No gum in court!

(Upbeat music) Edmond, want to go to the mic please? Inspector Quinn? Yes, Your Honor. OK, Edmond, let me see if I can figure this out. I’m just gonna take a guess. You were not driving the car. Correct, your honor. And she was driving the car. Correct, Your Honor. Are you impressed that I was able to figure that out? (chuckles) What is your name? Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn?
Yeah. All right, Kaitlyn, you’re charged with going through a red light on Smith Street and River Avenue, at 1:13 in the afternoon. We’re going to show you a video Okay. of the offense. Okay, the light is yellow. Mm-hmm. And there you go. What’s the time on that, Inspector Quinn? Point three? All right, is there anything you want to tell me about this, Kaitlyn? Well, I know you’re supposed to stop for yellow lights, but I realized it was yellow, and I was late for school, so I thought I would be able to make it. Oh. So you came- So, I just didn’t want to slam on my brakes because you know that thing for your insurance to get reduced insurance, there’s that little thing you put in there, and if you do a hard brake, you don’t get the insurance discount. So, I was just like if I hard brake, the thing beeps. Oh, I see. So, and no one else was behind me or anything, I just wasn’t thinking, I was just trying to get to school. Now I’m going to repeat everything you said. Okay. All right, I’m gonna make you the judge. I’m telling you this. All right, I was going too fast. I knew I was going too fast. I didn’t want to slam on the brake. I was late to school. Right? That’s your defense, right? I guess I don’t sound too put together. Inspector Quinn, the statute provides two-tenths of a second. This was three-tenths of a second. It’s been our customary position that three-tenths of a second is close enough to two. We’ve been extending it to three. The city must prove its case by clear and convincing evidence, so we’re going to take into consideration that it was only three-tenths of a second. Where do you go to school?
Thank you. RIC. Rhode Island College. Oh, I know… (chuckles) And what are you studying? Elementary and Special Ed. Oh, I thought you were studying road safety. (audience laughs) No, huh? Elementary and Secondary Education. Yeah. So you’re going to be framing the minds of all these young people. Hey, I used to want to be a cop, so I guess it’s better than having, but I’m a bad driver. I don’t think I should have went for that. Inspector Quinn. We have a few whatever your Honor. That’s why we have driver training. She’d be a great student at EVOC. Until you decided to break the law, you don’t want to be a police officer any more? I suspect this is your dad? Yeah. All right, here’s what you have to do now. Hopefully, you never come to court again. If you come to court, it’s not yeah, it’s not no, right? And you have to tell kids in school this. Wherever you are in a situation where there’s constitute of authority, you address people by their title or by the court’s title, right? It’s like yes, Your Honor, Yes Sir, it’s not yeah. Sorry. I want to be a teacher, you know. Yeah, sorry, your Honor. Here you go. And you’re not chewing gum, are you? I realized that when I was sitting down, so I was trying to hide it underneath my tongue, because I couldn’t find a trash in here. Inspector Quinn, when you were a kid, chewing gum in school, did they have you put the gum on your nose? Yes. Well, we’re not gonna do that to her. I could give her a choice, either the 85 or the put the gum on her nose, but I won’t do that to her. All right. The matter is dismissed, good luck. Thank you. Thank you, Your Honor.
Throw that gum away. Good morning. I’m here representing my daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer’s charged with parking in India Point Park. Right. What did Jennifer tell you about this? I’ll explain to you what happened. Five days prior to this parking violation, she had a flat tire on 95 South. It was changed, and her spare was put on. On the evening of the eighth, she left work and she got another flat tire. It was pitch dark, she didn’t see any signs that said no overnight parking, and it was towed to the tire warehouse where she went and had all four tires put on, due to the fact she didn’t want to go through this again, since it happened twice in one week. There was no parking ticket on the windshield or on the car. It wasn’t til the 28th of February that she received this. Now, she’s a tax auditor for a CPA firm in Providence, and they’re not allowed to take time out of work until the 20th of April. She called the office here three times and told them that she couldn’t make this 16th. But nobody ever told her somebody could come here and represent her. It wasn’t until last week, when she was sent to collections for this ticket, that I called and they said, “Oh, well you can come represent her” so. Well, you did a good job. Huh? You did a good job. Well, hey that’s my job. (laughs) What do you mean that’s your job? To be a- You’re not an attorney? No, I’m not an attorney. That’s right, man, I mean you’re doing a better job than most of the attorneys. They usually stumble on this. Inspector Quinn, did you analyze the… Yes I did, Your Honor. documentation that was submitted? Yes I did.
Is it a forgery? The problem is, sir, that the police officer should have seen that the car wasn’t parked there on purpose, that it was disabled. Because it couldn’t be moved. Now, see you were doing a good job. Okay. Right? Now I’m going to tell you a story. Yes. I’m going to tell you what they tell first year law students. Here’s what they tell them, they say, when you win your case, don’t say another word. Okay. Because many attorneys have talked themselves into victory and then forged ahead and talked themselves into defeat. You did a good job on this, I get the picture. I get the picture. Actually she wasn’t charged with overnight parking, she was charged with parking in India Point. You can’t park in India Point. Well see, she didn’t know that. All right. Once more you’re going to get this okay? (audience laughter)
All right. We have very compelling argument from the mother of Jennifer. Unfortunately Jennifer, she may be a brilliant accountant, but she’s not really a good tire inspector. She got two flat tires. She had bald tires. She has new tires, the car was towed, I think that’s more than enough punishment, so I’m gonna dismiss the tickets. Thank you, sir. The matter is dismissed. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now!


