New appeal against Crafar Farms sale

There’s been another appeal against the sale
of the Crafar Farms. The new appeal is based on
the grounds that Shanghai Pengxin doesn’t have the relevant
business experience and acumen needed to manage the farms. Tiroa E and Te Hape B Trusts have
ended up in the Court of Appeal. Today, the appellants
gave their case that the Chinese group
Shanghai Pengxin is not qualified
to acquire the land. This has been an ongoing
case for both sides, but the Crown stands firmly
behind the Chinese group. Negotiations lasted
nearly a year between Maori and the Chinese company, but last week, Hardie Peni
has come out and said that the offer is higher than
the actual value of the farms. On Friday, negotiations
were terminated. The Court of Appeal will be
left to resolve this issue, but for the time being, the
final rule lies with the judge. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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