs. Is this party out to lunch??? GOD HELP US

  6. The Democrats should not make the same mistake that the Labour Party of Great Britain made in the 1980s. The Labour Party trained their guns on Margaret Thatcher, the then Conservative PM and failed to hold the entire Conservative government to account. Trump must and will get his just deserts. But the Republican administration and the Republican Party must not be let off the hook for the damage they are allowing Trump to inflict on the presidency. Obama will be remembered as the first black President of the US. But it will be a tragedy if he is also remembered as the last decent president of the US.

  7. John Ratcliffe says AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes. Hopefully Obama too!

  8. That young man speaking about Russia is spot on!! Russia does seem to have THEIR MAN IN OUR WHITE HOUSE!! WE CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT IGNORE THAT!!! Our nation is under attack and trump has done NOTHING BUT STAND BEHIND PUTIN AND SAYS TO US THAT HE BELIEVES PUTIN OVER OUR INTELLIGENCE SERVICES!! That all by itself should be cause for concern!!

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