  1. Yes no gum in court dont you know that's a crime they should put you in prison till gum in court thats fuckning nothing but bullshit

  2. If I said shut up to my dad, they'd be making funeral plans right about now 🙄.

    I don't think I would have even finished "shu…." and I would have met my maker 😁

  3. I do not know what would the kids in school learn from her.
    Answers judge with yeah, tells dad to shut up, and chews gum in court in front of the judge.

  4. That young lady at the beginning of the video is so arrogant and disrespectful. She should be banned from getting the teaching license

  5. The first one is that the dad looks like a good layback man with a airhead daughter chewing gum in court and I thinking “Who’s allow to bring cows into the court room…🤔

  6. ME- Can you give me a Blow Job?
    Girl- Yeah!!!!

    PS- Sorry for using this Type of language in comment. Because she don't know how to respect his father and the judge.

  7. Very arrogant and disrespectful behaviour when she asked dad to “shut up”

    She is in a position where she is because of the education and oppurtunities her dad provided her with. She is not going anywhere in life if she doesn’t change her attitude

  8. I’m going to buck the trend and stick up for the young lady here: The father made a rough, know-it-all comment at an inopportune moment, a snipe when there was no need for such. Parents are not infallible, respect isn’t a one-way street and like every single person on this planet, parents occasionally need being told to pipe down once in a while. Blindly following orders without question isn’t a good trait to teach children. Teach them critical thought and to stand up for themselves with their ideas as well as at other times, and you will have done far better than you would with the my-way-or-the-highway type parenting. If you act like a tit, be prepared to be told to eat it, irrespective of your perceived or actual position in life. So there, pick the bones out of that!

  9. My kid is 6 and addresses me as sir so why can't a lady of her age. Your honor is even better. Dads fault for not raising right.

  10. The teacher student was a brat and thats 99.9% parents' fault u can tell her father adores her but sometimes we adore our children too much that allow the disrespect ….. People with attitude must learn from the Judge's advice !

  11. Disrespectful, cocky, should have gotten the dadgum ticket!! This would not have happened in the south, y'all!! She would have gotten her comeuppance!!

  12. This girl is so hypocritically smiling. There's no even an ounce of gratitude toward her dad. Smiling and shutting dad's mouth below her breath. Loathsome! This is such a family with inworn problems invisible to onlookers.

  13. 2nd Case – our cities are a mess no parking ticket on the windshield or the car then they try to inform them can't make it to court set up different date then they do not work with her or help her to set another date. The city officials and people that work for the city think they are above the citizens that live in the city in addition the city officials and employees think they should get special treatment when they get in a jam finally according to the internet Providence is embarrassingly corrupt and has been for a number of years – they should not be citing anyone for anything ever.

  14. 3:13 awful. She’s so disrespectful to her Dad. I think Judge Caprio missed it, because otherwise he would have said something to her.

  15. hilarious father-daughter interaction going on 😀
    But both, father and daughter have really touching smile!
    That does not make up for the ticket though….but I feel that judge Caprio did the right thing.
    I think she learned a bit from that although she seems a bit bitchy to her father.

  16. She should've get the fine. Her attitude is absolutely ridiculous. But even if she get the ticket, her dad probably have to pay it anyway.

  17. An ad played before this video, democrats claiming Trump wants to cut Medicare to give tax cuts to the wealthy. This is a total lie and there should be huge fines for making such lies. False advertising should be prosecuted. Don't be fooled by the les from the left. Trump will never cut medicare or SS.

  18. judge you are the best !!!
    your pleasant demeanor makes the court look like home — and your judgements —— MAN THEY should be VIEWED and taught in law schools ALL OVER THE WORLD !

  19. I'm sure if the Judge Caprio noticed her saying "just shut up"(3:12) to her dad, he would reacted (not a bad way obv.) in a way she would remember it for life 😂

  20. It’s brats like her that take advantage of good judges then you wonder why they are the way they are. To deal with brats like her 🤬

  21. Love Judge Caprio…First young woman WILL be back…Disrespectful to the judge and her father, and I hold her father responsible…Rugged looking guy that either lost his ability to rein in her attitude, or has a similar personality.

    I WISH THE IMMIGRATION JUDGE has a little of your humanity TO LET ME JUST staying IN THIS COUNTRY!
    I'm not guilty … I just escaped from my country because the civil war… and I need to live peacefully!

  23. The First Lady(girl) seems to be spoiled brat… !! I was annoyed by her behaviour she was bad not just toward the humble Judge but also to her father

  24. Not for nothing but this is the way Court is supposed to be and why you go to a Judge but around the Country The Jails are owned by Corporations and its big business! District Attorneys see every person as a cash cow of some sort and soak money from everyone. At least here a Judge is listening to the person charged and if there is a half decent excuse the ticket will most probably be dismissed. Where I live in Florida the District Attorney pretty much tells the Judge and the judges go along with their recommendations because its a business and all about money. Justice is not the Goal!

  25. 3:12

    The first lady is an icon of disrespect 👎🏻 I couldn’t imagine how her parents let such behaviour go without discipline 🙈 what a shame

    I guess this a low class education & uprising 👎🏻

  26. The Dad sounds really nice. The daughter sounds mess up. She wants to be a teacher. Omg! No wonder those kids are getting worse.

  27. I respect judge frank’s judgements & rulings in most cases but the gum chewing girl who told her father to shut up right in front of the judge should not have gotten away with a dismissed ruling in my point of view

  28. The first girl, she is really needs personalty development Training. She is very very rude.. If they leave her like she probably gonna be a f*** b***.. Hell

  29. Just because he has the position of Judge doesn't mean you have to take off your hat or spit out your gum. Though this was a free country 😂.govt scums

  30. So she's going to be teaching little kids that nasty attitude of hers? Education does not need more of your type. Grow up and learn some respect. No one has to teach you not to chew gum when in a court or professional setting.

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