Oscar Pistorius Free To Compete Abroad

“The order reads as follows. One, conditions
3b, c, d, h, i, and j are set aside. Two, conditions 3b, c and d, are substituted by
the following, 3(1) – that the accused’s passports and travel documents of which he is holder
be handed to the attorney of record. Two, that the appellant will be entitled to use
his passport to travel outside the Republic of South Africa. Three, the appellant is ordered
to furnish to the prosecuting authority, through his attorney of record, a report in regards
to his itinerary specifying his time of return at least one week before leaving the Republic
of South Africa. Four, within 24 hours of his arrival in South Africa, the accused must
return his passport and travel documents to his attorney of record. Three, the balance
of the court order remain intact. Court adjourns.”

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